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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Alan Rose and Traitorous Ted would never have held Tescher responsible. They did not have the brains or balls to actually do the WORK it REALLY took to expose Tescher and Spallina's fraud. Eliot Did, Plain and Simple.

Traitorous Ted Says:

"It is important to know that the law firm hired by Bub and Zaid to do their estate planning did act
improperly on two occasions. Alan Rose and I held them responsible by insisting upon their immediate resignations as fiduciaries, and by pursuing a claim against them which now has been favorably settled."

Source of Ted Bernstein's words linked below

Eliot Bernstein held Tescher and Spallina responsible. Eliot filed the motions, the criminal complaints and did all the work to expose the situation. Sounds like Alan and TED reap the financial REWARD as they always do. However, it was not Alan Rose and Traitorous Ted who "held them responsible".

Links Below to research What Eliot did to Expose Tescher and Spallina, keep in mind there were many Motions filed, letters, emails and conversations that may not all be linked here. Tescher and Spallina and their co-conspirators SHOULD be in Jail.

Post on this Blog regarding Donald Tescher. Keep in mind Ted and Tescher are and were "tight" as they say. Whatever RUSE of a settlement played out, well find the TRUTH about Traitorous Ted on your own.

Donald Tescher and Robert Spallina were the Estate planners for Simon and Shirley Bernstein and “should have” knowledge and possession of any such Trust and insurance policies and contracts

34.    Tescher and Spallina were the Estate planners for Simon and Shirley Bernstein who “should have” knowledge and possession of any such Trust and insurance policies and contracts.

35.    New facts have emerged well beyond the time of my original Answer and as recently as Dec.
2015 when shown that Ted Bernstein and his counsel Alan Rose were
 “working with” Robert 
Spallina as their primary “witness” in an orchestrated “one-day” pre-determined “validity”
trial where Robert Spallina directly provides false and misleading testimony about his status
of pleading to criminal conduct for Insider Trading and SEC Consent Order and by the
discovery that no one knows where the “original” files are and that Ted Bernstein somehow
has never seen an “original” Trust in his entire time as alleged “Trustee” either in this case or
any of the Florida cases.

Source of above and Full Court Filing

Hearing Transcript where Judge Martin H. Colin clearly knows of fraud on the courts, and has yet to actually follow through with the threatened reading of the Miranda rights.

Petition to Freeze Bernstein Assets

Motion to Remove Personal Representative

Response to Florida Governor in Kimberly Moran Notary Fraud, Forgery Case

Kimberly Moran Statement

Notary Public Comparison of Signatures and Dates, Evidence in Kimberly Moran Notary of 
Tescher and Spallina Law Firm Fraud, Forgery Case

Traitorous Ted wants victims of Predatory Guardianship to sit down with the Predator because Traitorous Ted, as your loving uncle thinks it's in your best interest. This AFTER 5 years of massive stress and hardship DIRECTLY caused by Ted Bernstein himself.

"As your uncle, I believe it is in your best interest to have this guardian, Diana Lewis, representing your interests. She only has one job and it is to protect your interests. She is controlled by no one. She would be happy to meet with you boys and I would urge you to listen to what she has to say. I would be happy to join you if that would be more comfortable.

If you wish to discuss any of this with me, your other relatives or Ms. Lewis, the guardian ad I item,
please let us know and we will arrange it for you in a safe place. We would like to meet with you very soon to discuss what has been happening and to seek your input now that you have sent these letters. Of course, if you do not wish to have any involvement in this litigation, nobody can force you to do so."

Source of Traitorous Ted's Kiss Ass Lying Letter Quote above

Why in the World would anyone want to sit down with a Predatory Guardian who is clearly violating their civil rights and denying them due process.

Uncle Ted's wants "input" 5 years later and after he SOLD off assets, real estate, and I allege stole personally property and other dirty deals that made him money while those he seeks "input" from NOW suffered at his very actions. Where was the "input" seeking at that time?

Cease and Desist Letter, with Lot's of "reasons" to NOT sit down with a Predator Guardian.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Family NO Longer OR I am your Family and I Care about You? blah blah blah

Welcome to Ted Bernstein's word EATING party.  Precious Predator UNCLE TED full of Lies, Dishonor and Deceit.  Anyone that Can READ can easily KNOW The Truth about Uncle Ted. 

"The family I was born into is no longer, that is just a fact, it is not a matter of opinion, it just is."

Oh Wait, What I meant was I am YouR Uncle and I care about your Well being. Ya I SOLD the Grandma's Condo, and their Family home, and well yeah it's been 5 years of HELL for you guy's I ran off with the money and Me and Your other kin had a great time, but hey now that you caught me in the act and called me out, hey you boys, I am here to help you, I only want what is best for you.  Umm right Uncle Ted, SURE YOU DO.  No One is Going to Believe Those Blatant Lies Traitorous Ted.

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That


"I also am writing as your uncle, because I am concerned for your welfare and your financial future. Although circumstances dictated by your father have prevented us from having any interaction in the recent past, and have isolated you from your aunts, uncles and cousins related to Simon and Shirley, that is solely your father's choice. We are your family and we are trying to help you as much as the circumstances permit, and your father and mother have allowed.

Just so you know, I accepted this responsibility so I could watch out for your interests.."

"I have tried very hard to minimize the financial damage your father has done to you"

Source of so much LOVE

Now the NO LONGER FAMILY Ted, the Uncle Ted who tortured these folks, tried to remove them from their home and family, tried to take a vehicle given to them, did not pay their school so they had to STOP that course of education and the course of their lives, and has lied to the courts all these years and took actions ADVERSE to them, now he is Uncle Ted who has always been trying to do the right thing and help them. Ya UMMMM Not.  Anyway that can Read and think for themselves can see that.  No one is buying the LIES you are Spewing Uncle Ted.

Check Out the Link Below to ReVisit the "No Longer Family" SAGA

Now Ted' is Family and Wants to HELP his "no longer Family".

"Accepted Responsibility" What? Ted called the Police and said his Father was murdered. Dead disowned his father, family 6 months before he died. Ted STOLE the "Responsibility" to "watch out" for his OWN interest.

Minor Minor Minor all over Court Filings and Predatory Guardianship. Why Lie? Didn't you know you would get Caught at some point?

