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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Whiny Alan Rose's solution to All this Fraud, Forgery, Possibly 2 Murders or More, Property Theft, Denial of Due Process, 5 years of Massive Stress, Fraud on the Court with his False Statements to the Court, and all the laws broken over years is to simply Shut up the Messenger. Whew Problem Fixed. Ummm NOT.

"In addition, Eliot and others acting in concert with him, particularly Crystal Cox, also
are harassing the guardian (as well as the fiduciaries and this Court)"

When I was at a recent court hearing, I head Alan Rose talking to Diana Lewis in the courtroom. He seemed to be assuring her that there was no was she would not be paid, that things would go smoothly and she would not be blocked. It seemed a concern even at that point. Surely both Alan Rose and Diana Lewis knew that the minors they had Predatory Guardianship over were actually Adults, adults who have had no Due Process in any part of these Estate proceedings.

Also at that same time, Alan Rose made a joke that she'd be guardian over him next if he didn't watch out. They laughed callously, as Eliot's and his children are denied due process and they used unconstitutional court rulings to violate their due process rights and civil rights and to put their life under massive stress. They use Predatory Guardianship to steal property and rights then laugh about it in open court where we can all hear.  Then umm ya Crystal Cox is the problem. ya Right.

Alan Rose is Co-Conspirator, acting in concert, with Ted Rose, Diana Lewis, Judge Colin, Judge Philips, Ted Bernstein, Brian O'Connell and more to directly harm these same people that Alan Rose claims the Predatory Guardianships over adults claiming they were minors was to protect.

I REPORT on what these guys are up to and Alan Rose throws a tantrum and claims I am harassing
"the guardian (as well as the fiduciaries and this Court)".  This Court who has known amount the fraud for 5 years and many of the Judges participated directly in the Fraud. All one has to do is to read Transcripts, documents, and lot's of proof on all this to see there is massive fraud and civil rights violations. A "Court", Fiduciaries of the "Court", and a "Court" appointed Guardian need more reporting, more transparency, more actual LAWS obeyed, and more bloggers telling the stories of the massive victims of Florida Probate Courts and Florida Courts in General.

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