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Friday, July 28, 2017

Ummm.. Excuse Me, Your Honor, can you Please Shut up Crystal Cox. I CANNOT STAND Transparency. Alan Rose wants the Courts to SPANK Eliot Bernstein for Telling on Him in a Court of Law. Alan Rose DEMANDS that the facts, the law, statutes be Abandoned and that he GET HIS WAY OR ELSE. Let's take a Look at the Latest from Whiny LYING ASSHOLE Alan Rosey cheeks from crying to the court so much, latest Wa Wa to the Palm County Courts


Cry Baby Attorney Alan Rose Whine's to the Courts YET AGAIN, because his scheme and the Fraud on the Courts in the Estate of Simon Bernstein is just not going his way. So Here we Go Again.

Whiny Attorney Alan Rose refuses to report crimes he knows about, and to tell the Truth and let justice reign. Instead this idiot wants to Cry CONTEMPT.

Not injustice or FRAUD with Predatory Guardianship but STOP Crystal COX from Blogging. STOP Eliot Bernstein from reporting Fraud. STOP all this JUSTICE happening, it makes me Nauseous.

Ok Let's Take a Look at the Latest "TANTRUM" From Whiny Tyrant, Officer of the Court Florida Probate Attorney Alan Rose.


"Movant, Ted S. Bernstein, Successor Trustee of the Shirley Bernstein Trust, seeks leave file
the Motion to Hold Eliot Bernstein in Contempt of Court and for Sanctions"

OOOH NOW WHAT. I can't wait to see what happens next. What else can they possibly take from Eliot ? His Birthday? They have taken everything, denied him basic civil rights and violated the civil rights of his children, they deny him due process at every turn, they deny evidenciary hearings and seem to Flat out DENY Eliot to tell the TRUTH at all. Even though these Officers of the Court and the court itself go through the motion of Swear to tell the TRUTH and nothing but, they do NOT want the Truth. Or else whiny officer of the court Asshole Alan Rose will stomp his feet and demand that Eliot be spanked.  What that punishment looks like I am unsure of.

"Movant, Ted S. Bernstein, Successor Trustee of the Simon Bernstein Trust, moves for an
order finding Eliot Bernstein in contempt of court for intentionally violating the Court's Order
Appointing Guardian ad Litem to Represent the Interests of Eliot Bernstein's Children dated April 8,
2016 (the "Order" [DE 443])1 and for appropriate sanctions, and states:"

Ok SO Let's see here, Ted Bernstein, involved in Fraud on the Court, Predatory Guardianship and was acting in Conspiracy with Tescher and Spallina, Ted Bernstein who has no actual documents such as Trusts or Insurance Policy with Original Signatures, has been involved in denying Eliot Bernstein and his children due process and has CLEARLY broke massive laws as seen all over this blog and massive documents of which has been brought to the attention of this court. Well Terrible Traitorous Ted wants the Courts to SPANK his Brother Eliot because he is exposing Fraud, Corruption, Predatory Guardianship, Tattlin' on Brother Ted and his scheming co-conspirators and well Ted and his Scumbag Lying attorney Alan Rose just don't like Transparency and Truth so they WHINE to the Courts, as if to their Mothers. Wa Wa, STOP Eliot for TELLING THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

ok Let's Look at some more shall we;

"1. The Court appointed a Guardian ad Litem solely to protect the interests of Eliot
Bernstein's children because there was a conflict of interest between Eliot and the children, and his
actions were "adverse and destructive to his children's interests." Order at ¶2.
2. The Order continues at paragraph 4:
To protect the integrity and independence of the guardian, Eliot
Bernstein and all persons acting in concert with him: (a) shall not
contact, email or otherwise communicate with the Guardian Ad
Litem except at the request of the Guardian Ad Litem; (b) shall not
in any way threaten or harass the guardian. This Court alone shall
supervise the Guardian. Any violation of this order may subject the
violator to severe sanctions for contempt of court. The Court will use
the full measure of its coercive powers to ensure compliance with this

WOW so let me get this straight. Alan Rose wants the Court to BREAK THE LAW and to continue upholding a Predatory Guardianship over Adults, claiming they were Minors,  who were given no due process and Unconstitutionally stripped of their rights?  Alan Rose wants the Courts to STOP Eliot Bernstein from Exposing Judge John Phillips, Judge Martin Collin, Ted Bernstein, Alan Rose and the scheming gang of predators involved in placing these UNLAWFUL guardians over Adults, lying to the court and claiming they were minors. All this Fraud and Alan's Answer is to get Judge Scher to find Eliot in Contempt??? Are you Kidding Me? How about Judge Scher report the Fraud that she knows about and has witnessed in her court and YOU Alan and Traitorous Ted GO TO JAIL, How about That?