TED Says:   "

"Shortly after the trial in December 2015, both Oppenheimer and I asked the court to appoint a guardian to represent only your litigation interests, given the fact that you were minors, and out of concern that your father was inadequately representing or protecting you. All of your aunt's were in favor of this too as we were all concerned for your well-being. The judge agreed and determined that your father's actions were "adverse" and "destructive" to your best interests, and he actually appointed a guardian solely to represent you and watch out for your interests. This is very unfortunate, but we all felt it was necessary. As things have turned out, I stand by that decision and feel the court appointed guardian has served you well. She is someone you can trust if you would be more comfortable speaking directly with her."


Now COME ON "Uncle Ted" YOU KNOW that in December 2015 Josh was 18. Ted Bernstein SHOULD and DOES know this. Ted has the SAME birthday as Josh.  Josh had been 18 for quite some time at this point.

Motion to Appoint Guardianship Oppenheimer

OF DELAWARE, in its capacity as
Resigned Trustee of the Simon Bernstein
Irrevocable Trusts created for the benefit
of Joshua, Jake and Daniel Bernstein,

resigned trustee of three irrevocable trusts created by the late Simon Bernstein for the benefit of
his minor grandchildren, Joshua, Jake and Daniel Bernstein, moves to appoint a guardian ad
litem to represent the minors in this action. In support hereof, OTCD states: 1
1. The Petition filed in this action concerns three small trusts (the “Grandchildren
Trusts”) with minor beneficiaries – Joshua, Jake and Daniel Bernstein (the “Minors”). The
Minors are the only beneficiaries of the Grandchildren Trusts."

"The Court must appoint a guardian ad litem for the Minors because the Minor’s
natural guardians, Eliot and Candice Bernstein (the “Bernsteins”), have interests which are
adverse to the Minors, and because Eliot Bernstein is a serial, vexatious litigant who has
repeatedly shown contempt for the judicial system, its processes and its officers, and is
therefore unfit to serve as the “litigation representative” of another."

"Mr. Bernstein states that his overarching goal is “to bring about a change in
the legal system in efforts to root out systemic corruption at the highest levels
by a rogue group of criminals disguised as attorneys at law, judges,
politicians, and more.” See Counter-Complaint"

Source and Full Document

When this JUDICIAL ORDER to Appoint a Guardian linked below was Filed on March 1st 2016 , Josh Bernstein had already been 18 for quite some time.
Here is Judge Philips Predatory Guardianship Order

January 4th 2016

Josh Bernstein Cease and Desist Letter Regarding Guardianship

Guardianship was placed over adults through a guardian ad litem for minors by parties who knew they were adults at the time of predatory guardianship being placed on them.

"Uncle Ted" KNEW birthdays their whole life and even shares a birthday with one of these "NOT MINORS" yet knowingly lied to the Courts. 

a "favorable" settlement with Tescher? Really? WOW . Now how about a "favorable settlment" with Brian O'Connell, Ted Bernstein, Alan B. Rose and Page Mrachek, Fitzgerald & Rose . And with Diana Lewis and of course the State of Florida, and Judge Philips and Judge Colin and the Gang.

TED Says:

"It is important to know that the law firm hired by Bub and Zaid to do their estate planning did act improperly on two occasions. Alan Rose and I held them responsible by insisting upon their immediate resignations as fiduciaries, and by pursuing a claim against them which now has been favorably settled."


WOW, this is Fascinating.

A Settlement without Representation, without Consent of all parties, Guardianship over Adults without a Competency Hearing or proper adjudication calling them minors and a whole mess of thieves it sure seems to me. SO what is this settlement for?   Let's see an Estate WORTH millions upon millions upon millions, DURESS, Lives Ruined, Education steered, Teeth and other things boys needed, 5 years lost, possible Murder of grandfather, Condo and Home SOLD, and so much more and what did Ol' Alan Rose and Uncle Ted decide that was worth? What was this HORRIFIC 5 year torture, still ongoing, worth? What did Tescher Settle for? And what has Ted, Pam and their "family" been enjoying 5 years and counting while Eliot's family suffered?

Ted Knows Full Well that Eliot's children were not Minors. Alan Rose KNEW, Diana Lewis Knew, the Courts know and all have Liability.

Well Alan Rose, is Your Insurance Liability Carrier, your Law Firm Partners, You and your Family Home and Investments READY to have a "favorable" settlement? Well I guess that will be COMING SOON.

And What about Brian O'Connell and his Insurance Carrier, his law firm, are they ready to Settle Up for the severe Damage they have caused? Well that too is inevitable right? I mean come on, how can there not be MASSIVE LIABILITY.

And what about Diana Lewis, Guardianship over ADULTS, she has broke the law and violated Constitutional rights, hasn't she? Does she have insurance? what will be her "favorable" settlement with Eliot's "boys"?

Guardianship over adults through a guardian ad litem for minors by parties who knew they were adults at the time of predatory guardianship being placed on them. Come on "Uncle Ted" you  know his birthday he was an adult when you told courts he was minor as his birthday Aug 27  is the same day as yours.  Surely there is lot's of Liability and many more "favorable settlements" to come.

" What can be seen from the attachments of Mr. Rose is that several actors in the various FL courts were fully aware that they were placing an adult"

From: Eliot Ivan Bernstein (


"Copy of Alan Rose earlier letter, seems he forgot some folks on this one.  What can be seen from the attachments of Mr. Rose is that several actors in the various FL courts were fully aware that they were placing an adult, Joshua Bernstein in a minor guardian ad litem without his consent or knowledge and all these predatory guardian orders and all consents, settlements, pleadings, denials of appeals etc derived therefrom be stricken.

Further, that State and Federal, Civil, Criminal and Ethical authorities have already been contacted of this most serious Civil Rights violation and kidnapping of legal rights orchestrated by certain Florida Court Officers and Court Appointed Attorneys, Guardians & Fiduciaries to deny Josh and Jake their Constitutionally Protected Rights.

Further, Mr. Rose has failed in his prior communication today to the parties copied herein to note that he and his client Ted have also has misled the courts, including the Il Federal Court, the 4th DCA and 15th Judicial that I was not a beneficiary with standing in my father’s estate and further gained orders etc from those statements that will all now have to be vacated as derived from further fraud and false pleadings by Mr. Rose, as Judge Scher reversed his claims forcing him to admit under oath that now I am a beneficiary with standing.  

This is all part of his continuing and ongoing sharp practices and simulated legal process that Obstruct Justice through efforts to shut down due process rights of myself and my children, as it is now obvious he preys upon children, having adult children knowingly placed in Guardians for minors and usurping their rights with intent."


