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Thursday, July 27, 2017

What "favorable settlement" Deal did attorney Alan Rose and Ted Bernstein make with Donald Tescher? Sure looks like Collusion to me.

How did Tescher get Out of All this? 

Who did he pay off? or did he?

 Why is Donald Tescher NOT in Jail? The Forgery Case brought by Eliot Bernstein DAMAGED Beneficiary Eliot Bernstein. Where is there "favorable settlements" that actually benefit ACTUAL Beneficiaries?

Ted Bernstein CLAIMS the him and attorney Alan Rose seem to have brought Tescher to justice and got a "favorable settlement". A settlement that, it sure seems to me would have had to had the Consent of all the beneficiaries, the PR, and had more transparency, notification to parties.

With SO much Corruption and Collusion in Florida, how did Robert Spallina actually get caught, and get charges? And why have none of the others involved in the Estate of Simon Bernstein Fraud, Forgery and Corruption been brought to any kind of penalty or justice.


"However, in many cases of charges relating to insider trading, a settlement with the SEC that may involve little or no prison time can be reached even if culpability is apparent.

In a recent case that's featured on my legal blog, Robert Spallina and Thomas Palermo of Parkland, Brian Markowitz of Pompano Beach, Steven Rosen of Coral Springs and Donald Tescher, a Delray Beach resident were basically let off lightly after having insider trading charges settled with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) earlier this past fall. Although expensive to the five men in conclusion of the case, their settlements could have been much harsher as described in the examples above. "

Source of Above

Also Check Out this Article

I Say attorney Alan Rose and Ted Bernstein were working with Robert Spallina and Donald Tescher and against the best interest of the True Beneficiaries of the Simon Bernstein Estate.

What did these lawyers do wrong? 
The Florida Bar has made its case. Article by BY DAVID J. NEAL

" Three disciplinary matters hung over Robert Spallina (Loyola Marymount University Law School, 2000), who pleaded guilty to securities fraud after engaging in insider trading and admitted adding a paragraph to a trust amendment after a client was dead to comply with the client’s wishes. So, Spallina opted for disciplinary revocation, which is similar disbarment. He can apply for reinstatement Oct. 30, 2021."

Source of Above

Tescher was also involved, why was he not "disciplined"? Why have the beneficiaries not received "damages" from Tescher and Spallina FORGING trust documents?

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