There is no Integrity to Protect of the Court Appointed Minors. No One is Protecting them. They were Denied their own attorney by the Court. Denied Documents and Accounting. The letters Alan Rose is whining about for Ted were letters from ADULTS who have ILLEGAL, unethical, fraud on the court Predatory Guardians placed on them, using a GAL for minors, with no hearing.  All this CORRUPTION which is Plain to SEE and Whiny Rose wants to Sanction Eliot? WOW.

I wonder what "severe sanctions" look like. Poverty DONE. Rights Taken DONE. Parents probably murdered DONE. Car Bomb almost killed wife and children DONE. Education messed up DONE. Money Stolen and Real Estate Sold DONE. 5 years of massive stress DONE. I just can't imagine what this severe punishment is. It's ALL been DONE.

Ted and Alan Go on to Blather..

Page 2, Link At Bottom of Post

"The Trustee reasonably fears Eliot is using his children to further his own interests,
and further his attack on the court system. As Judge Phillips found in the Shirley GAL Order:"

There is no "reasonable fear". What is Alan Rose talking about. Ted is pretending to be worried about his nephews, who are adults, WTF? Really? Ted is the one who endangered them. Plus the two children discussed are ADULTS and adults can take care of their own contact with people concerns. No one needs Uncle Ted's lying concerns. Ted Bernstein and Alan Rose are the ones furthering their own best interest and have been for 5 years and counting.

Judge JOHN Phillips committed Fraud on the Courts in this Order. It WILL be Overturned, it is not based in law and is Predatory Guardianship. Eliots CRUSADE against Corruption is Working, as well as the now dozens to hundreds stepping forward to expose Judge John Phillips and his Rogue Retaliatory Rulings.  Judge Phillips is NOT above the Law. He may have retired because he and his Co-Conspirator Martin Colin were CAUGHT. However, the Law is still the LAW and one day a Judge somewhere will be Brave Enough to Uphold the law and actually protect the victims of Judge John Phillips and attorneys such as Alan Rose and Brian O'Connell.

Check out this LIE.

"In response to the letters purportedly from Eliot's children, Ted S. Bernstein (not only
as Trustee but also as a caring uncle) wrote a letter to Eliot's children, and had it hand-delivered"

Uncle Ted withheld a car given to one of these children, he drove them to poverty, they lost their education they were meant to have as Ted blocked the money. Uncle Ted STOLE their grandparents home and has tried to have them thrown out of the home they live in. Uncle Ted claimed their grandfather was murdered then lied about it. Uncle Ted seems to have committed massive Fraud and conspired with attorneys and judges to Directly Harm these Children for 5 years and counting and NOW its Oh ya Hey there, I am "Caring" "Uncle Ted". BULLSHIT.


"In addition, Eliot and others acting in concert with him, particularly Crystal Cox, also
are harassing the guardian (as well as the fiduciaries and this Court)."

oooh YES, now we are Talkin'.   I hope I get SPANKED too.   I wonder what that will look like? Hmmm I can't seem to picture it. What can EVIL Lying, Fraud on the Court Alan Rose do to me. Ya ummm NOTHING, it's all been done.

This Reminds me of that Hearing where Alan Rose cracked up Judge Colin and the entire courtroom, by crying wa wa Crystal Cox said to ... myself.  Ya know because he did not want to say the F word in Court, just to Whine about me saying it to him.

So these "fiduciaries" Simply DO NOT want Transparency. They do not want Transcripts Posted, Emails Posted, Court Motions Posted. As Officers of the Court these "fidiciaries" protecting the "children" blah blah blah, don't want the TRUTH to be TOLD.

The Reader can figure out the Truth. There is MASSIVE Proof. The ONLY issue left is the Authorities to Arrest All Co-Conspirators Involved. The answer is not to Silence the Messenger but instead to TELL THE TRUTH and UPHOLD THE LAW.

I don't "act in concert".   I say what I want to say, my opinion, facts I find or receive, emails I get, interviews I take, documents I find. NO ONE "concerts" with Me, Period. Plain and SIMPLE. 

I am Reporting on CLEAR Predatory Guardianship in Florida, Clear Fraud and Forgery with NO one going to Jail and the Victims taking the Hit.

I am reporting on Rogue and Retaliatory Judges and giving Voice to their Victims Plain and SIMPLE. You will NOT Silence Me ALAN ROSE, its its Actually IMPOSSIBLE. Even in my Death, my Reporting on your Dirty Deeds and Traitorous Ted's Torments will NEVER END. Justice, the Law, the TRUTH will Prevail.