The Following Were Attached PDF's to the eMail above

Guardian Appointment

Order on Guardian Appointment

Letter from TED

Oppenheimer Guardian Appointment

Motion to Appoint Guardian Oppenheimer

Dismissal, the 4th has some Explaining to do I would say



et al., )

Plaintiffs, ) Chicago, Illinois
) July 13, 2017
v. ) 9:44 a.m.

CO., )


For the Plaintiff:


For the Intervenor Plaintiff:

Also Present via conference call:

(In open court.)

THE CLERK: All rise.
(Call to order.)

THE COURT: Court's in session. Please be seated.
Gloria, call the first case.

THE CLERK: Is there any party here for Simon
Bernstein vs. Heritage?
(Clerk places telephone call.)

THE CLERK: 13 CV 3643, Simon Bernstein vs. Heritage
Union Life Insurance Company.

THE COURT: Good morning, Counsel. Appearances,

MR. SIMON: Adam Simon on behalf of plaintiffs.

MR. KUYPER: Theodore Kuyper on behalf of intervenor.

MR. ELIOT BERNSTEIN: Eliot Bernstein, pro se.

THE COURT: Anyone else on the phone?

MS. IATONI: Jill Iantoni.

MS. FRIEDSTEIN: Lisa Friedstein.

THE COURT: Is that everyone on the phone?
All right. If you're going to talk on the phone, you
got to say your name before you speak, okay?


THE COURT: All right. You didn't say your name. Got


THE COURT: All right. All right. Counsel, my
understanding is the matter's settled, but there's some
approvals that need to be handled by the probate court.

Do we have an accurate date of how long it's going to
take to submit those approvals and then submit a proposed
consent judgment?

MR. SIMON:    I only have an estimate because the
settlement was just recently entered into. I do know that the
personal representative of the estate has already filed the
motion, and they were in court yesterday, I believe, but I
don't think a date has been set for that motion for approval.
But I know that everybody's working as soon as
possible. So I assume within 30 days.

THE COURT: What's your assessment, Counsel? You
think 30 days is an accurate assessment? Because that would be
the approval, and then how long after the approval would the
parties need to submit the paperwork?

MR. SIMON: I would like to get it in a week later at
most. So I'm going to do it immediately but ...

THE COURT: Okay. All right. In light of that, I'm
gonna strike all pending dates.

Gloria, give me a status date 45 days out. If the
parties submit paperwork prior to that, I'll strike this date
as well. Once we enter the consent judgment, I know the --
Mr. Eliot Bernstein's appeal was dismissed for lack of
jurisdiction in the Seventh Circuit.

Once there's a consent judgment, we'll obviously have
a final order and he can appeal whatever he feels is

Anything else I need to address other than picking the

MR. SIMON: Yeah, unfortunately there is, your Honor.

THE COURT: Let's get the date first then.

MR. SIMON: Sure.

THE CLERK: Tuesday, August 29th at 9:45.

THE COURT: That good for the parties?

MR. KUYPER: That should work just fine, your Honor.

MR. SIMON: Actually I am -- oh, no, I'm back. That
will work.

THE COURT: Okay, great. You have another matter?

MR. SIMON: Yes. Your Honor, as you just mentioned,
the Seventh Circuit dismissed one of Mr. Bernstein's appeals.
Two others I believe were recently dismissed in Florida.
The concern among the family is a matter of safety for
themselves, and I do feel it necessary to bring it up as a
matter of courtroom safety. Some of his recent behavior is
truly, truly disturbing, and that is in light of past behavior
that is very disturbing, but it's ramping up.

And the specific instance that concerns me most for
his family and for himself is that recently -- he has two
children who are 18 and 19 years old, two sons. He had them
write a threatening letter to a former judge who is the
guardian ad litem in Florida for his children.

Now, according to the appointment for the guardian ad
litem, her appointment is under judicial review, meaning it's
under the supervision of the Court. So of course, the proper
venue would have been for his adult children to file some type
of motion in front of the judge.

But instead, he has them write a 45-page threatening
letter, sign it, fingerprint it, and he transmits it by e-mail
to this judge. And he now seems to be, you know, getting his
children into his family victimization business, and it has to

And as his legal recourse begins to come to a close,
we are very concerned about his well-being and his family's
well-being. And because of what's transpired in the Northern
District in the last few years, that's why I'm bringing it to
the attention of the Court, and my next step will be to the
U.S. Marshal's Office.

Now, thankfully, he's in Florida. I know that any
protective measures that a judge is going to enter against him
has to be in Florida. But from a matter of courtroom safety, I
had to alert you and I have to alert the U.S. Marshal's Office.


MR. SIMON: I just wanted to make you aware.

THE COURT: All right. You're not making a request of
me with respect to any safety issue, correct, other than just
advising me and then you're gonna advise the marshals, right?

MR. SIMON: I would appreciate any admonishment you
may give him now that you have on the phone, but no, I'm not
acting -- I'm not asking for any contempt order or anything
like that at this time.

THE COURT: Well, I don't know that any admonishment
is appropriate in this court. If there's a safety issue, that
really needs to be brought up with -- obviously I appreciate
the advice or the advisement regarding any safety issues, and I
can certainly take care of whatever issues I need to take care

But in terms of safety issues for any individuals in
Florida, that really needs to be taken up with the Florida
officials. So I'm going to ask that you follow through with
Florida officials to make sure everyone's safe there.
Anything else?

MR. SIMON: That's it, thank you.

MR. ELIOT BERNSTEIN: Yes. Eliot Bernstein, your

THE COURT: Yes, sir.


THE COURT: Yes. Go ahead.

MR. ELIOT BERNSTEIN:   Your Honor, the parties here are
all cognizant that your summary judgment action, which
dismissed me citing that I was not a beneficiary of the Estate
of Simon Bernstein and have no standing, and you relied upon
that res judicata, all that collateral estoppel stuff, has been
proven false by the new judge who took over the prior judge who
issued a bunch of frivolous orders denying me due process.

Now, I filed with you all writs that said they were
conspiring against mine and my children's rights. And by the
way, that letter on behalf of my -- or that my children wrote
to the guardian was advising her to stop acting on their behalf
as a guardian ad litem because none of them was never a minor
when the guardian ad litem was put upon them, which is
completely in violation of all.

There were no adult guardianship hearings held for him
ever. He was an adult the whole time. And one of them turned
18 sui juris on January 1st. And she's been granting consents
on their behalf as if they're minors and going to settlements
on their behalf as if they're minors, and even being
acknowledged of it, she won't stop.

