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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What Sparked Ted Bernstein Recently to Claim that there was No Car Bomb?

To me it sure seems that Ted Bernstein was involved in the Car Bombing. Ted Bernstein called the insurance company, why? What did Ted Bernstein really do in connection to this car blowing up and why? Ted wants to Set the Record Straight, So Let's Do That.

Below is a Recent eMail dated  June 27, 2017 sent by Ted Bernstein, 
Eliot Bernstein's brother. He now seems to claim there was no car bombing.  
Ted Bernstein Now Claims the Record is "Straight". So let's take a look;

From: Ted Bernstein <>

Sent: Tuesday, June 27, 2017 10:13 PM

To: Eliot Ivan Bernstein

Cc: Adam Simon Esq.; Alexander Alex David Marks, Esq. ~ Partner @ Burke, Warren,
MacKay & Serritella, P.C.; Brian M. O'Connell PA ~ Partner @ Ciklin Lubitz Martens &
O'Connell; David B. Simon; David Lanciotti ~ Executive Vice President and General
Counsel @ LaSalle National Trust, NA / Chicago Title Land Trust Company; Don
Tescher; Frederic A. Mendelsohn; Glenn E. Heilizer; James J. Stamos ~ Partner @
Stamos & Trucco LLP; Jill Iantoni; John M. O'Halloran; Joielle Joy A. Foglietta, Esquire @
Ciklin Lubitz Martens & O'Connell; Kevin P. Horan ~ Associate @ Stamos & Trucco LLP;
Lisa Friedstein; Michael Duane Sanders; Pamela Beth Simon; Peter Feaman; Peter
Feaman, Esq. ~ Attorney at Law @ Peter M. Feaman, P.A.; Robert Spallina; Thomas B.
Underwood ~ Partner @ Pucell & Wardrope CHTD.; Andrew Dietz @ Rock-It Cargo
USA, Inc.; Barbara Stone; Barbara Stone Gmail; CANDICE BERNSTEIN; Candice
Schwager; Candice Schwager ~ Attorney at Law @ Schwager Law Firm; Caroline
Prochotska Rogers Esq.; Frank Brady aka Kevin McKeown @ Expose Corrupt Courts;; JoAnne M. Denison Esq.; Kevin R. Hall; Michele M. Mulrooney ~
Partner @ Venable LLP

Subject: Re: SERVICE - United States District Court Northern District of Illinois - Notice of
Electronic Filing

Car bombing? What car bombing? The fact about your minivan is this, proving once again that with you, no good deed goes unpunished:

One afternoon in 2005 while I was at work, Candice called me in a panic from a doctor's office in Boca ‐ quite upset. She said her car was dead in the doctor's office parking lot, she had no way home and your kids were upset. You were not with her and she asked if I could pick them up. I picked them up and brought them all home.

Dad told me the next day at work that the engine froze because the oil was never changed and it was a wreck as a result. Because Dad refused to pay, it sat outside, getting trashed for months and months. You left for California immediately after and for all I know, it sat outside for years.

No Iraqi car bombing. No drama. Just another tall tale you tell. You make some heinous accusations, through not so clever intimations, that I had something to do with your car. Now the record is straight about my involvement with your family and the minivan.  

On Jun 26, 2017, at 11:33 PM, Eliot Ivan Bernstein <> wrote:

United States District Court Northern District of Illinois ‐ Notice of Electronic Filing

The following transaction was entered on 6/26/2017 at 10:29 PM CDT and filed on 6/26/2017
Case Name:  Simon Bernstein Irrevocable Insurance Trust Dtd 6/21/95
v. Heritage Union Life Insurance Company

Case Number:   1:13‐cv‐03643
Document Number:       285  "

Source Document at Link Below

Ted Bernstein allegedly called AAA to come and pick up the vehicle, then called them back and cancelled the pickup.  Below is an eMail from around the time of the bombing.

Subject: Things heating up - cars blowing up
August 22, 2005 regarding car bombing

From: Candy at Air-Apparent Travel <>
Sent: Monday, August 22, 2005 9:37 PM
To: ''

Subject: Things heating up - cars blowing up

Attachments: 2005 08 22 FBI letter re auto blowup fax copy.pdf

Importance: High

Sensitivity: Confidential

Sent: Monday, August 22, 2005 7:38 PM
To: Caroline Prochotska Rogers (; Marc R. Garber Esq. - Flaster Greenberg P.C.; Marc R. Garber Esq. ( Cc: Andrew R. Dietz  (; Andrew R. Dietz (; Barry Becker (; Donna B. Dietz (; Joe Fischman; Lorna Grote (; Michele M. Mulrooney Esq. - Hirsch Jackoway Tyerman Wertheimer Austen Mandelbaum & Morris (; Shazam; Richard Rosman; Tony Frenden (Tyrex at Comcast); Tony Frenden (House Proud Town Mouse)

Subject: Things heating up - cars blowing up
Importance: High
Sensitivity: Confidential

We were supposed to have had our car returned to us today. Candice called to pick it up after school with the kids. Master Auto called back stating it had blown up over the weekend and caught three cars on fire. Notified the feds, see attached.

The car was at Master after it was vandalized at another auto body shop Family Auto, where it had been prior towed for breakdown. The whole affair started when it broke down in boca and my brother ted was having AAA pick it up. AAA called about 2 weeks ago stating they never picked it up but that it was Vrchota Corporation (954) 421-2420.

Does this represent anything other than spontaneous combustion? Sure scary that my wife and kids could have been driving home. The fire dep is investigating for arson according to the dept, we are awaiting report.

Eliot I. Bernstein "

Click Below for Source

March 14th 2005, Click Below for Letter to Special Agent Stephen Lucchesi

Click the Link for Photos of Car Bomb, Scroll down for FBI letter and Details to the Car Bombing that Really DID HAPPEN, to be sure and set the Record Straight, and help Ted Bernstein to remember what REALLY happened.

Click Link Below for More Information and Photos

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