"Although the Court is likely unaware of it, and as of now there has been no vicious
attack on this Court, there is a web-page created – Similar
webpage attacks have been ongoing for the prior judges (; and the fiduciaries and counsel, focusing primarily on Ted
Bernstein ( 

The most recent attack is directed to the Hon. Cory Ciklin, in retaliation for the recent Order of the Fourth District dismissing Eliot's latest appeal and ruling: "ORDERED that appellant has initiated numerous meritless and improper pro se proceedings in this court and has abused the court system." Samples of the blog pages are attached as Exhibit 4, but this is merely a sample of a plethora of the nonsense spewed onto the internet."

Oh and there are HUNDREDS of more Blogs you forgot and MILLIONS of Blog Posts over the last Decade I have been reporting on CORRUPTION in Florida Courts.

So here is the Judge Cory Ciklin Blog her forgot to put it in

My Blog about Judge Cory Ciklin is not Retaliatory, he has done nothing to me.

My Blog reporting on Judge Cory Ciklin is to provide transparency in the courts and to HOPE and PRAY that there are Authorities out there somewhere who will actually take a look at what is happening to Victims of the Florida Court System, Family Court, Probate Court, Real Estate Laundering Schemes, Preying on the Elderly and Children through predatory guardianship, Forgery the signature of Dead people to close estates, possibly murdering people to take guardianship over their assets and lot's more that is CLEARLY going on in the Florida INJUSTICE System.

 Judge Cory Ciklin was CONFLICTED in those Rulings. He knew he was and therefore he removed himself later, AFTER he already RULED and already CLEARLY without a DOUBT affected the outcome of the decision and was involved in the Dismissal of the Order, in favor of Alan Ciklin, his brother's law firm where he once worked and where the PR Brian O'Connell is also a Partner.

oh and Believe Me Alan, the Courts are AWARE. They too Read the Blogs you are so Obsessed with.

Guardian Diana Lewis
There are no ongoing "attacks". However, there are, is and will be ONGOING reporting on Fraud in the Courts, Injustice, Predatory Guardianship, Probate Court Corruption, Forgery to Close Estate, and lot's more. I have been REPORTING on the Eliot Bernstein / iViewit Cases for a decade and the Simon Bernstein Estate Case for 5 years. Ya ONGOING reporting not "attacks" ya big baby. 

Why don't you Pull up Your Big Boy Panties and let's start serving up some justice, doing the right thing and standing on the RIGHT side of the Moral Compass, whatia say ?

Crystal Cox is NOT harassing the Guardian. Crystal Cox is REPORTING on Predatory Guardianship in Florida.  Diana Lewis KNOWS the Law and she is Clearly Violating Florida Statutes as I read them.  She is CLEARLY involved in Predatory Guardianship. I REPORT, and with my own style, as is my First Amendment Right. It is NOT an Attack to provide Transparency in the Courts and a Voice to the Victims of Retaliatory Judges and Rogue Attorneys.

So Alan, if my blogs are a "a plethora of the nonsense spewed onto the internet." then why are you so hot and bothered by them? What's Up with that? NONSENSE Spewed is best IGNORED I always Say.

Alan Rose and Co-Conspirators
I am NOT focused on Uncle Teddy, I am FOCUSED on Justice and the Suffering of YOUR Victims. I am focused on JUSTICE for those who Ted and the Gang's lawless torture on the true Victims. I am FOCUSED on law and relief for the victims of Florida's Predatory Guardian rampage.  I am Focused on giving a loud and ongoing voice to the victims of attorneys such as yourself.

Then in the Exhibits the Dumbass attaches the Cease and Desist Letters, WHICH clearly proves Predatory Guardianship and Fraud on the Court. WOW.  Maybe this is some type of Confession of sorts.

Link to Florida Attorney Alan Rose's Latest Dribble quoted above

Lot's more to Come on this Document, as CLEARLY there a WHOLE lot of Mistakes, Flat Out Lies and cry baby nonsense that needs corrected.  I will go over this with Y'all soon and point out lot's more LIES, Dribble, Rants, Fraud, Flat Out Lies,

Cease and Desist Letter to Guardian Diana Lewis, who was a JUDGE and KNOWS with Malicious Intent that she is Breaking the Law on all this, as far as I Understand, Read the Document Below and Decide for yourself.

Oh and P.S Asshole Alan, I know I have said it before but it begs repeating, Me and my First Amendment Rights would like to Cordially invite you to GO FUCK YOURSELF. 

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