Now, the most important thing is it has to be
determined in order by Judge Scher that I am a beneficiary with
standing. And Mr. Simon misled your court to believe I wasn't
in a statement of fact. And he also told you in that that my
three minor children has guardians where one of them wasn't a
minor at the time, and he knows that, being related to, you
know, my family.

They all knew that. 

This was all an effort to shut down my rights. And it worked.
You threw me out of the case
citing that I wasn't a beneficiary in standing and could incur
no damages. In fact, the settlement they're proposing I've
been damaged horribly.

So that kind of makes that summary judgment argument
for my dismissal kind of not valid because right here, you
know, I was supposed to get a fifth supposedly of the benefit.
But it's a chance the Court (unintelligible) settlement
proposal. So right there, I've incurred damages.

And if it goes to the estate, I could incur up to
100 percent damages of loss considering they now claim I'm a
beneficiary of whatever scheme they proposed.

My children have given no consent to any settlement.

I've given no consent to any settlement. And the fraud now
needs to be rectified. Your order needs to be corrected or now
we need -- there's now a judge that's issued an order stating
in my father's case I am a beneficiary with standing.

And both Alan Rose and Brian O'Connell conceded in a
court hearing on the record that that was true despite multiple
pleadings over years stating I was not to all of these Courts,
including your own. And all anybody really needed to do was
take a look at the wills and trusts, and in every single one of
them, I'm the lead beneficiary in standing.

The reason they did this was to deny my due process
rights and try to get collateral estoppel to block my rights in
your case, which worked. And that's a rush to settle up with
all the fraud and President Donald Trump's friend found in my
dad's home that we brought to you about the probate fraud of
the sale of that home.

And so this is all a big, old fraud. And, you know,
when he -- to start with your summary judgment order being
corrected and all of these people knew this months ago and
haven't brought it to your court. And I can't even get filings
in because somehow you've removed me, you know, today, where
before from filing things in the court. So I don't even know
how to notice your court anymore. And it's based on the fact
that I'm not a beneficiary with standing in my father's estate.
So everything stopped with my all writs ask for -- I'm
going to ask for you to let me file papers and review that all
this injunction and stop this. Because there's so much fraud,
it's layers upon layers.

And they are using minor children inappropriately, and
that whole nonsense you just heard, I tried to upload it into
the court just now, but I think I picked the wrong filer. But
on my side on the left, but it picked a different person on the

But so anyway, you know, all of those facts are now
before your court and you can review them and determine if your
orders were based on false pleadings by officers of this court.
Which, by the way, you know, whatever they want to say about
me, there are a ton (unintelligible) fraud.

Robert (unintelligible), I've admitted under oath that
fraud that my mother's trust to include my brother and sister
and pledge it to my children's counsel. Their law firm
submitted (unintelligible) fraudulently notarized the waivers.
I don't know what I've done too wrong, but in
comparison to officers of the court, none of them have been
admonished for this or sanctioned. And right here right now,
you should look at your order and say that true, and if it is
true that I'm a beneficiary in standing, you should start, you
know, peeling the onion, so to speak.


MR. ELIOT BERNSTEIN: So, you know --



THE COURT: Mr. Bernstein, I hear what you're saying.
I understand -- I understand what you're saying. I also
appreciate how frustrating it can be throughout this entire
process, and I realize there's a lot in this case that's
happening in Florida that I don't have personal knowledge of.

I understand you filed an appeal, but just from a
jurisdictional standpoint, that was premature because there
wasn't a final order in the case. 

But to the degree I've been misled by anyone factually, 
to the degree I've made an error of law -- 
and, you know, God knows I do my best to -- to apply the
rule of law correctly and sometimes I make mistakes. And I
think it's once every 18 months or so, I do get reversed. And
usually they're right and I've missed something.

So I'm totally -- I mean, that's actually a comfort to
me that I have the Seventh Circuit to help me, you know, with a
very busy docket to make sure that I'm crossing my T's and
dotting my I's. So as soon as that final order's entered,
you're going to have an ability to appeal whatever you need to
and raise whatever issues you think I might have made a mistake on. Or if I may have been misled in some way, you're going to have an opportunity to address that.

And it doesn't sound like you don't -- you have long
to wait because the entry -- at least in terms of this what's
in front of me, there's going to be an entry of a final order,
you know, probably before the end of August.

So right now you're not able to file things 'cause
you're not actually a party in this case. But obviously the
docket's public, and you can see when that final order goes in.
And you'll be able to take an appeal and address whatever you
need to, okay?

All right. Anything else I need to address?

MR. ELIOT BERNSTEIN: I want the Court to take
judicial notice of the absolute fraud going on here.

THE COURT: I can't do that, sir.

MR. ELIOT BERNSTEIN: (Unintelligible.)

THE COURT: I can't take judicial notice of that type
of fact. So again, you'll be able to address --

MR. ELIOT BERNSTEIN: But you're not aware of the

THE COURT: Hang on a second. Hang on a second. Hang
on a second. Hang on a second, please.

MR. ELIOT BERNSTEIN: (unintelligible) my children
(unintelligible). This is dangerous stuff. People are dying.
My dad's poison resulted on arsenic -- triple arsenic from the
coroner. I mean, seriously.

THE COURT: If you believe anyone --

MR. ELIOT BERNSTEIN: (Unintelligible) involved with
playing these games and knocking me out of all my rights.

THE COURT: If you --

MR. ELIOT BERNSTEIN: And my kids have no rights.
We've been completely constitutionally deprived. And now you
have, you know, the knowledge that they're just asking these
people is it determined that Eliot was a beneficiary with
standing in Florida? (Unintelligible) don't do on your own
motion to correct that, reestablish my standing. Reestablish
my rights, so I can get in here and protect my family.

THE COURT: I've ruled -- I've ruled based on the
record in front of me. I don't -- can't take judicial notice
of what you've indicated. If you think someone is poisoning
you or others, you need to address that with local authorities
to make sure that you and your children are safe.
Anything else, Counsel?

MR. SIMON: I would just like to say that there's been
no fraud here. There's what he calls collusion, we call
settling according to your orders, your standing orders urging
the parties to engage in settlement at all times.

And that's what we did with the help of a mediator
down in Florida who is a judge. And he had every opportunity
to raise these arguments in summary judgment. I was going to
read to you the portions, but I'm not going to do that because
of time constraints.

THE COURT: All right. All right. Thank you,
All right. See you on the next court date.

MR. SIMON: Thank you.

MR. KUYPER: Thank you, your Honor.

(Concluded at 10:00 a.m.)

