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Friday, July 21, 2017

" What can be seen from the attachments of Mr. Rose is that several actors in the various FL courts were fully aware that they were placing an adult"

From: Eliot Ivan Bernstein (


"Copy of Alan Rose earlier letter, seems he forgot some folks on this one.  What can be seen from the attachments of Mr. Rose is that several actors in the various FL courts were fully aware that they were placing an adult, Joshua Bernstein in a minor guardian ad litem without his consent or knowledge and all these predatory guardian orders and all consents, settlements, pleadings, denials of appeals etc derived therefrom be stricken.

Further, that State and Federal, Civil, Criminal and Ethical authorities have already been contacted of this most serious Civil Rights violation and kidnapping of legal rights orchestrated by certain Florida Court Officers and Court Appointed Attorneys, Guardians & Fiduciaries to deny Josh and Jake their Constitutionally Protected Rights.

Further, Mr. Rose has failed in his prior communication today to the parties copied herein to note that he and his client Ted have also has misled the courts, including the Il Federal Court, the 4th DCA and 15th Judicial that I was not a beneficiary with standing in my father’s estate and further gained orders etc from those statements that will all now have to be vacated as derived from further fraud and false pleadings by Mr. Rose, as Judge Scher reversed his claims forcing him to admit under oath that now I am a beneficiary with standing.  

This is all part of his continuing and ongoing sharp practices and simulated legal process that Obstruct Justice through efforts to shut down due process rights of myself and my children, as it is now obvious he preys upon children, having adult children knowingly placed in Guardians for minors and usurping their rights with intent."


The Following Were Attached PDF's to the eMail above

Guardian Appointment

Order on Guardian Appointment

Letter from TED

Oppenheimer Guardian Appointment

Motion to Appoint Guardian Oppenheimer

Dismissal, the 4th has some Explaining to do I would say

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