* * * * * * * * * *    "

Source of Above

Below is a Link to the ALLEGED Threatening Letters from Eliot Bernstein to a Judge. Oh but REALLY they are letters NOT from Eliot Bernstein and to a Court Ordered Guardian, Diana Lewis who is NOT a Judge, is a Former Judge, not Retired but Voted OUT.

"MR. SIMON: I would just like to say that there's been no fraud here." Really Adam, are you Kidding. Dead Guys signing estate documents to GIVE your clients money and assets, murder alleged and Cadmium and Arsenic in a Coroners REPORT, no Insurance Policy YET approx. 1.7 million paid out, because of a "friendly carrier" used by Pam Simon, your Sister in Law?  REALLY? This is how your repay Simon Bernstein for all he did for you and your Family?

NO FRAUD HERE your Honor. WHAT? This case is Riddled with Fraud, Murder cases, missing Trust Estate and Insurance Documents, Blocked Lis Pendens, Mortgage Fraud, Stolen Jewelry, Stolen Assets, Forged Documents, Documents signed by the VERY people that Died to Close Estates and STEAL assets, Real Estate SOLD long ago and money STOLEN, Proxy Buyers for Ted (I Believe), Collusion with Palm Beach Police it seems, No Inventory of Assets, NO Medical Records, No Taxes, and yet You CLAIM no Fraud here.  Ya Nothing to See here Alright.

Adam Simon says, "Mr. Eliot Bernstein's appeal was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction in the Seventh Circuit."  Ya because Adam Simon LIED, committed FRAUD on the COURT knowingly as far as I see it, as did Florida Attorney Alan Rose, and PR attorney Brian O'Connell claiming that Eliot Bernstein had no standing and was NOT a beneficiary.

WOW Check this Out Below. Transcript with a Federal Judge and Attorney Adam Simon ADMITS that Eliot Bernstein's sons are 18 and 19. So Attorney Adam Simon admitted to a Federal Judge that the guardianship placed on the "minor children" of Eliot Bernstein was FRAUD and they were NOT minors? WOW, how does Adam Simon stay out of Jail and still have a Law License?

Attorney Adam Simon then accuses Eliot Bernstein of having "them" write a threatening letter to a former Judge. WOW. First of ALL he admits here that the son's are adults and responsible for their own actions, yet is concerned for safety of parties because of ramping up, disturbing actions taken by Eliot Bernstein. Hmmm.. What a Crock. I am sure that Judge John Blakey is not going to buy into that. You see CLEARLY the "sons" are ADULTS as admitted by Adam Simon, who is the Brother of their Uncle David Simon, I believe.  ADULTS don't get to blame Daddy for their actions nor do whiny attorneys such as Adam Simon.

Secondly, the letters were NOT Threats to a former Judge or to a guardian ad litem, THEY WERE CEASE AND DESIST LETTERS. Legal Documents, I Believe. Demanding that Guardian Diana LEWIS stop Breaking the Law and agreeing to Settlements on behalf of ADULTS who should not, as a matter of LAW, have Guardians as there was no hearing, no due process of any kind, and Attorney Adam Simon KNOWS all this. Adam Simon should be disbarred, should be financially liable and should GO TO JAIL for fraud on the courts. And seeking to endanger Eliot and his family.  Adam Simon, with Full Knowledge it WAS NOT True, has yet again LIED to a Federal Judge.

Check Out the Transcript Below
Attorney Adam Simon Blatantly Lying to a Federal Court

"MR. SIMON:   Yes. Your Honor, as you just mentioned,
the Seventh Circuit dismissed one of Mr. Bernstein's appeals.

Two others I believe were recently dismissed in Florida.

The concern among the family is a matter of safety for
themselves, and I do feel it necessary to bring it up as a
matter of courtroom safety.

Some of his recent behavior is truly, truly disturbing, and that is in light of past behavior
that is very disturbing, but it's ramping up.

And the specific instance that concerns me most for
his family and for himself is that recently -- he has two
children who are 18 and 19 years old, two sons. He had them
write a threatening letter to a former judge who is the
guardian ad litem in Florida for his children."

DEMANDING your RIGHTS in a Cease and Desist is NOT a Threat. And what yourAdult Children do to DEMAND their RIGHTS, is not "disturbing" behavior by a parent. WOW Adam Simon is sure RAMPING up the DISTURBING behavior. I am VERY worried for him, poor guy.

Courtroom Safey? Really Adam? It's a PHONE hearing. And umm Diana Lewis is a Predatory Guardian who has broken the law in Florida. Anyone that can read can see that. Yet Adam Simon LIES to a Federal Judge claiming Eliot has threatened a Florida Judge. WOW


Eliot Bernstein Recent Status Report Filed in Judge Blakey Court

Adam Simon to a Federal Judges, throws in a Petty Smack saying, " family victimization business," REALLY ADAM Simon? What is that? Is that a LEGAL Term, you are using to prove your point as a matter of law in a hearing BEFORE a Federal JUDGE? WOW What a Jackass.

Dark EVIL Asshole Attorney Adam Simon Says, "we are very concerned about his well-being and his family's well-being." 

OMG this is stunning, shocking, DISTURBING.   I have reported on this case for 5 years and the iViewit cases for over 10 years. Adam Simon does not give a SHIT about Eliot or his "family". The "we" he talks about has destroyed their lives, endangered them, deprived them of their education, stolen money and assets from them, tried to take their homes, made false reports to local authorities endangering them and a whole lot MORE evil. Now this whiny ass tells a Federal Judge "we" are "very concerned about his well-being and his family's well-being." What a Crock. 

Then there was that Urgent Letter to Settle, oh but Eliot is not a beneficiary, oh wait I KNOW let's accuse him of attacking a Judge. Ya that's it. Quick Call the Marshall, oh and Ask Judge Blakey to Spank him.

Adam Simon Requested to Correct Fraud and REJECTION of URGENT eMail to "Settle" when all along Attorney Adam Simon had lied to the courts about Eliot Bernstein being a beneficiary.
Click Below to READ.

The Predatory Guardianship Gang in the Estate of Simon Bernstein and Estate of Shirley Bernstein are sure racking up the LIABILITY.

Sheriff and Coroner Report Referenced Above

Keywords and Research Information as per Online Search. 
More Coming Soon with the Adam Simon Report, David Simon Report, Simon Law Firm Report

STP Enterprises Inc, The Simon Law Firm,; Shima Realty, LLC.
Adam Simon is the Corp. Secretary-Asst. General Counsel
STP Enterprises, Inc.
1990 – Present (27 years)
The Simon Law Firm
1990 – Present (27 years)
Shima Realty, LLC
1994 – Present (23 years)Greater Chicago Area

Adam Michael Simon
Entertainment, General Practice
303 E Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60601
Profile LAWPOINTS™17/100
David Bruce Simon
General Practice

Jackson National Insurance, Ted Bernstein Insurance Boca Raton, 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ted Bernstein Communicating with RESPECT. Ted Bernstein Says, "The family I was born into is no longer, that is just a fact, it is not a matter of opinion, it just is." YET Ted has spent 5 Years FIGHTING on the Wrong Side of the Moral Compass in Palm County Courts to NOT only be "family" but to STEAL all the "family" assets of the Estate of Simon Bernstein with No Accountability to his father's wishes, which he CLEARLY knew.

In April of 2012 Ted Bernstein CLAIMED that his Father was Dead to him, that he had no "Family" other then his wife and kids. Ted's Father Simon Bernstein would DIE within 6 months from this eMail below.

Ted Bernstein knew at this time that his father Simon Bernstein had disinherited him and his sister Pam Simon, because they had already been given businesses and were very well off.

As stated, Simon Bernstein Died that same year.  Ted Bernstein and Co-Conspirator, I call her, Pam Simon would spend the next 5 years and counting trying to prove that they were loved, oh I mean prove they did deserve an inheritance on top of everything they had already been given in their SPOILED ROTTEN lives.

They, Ted and Pam and Counsel  - with some help of some corrupt judges, seem to have did this by simply taking over Property and Estate assets.  Possibly paying people off, stealing assets, lying about trust documents, lying about insurance policies, committing insurance fraud, committing fraud on the court, lying to a Federal Judge and lot's more, what I see as Criminal and Civil Conspiracies. And Why? oh Ya the love of family and friends and we care about you Womb to Tomb blah blah blah.

Ted and Pam simply took over houses, property, assets, money and put Eliot Bernstein's family under extreme tortorious duress in the process. Sounds like LOVE to me.  NOT.

Below in the Motion to Freeze Assets, Which never happened, and Assets were pilfered by Ted Bernstein and his co-conspirator, as I see it. In the Motion, See Exhibit ONE as Follows.

eMail Exchange April


"Simon requested that Petitioner ask his brother Theodore directly why exactly he and his family were not attending Passover at Petitioner's house with his mourning father and upon doing so this was the exchange. 

From: Eliot Ivan Bernstein []
Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2012 7:25 AM
To: Ted Bernstein
Subject: passover

Ted, I am stunned by your response to Passover with your family at our house or what once was your
family. Save the candy coated soliloquies of "Peaster" with the kids and their friends at your house as
excuse to why you cannot make it for the holiday. Why your family is not celebrating with your father and their grandfather is what is beyond comprehension or why you did not invite dad to the now party with your kids and their friends on "Peaster" at your house. Instead of the BS, be upfront and say what your children have already said to me, that you will not be with dad with Maritza and have coalesced with your siblings and their children and thus choose not to attend and further choose not to invite dad and his girlfriend to your home based on that truth, which is steeped in insanity. I think what you're doing, along with the gang of gals is harmful and borders elder abuse and no reason can justify the flawed logic of your "tough/abusive love" strategy and the hurt you are causing your father.

Somewhere in the bible, it gives out some advice of honor and respect for your father and mother and how this fits into that I have no idea, I in fact see it as wholly disrespectful, mean, it makes me want to puke. This really breaks my fucking heart, as it is not a measure to help dad, as you think harming him will help and thus it merely stands to harm. No response necessary.

From: Ted Bernstein []
Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2012 6:14 PM
To: Eliot Ivan Bernstein

Subject: RE: passover


You are clearly upset about Passover this year and I am sorry for that; unfortunately, things are often
not as simple as they appear. I am sure you guys will have a great holiday, especially since Dad will be with you guys. He had said that he was not going to be celebrating Passover this year.
Actually, if Candice has her vegetarian chopped liver recipe in electronic format, could you please ask her to shoot me or Deborah a copy?

Thanks ...

From: Eliot Ivan Bernstein []
Sent: Friday, April 06, 2012 12:59 PM

To: Ted Bernstein
Subject: RE: passover

Ted, I am mad, mad not at Passover this or next year, here or in Israel, instead I am mad at the hurt
being caused to dad by his children and grandchildren. I certainly hope that by next year this whole
gang up on dad and deny him his grandchildren over his girlfriend is over as it is absolute lunacy. Again,

I see nothing but pain being caused to all and no chance of good from the approach for anybody and with so limited days in the looking glass it just seems like somebody needs to step up and make this cease.

From: Ted Bernstein []

Sent: Saturday, April 07, 2012 11:45 AM

To: Eliot Ivan Bernstein
Subject: RE: passover


Although I normally do not like to have these discussions via email, it does seem important to say this in a way that is documented in the record. None of this is directed at any person, in particular, and can be shared with anyone you feel is necessary. What follows is simply intended to be a roadmap.

My primary family is Deborah and our four children. They come first, before anything and anyone.

The family I was born into is no longer, that is just a fact, it is not a matter of opinion, it just is. That family is now made up of individuals and their families. My relationship with each individual person and their family is unique and complex, the foundation based on mutual respect.

 It is that plain and simple. If any party to any of those individual relationships is not okay with that, then it is likely that we will not have a strong, meaningful relationship. It is likely that we will still have a relationship however, because we are related and we will be brought together at different times, to engage in the things that people who are related engage in (weddings, bar mitzvahs, graduations, illness and death).

With respect to every member of our extended family, my friends and my associates, it is important to know that I cannot be influenced to act by guilt, force, shame, punishment or withholding of love or support. If someone does not agree with what I think or how I act, that is okay. 

If someone feels it is important to communicate their disagreement, that is okay, as long as it is done in a respectful and civil way. I can handle almost anything as long as it is communicated with respect. It does not mean that I will change how I think or how I act.

I may, and I may not. I cannot force anyone to treat me and my family with respect. I can only choose to limit my interaction.

I try not using words like 'never' and 'always', especially when dealing with people I care for.

You end up having to eat them, usually.

I do not care about what is said about me or my family, behind my back. When I hear it, and I always do because it is intended to be heard, it serves to validate the condition of that relationship. I think, if the people engaged in those discussions were more aware of how little I care, it might help them to move on to another.

I do not gang up on anyone. I do not lead campaigns or posses. I wish I were that influential, but I am not. I am not a mouthpiece or spokesperson for members of the extended family and cannot be used to create alliances for the purpose of another's interaction with another. That has been learned behavior that I choose to not be a part of.

Speaking of choices, they have consequences and let me be the first to say to anyone listening, "do whatever the hell you want to do". 

Unless it is really impinging on me, I don't care what people do. am not your judge or jury. I may not like what you do and you may not like what I do, and that is okay too.

Disagreements are okay, they happen in healthy relationships. If a person cannot respectfully handle disagreements, whether it is over something benign or something intense, then it is likely going to affect how much interaction we are going to have going forward. My actions speak louder than my words.

So hopefully this is somewhat helpful in knowing my rules of engagement. They are pretty simple, I think. The best thing about them is that if someone doesn't like them, then they don't have to have a single thing to do with me or spend a nano-second of time with me. On the other hand, I think they are pretty easy to accept and very straightforward.

I will give you an example of how I see the world and all of this working into it, something that might be more on point with respect to our relationship. When you and Candice extended the Passover invitation this year, and we declined it, all that was necessary to say to us was something like this:

"We are sorry you won't be with us this year. It is always nice to celebrate holidays with you guys, the
last two at your home were great. We will miss you and wish things could have worked out differently."

Pretty simple, right? If what I said above makes even a little sense, saying anything much more than
that has no impact.


From: Eliot Ivan Bernstein []
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 5:50 AM
To: 'Simon Bernstein'
Subject: FW: passover
From: Eliot Ivan Bernstein []

Sent: Monday, April 09, 2012 9:18 PM
To: 'Ted Bernstein'
Subject: RE: passover

Ted, first I am again saddened at your response, which again is a long sofifoquy that fa ifs to address the truth of the matter or answer the simple questions posed and attempts to instead conflate the matter in defense of your messed up family values, which I see lies at the root of a deeper problem. I do not want to delve into why you feel that the family you are born into no longer exists, however this is in "fact" false and factually a fantasy or delusion.

I for one exist and I know dad does but I guess if we do not exist in your mind you do not have to have feelings for us, as it appears that goes hand in hand. You also seem to have confused the word extended family" to include friends and such, where the extended family means, "The term extended family has several distinct meanings; a family that includes in one household near relatives in addition to a nuclear family. In modern Western cultures dominated by nuclear family constructs, it has come to be used generically to refer to grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins, whether they live together within the same household or not.[1] However, it may also refer to a family unit in which several generations live together within a single household ... In an extended family, parents and their children's families often may live under a single roof. This type of joint family often includes multiple generations in the family." This maligning of the definition confuses your letter to me for I believe you do not truly understand the meaning of family but more so I feel sad from this statement, "and we will be brought together at different times, to engage in the things that people who are related engage in (weddings, bar mitzvahs, graduations, illness and death)." Your description of family does not describe at all what people who are related engage in, mostly it is love or some instances hate, your version has it as a holiday or death celebration and places family outside the meaning of family and more like a relationship with a dog.

Dogs that listen and obey the will of Ted according to your letter will have a relationship with you and others that do not agree with you will be cast aside and not exist. What is dear is that you castigate those you no longer consider worthy of being family without feeling or emotion and this will leave you clinging to your very "primary" family as long as they do not fear that they are next on your chopping block. Your "extended family," of non existing family members and your friends will always dwindle and extension will feel more like retraction from this path, as people see how easily family can be discarded they will not want to be next on the block either.

The rest of the letter appears to be for a general audience and relates not to my question or reason I
wrote to you, so I will not digress on it further. I do however want to say that to me you are family and whether I disagree or like you at the moment or not that does not change that fact for me. I still cannot understand how you cannot be a leader of your family both primary and extended and lead them to resolve these issues which are hurting our father, or my father, who once was yours. I cannot
understand how you can hide behind others and this nonsense to justify your actions with this maligned view on excommunicating your loved ones and your unloved family members, I am not sure what dad has done to cause his non-existence to you, nor I but I feel sad you have taken a road to isolation for you and dad and me.  "

Exhibit One, Source of Above

Full Source Document
PAGE 127

Ted Says "My primary family is Deborah and our four children. They come first, before anything and anyone. " This is PRETTY CLEAR by now.  Ted and his seems to come first before the LAW, before respecting his parents wishes, before his brother and nephews quality of life, and before the TRUTH.

TED SAYS,   "The family I was born into is no longer, that is just a fact, it is not a matter of opinion, it just is. "   YET only a few months after this, his father died.  TED knew CLEARLY that he and his Evil sister Pam Simon were DISINHERITED. Click Here for Pam Simon KNOWS she was disinherited.

Yet Ted Spends 5 years and counting to have his "family" be alive to him,  VIA money for GREEDY Ted whose family "is no longer".

TED KNEW full well that he would not be Trustee or anything else in his father's estate as he and his had already got businesses, money, cars and such as far as I know, believe.

Ted talks of "mutual respect". Of which he and Pam Simon KNOW NOTHING about, as they knowingly deliberately DISRESPECT the wishes of there flesh and blood father.

"people I care for"  WTF could that mean, does that mean?

CLEARLY Ted does NOT care for his siblings or their quality of life, nor does he seem to care about the TRUE wishes of his FATHER which he KNOWS EXACTLY what his Father wanted.  How would Simon Bernstein handle all this if he were you?

Would Simon Bernstein DESTROY lives with LIES 
and GREED if he were in Ted's place the last 5 years ?

How would Ted's Mother have wanted all this to go? What was her REAL wishes? You, TED and your Evil Sister do NOT honor the Estate nor Insurance wishes of your own parents yet try and convince your clients that you care about clients wishes, needs from from Womb to Tomb, you care about their wishes of how they want thing things to REALLY happen after they die?

How can that POSSIBLY be when anyone that can READ, can clearly see that you WILL MOST CERTAINLY NOT honor the wishes of the Dead 

You,  Pam Simon her attorney Husband, and his brother who have all been BLESSED with money their whole life since meeting Pam SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF.


Why would you Deliberately Violate your Father's Dying Wishes? 

What God Given right Do you have to VIOLATE the Wishes of your Blood Mother and Father and torture their children and grandchildren KNOWINGLY, endlessly?

Would your Father and Mother have wanted what has happened to Eliot's kids to have happened? You cut them all off, tried to starve them out, had something to do with a car bombing, claimed your Father was murdered then lied about it later, have tried to render them homeless, denied their grandchildren the schooling they set out for them, LIED repeatedly to officials and DENIED your own blood what you KNEW, without a doubt was your Father and Mother's wishes.

You have caused your "no longer family" to endure Massive Endless STRESS at your own hands, all the WHILE knowing that you were disinherited and YOU yourself had stated that you have no "family" in the family you were born in.  YET have fought endlessly for a LIE that YOU KNOW is NOT the Wishes of your "no longer family" Parents.

IF indeed there is a HELL of any kind, a Dark Place of any kind "out there", Sheol, a “dark and deep,” “the Pit,” “the Land of Forgetfulness,” WELL then SURELY Ted Bernstein and Pam Simon will be Visiting there at some point.  Along with their Parade of Co-Conspirators.

Reward or Punishment? 
I wonder what awaits Pam and Ted in the Eyes of the DIVINE.

Perhaps you just Need LOVE Ted.  Maybe LOVE is ALL you NEED.

Maybe you Simply feel so UNLOVED that you have turned to the Dark Side long ago. You know the TRUTH. So.. Your Mother, your Father in SPIRIT ask you and PAM, Why Are YOU DOING THIS?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

EVERY RULING Judge Martin Colin and Judge John Philips made in the Estate of Shirley Bernstein and the Estate of Simon Bernstein should be REHEARD.

It is Common Sense and a Matter of Law that "every ruling" of Judge Martin Colin and Judge Philips in the Estate of Simon Bernstein and the Estate of Shirley Bernstein should be VOID, should be "reheard".  There is Clear and Convincing proof of Fraud in these cases yet the Orders of Judge Martin Colin and of Judge Philips are still being "Honored", "Enforced"? What? Why?

Judge Colin KNEW there was Fraud in his court. He even threatened to read those involved their Miranda Rights. Yet his RULINGS are still being upheld by Palm County Courts?

The Palm County Courts Clearly KNOW that there is Massive Fraud in this case and the victims of that Fraud are Eliot Bernstein and his immediate family, along with his former company iViewit.

Below are words from Judge Howard Coates in a Transcript Hearing on June 4, 2015

22· · · · THE COURT:·   Here's the problem.· If I make
23· ·rulings today and you file a motion within 10
24· ·days, every ruling I made today is subject to
25· ·rehearing by the new judge.· So it's a waste of
·1· ·time to proceed and hear any motions .."

Click Below to Read Full Transcript

ALL Rulings by Judge Martin Colin and Judge Philips SHOULD be reheard, that is CLEAR. What is not clear is why is Palm County Judges and Officials NOT arresting these folks, disbarring attorneys and exposing the Fraud that they are clearly aware of?

Judge Philips appointed an illegal Guardianship in the Estate of Simon Bernstein case. Judge Philips used former Judge Diana Lewis, appointed, and not from the alleged "Assignment Wheel" for Guardians. He used this Guardian appointment to cover up massive corruption.

As Diana Lewis is the king pin now per say, as they needed and need her to sign off for Eliot Bernstein's adult children so they can all settle and not go to Trial in hopes that they can keep all they stole and not go to jail, as well as not have to lose their various law and insurance licenses and such, and not have to pay punitive damages.  If they Settle, it all goes away like dust in the wind. However, there is Massive Fraud, and at some point there will be an Official, a Judge, God perhaps that will bring these folks to justice. There is Clearly Criminal Charges that SHOULD apply.

It is Clear that without Judge John Philips illegally appointing Guardian, former Judge Diana Lewis, the whole scam of the last 5 years and counting in the stealing of the Simon Bernstein Estate and the Shirley Bernstein estate would unravel. As they removed Eliot Bernstein as beneficiary ILLEGALLY, and so they needed to SILENCE his Adult children. So they placed Guardianship OVER Adults with no hearing, no due process and no adjudication as far as I see it.

Yet NOW, Wow, shocking Turn of Events and Judge Rosemarie Scher restored Eliot Bernstein's rights as Beneficiary, which he LEGALLY had all along, so NOW all the Evil Doers are racing to SETTLE to make the dust blow away in the wind. But wait, WOW, they are creating even more Massive Liability, more Fraud on the Courts, and lot's more Corruption to cover up the former corrupt and fraud.  What a tangled web we weave. And yet the Palm County Justice system can do nothing to STOP these people? Or Can they? Will They? We Shall See.

I wonder what former Judge Diana Lewis was promised out of all this? Or was she threatened? What about her connections to Detective Lewis?  Why is the Palm County Courts not able to STOP this barrage of ruthless Judges and protect the citizens of Florida from their Lawless Wrath?

Judge Martin Colin's unruly rulings BLOCKING a Liz Pendens was pretty amazing. I have owned a real estate company for 17 years and never seen that.  Hiding from the buyer that the property is in litigation and ordered to be SOLD by a corrupt Judge who is known for selling Jewels he has pilfered from estates, right from his own yard via garage sales.

What Judge Martin Colin has thus far got away with in the Simon Bernstein Estate is somewhat shocking to me, as their is so much information that came out about his dirty dealings and his wife Guardian Betsy Savitt.  Why is Judge Colin's Orders still being held up as if they were based in law and not fraud, corruption and kick back.

In the Case of the Estate of Simon Bernstein we also see the Ignoring of Murder and No Trust, No Insurance Policy and Dead Guys signing Documents.  Yet the Hearings still go on, and rulings are still made. ALL ORDERS should be VOID PERIOD. The Attorneys involved are still licensed. All has if the FRAUD is not Known when Clearly the Judges, the Courts, the Sheriff, the Detectives, the Governor, the Florida Bar, the Florida Supreme Court, the FBI ALL KNOW.

What kind of Precedent is set when you can Liquidate Magical Estates that DO NOT Exist. Attorneys make up Trusts, Assets are Stolen and never inventories, names are signed on official documents regarding assets by YOU after you Die, the paying of fake and fraudulent heirs millions on insurance policies that DO NOT EXIST. Oh and on a guy who was reported as Murdered and a Coroners report to suggest it True.

EVERY RULING Judge Martin Colin and Judge John Philips made in the Estate of Shirley Bernstein and the Estate of Simon Bernstein should be REHEARD. And that is Just to Start With. 

Judge Howard Coates involvement in the Simon Bernstein Estate Case sure is Suspicious to Me. Take a Look

Judge Howard Coates KNEW he Was Conflicted in the Simon Bernstein Estate Case, yet he accepted the Bernstein cases and all confidential court files of Judge Martin Colin. Then AFTER getting all the files he Sua Sponte recuses but still is on one case of  Simon Bernstein and still issuing orders in that case.  Judge Howard Coates does not seem "HONORABLE" to Me.

My Blog about Judge Howard Coates