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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ted Bernstein Communicating with RESPECT. Ted Bernstein Says, "The family I was born into is no longer, that is just a fact, it is not a matter of opinion, it just is." YET Ted has spent 5 Years FIGHTING on the Wrong Side of the Moral Compass in Palm County Courts to NOT only be "family" but to STEAL all the "family" assets of the Estate of Simon Bernstein with No Accountability to his father's wishes, which he CLEARLY knew.

In April of 2012 Ted Bernstein CLAIMED that his Father was Dead to him, that he had no "Family" other then his wife and kids. Ted's Father Simon Bernstein would DIE within 6 months from this eMail below.

Ted Bernstein knew at this time that his father Simon Bernstein had disinherited him and his sister Pam Simon, because they had already been given businesses and were very well off.

As stated, Simon Bernstein Died that same year.  Ted Bernstein and Co-Conspirator, I call her, Pam Simon would spend the next 5 years and counting trying to prove that they were loved, oh I mean prove they did deserve an inheritance on top of everything they had already been given in their SPOILED ROTTEN lives.

They, Ted and Pam and Counsel  - with some help of some corrupt judges, seem to have did this by simply taking over Property and Estate assets.  Possibly paying people off, stealing assets, lying about trust documents, lying about insurance policies, committing insurance fraud, committing fraud on the court, lying to a Federal Judge and lot's more, what I see as Criminal and Civil Conspiracies. And Why? oh Ya the love of family and friends and we care about you Womb to Tomb blah blah blah.

Ted and Pam simply took over houses, property, assets, money and put Eliot Bernstein's family under extreme tortorious duress in the process. Sounds like LOVE to me.  NOT.

Below in the Motion to Freeze Assets, Which never happened, and Assets were pilfered by Ted Bernstein and his co-conspirator, as I see it. In the Motion, See Exhibit ONE as Follows.

eMail Exchange April


"Simon requested that Petitioner ask his brother Theodore directly why exactly he and his family were not attending Passover at Petitioner's house with his mourning father and upon doing so this was the exchange. 

From: Eliot Ivan Bernstein []
Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2012 7:25 AM
To: Ted Bernstein
Subject: passover

Ted, I am stunned by your response to Passover with your family at our house or what once was your
family. Save the candy coated soliloquies of "Peaster" with the kids and their friends at your house as
excuse to why you cannot make it for the holiday. Why your family is not celebrating with your father and their grandfather is what is beyond comprehension or why you did not invite dad to the now party with your kids and their friends on "Peaster" at your house. Instead of the BS, be upfront and say what your children have already said to me, that you will not be with dad with Maritza and have coalesced with your siblings and their children and thus choose not to attend and further choose not to invite dad and his girlfriend to your home based on that truth, which is steeped in insanity. I think what you're doing, along with the gang of gals is harmful and borders elder abuse and no reason can justify the flawed logic of your "tough/abusive love" strategy and the hurt you are causing your father.

Somewhere in the bible, it gives out some advice of honor and respect for your father and mother and how this fits into that I have no idea, I in fact see it as wholly disrespectful, mean, it makes me want to puke. This really breaks my fucking heart, as it is not a measure to help dad, as you think harming him will help and thus it merely stands to harm. No response necessary.

From: Ted Bernstein []
Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2012 6:14 PM
To: Eliot Ivan Bernstein

Subject: RE: passover


You are clearly upset about Passover this year and I am sorry for that; unfortunately, things are often
not as simple as they appear. I am sure you guys will have a great holiday, especially since Dad will be with you guys. He had said that he was not going to be celebrating Passover this year.
Actually, if Candice has her vegetarian chopped liver recipe in electronic format, could you please ask her to shoot me or Deborah a copy?

Thanks ...

From: Eliot Ivan Bernstein []
Sent: Friday, April 06, 2012 12:59 PM

To: Ted Bernstein
Subject: RE: passover

Ted, I am mad, mad not at Passover this or next year, here or in Israel, instead I am mad at the hurt
being caused to dad by his children and grandchildren. I certainly hope that by next year this whole
gang up on dad and deny him his grandchildren over his girlfriend is over as it is absolute lunacy. Again,

I see nothing but pain being caused to all and no chance of good from the approach for anybody and with so limited days in the looking glass it just seems like somebody needs to step up and make this cease.

From: Ted Bernstein []

Sent: Saturday, April 07, 2012 11:45 AM

To: Eliot Ivan Bernstein
Subject: RE: passover


Although I normally do not like to have these discussions via email, it does seem important to say this in a way that is documented in the record. None of this is directed at any person, in particular, and can be shared with anyone you feel is necessary. What follows is simply intended to be a roadmap.

My primary family is Deborah and our four children. They come first, before anything and anyone.

The family I was born into is no longer, that is just a fact, it is not a matter of opinion, it just is. That family is now made up of individuals and their families. My relationship with each individual person and their family is unique and complex, the foundation based on mutual respect.

 It is that plain and simple. If any party to any of those individual relationships is not okay with that, then it is likely that we will not have a strong, meaningful relationship. It is likely that we will still have a relationship however, because we are related and we will be brought together at different times, to engage in the things that people who are related engage in (weddings, bar mitzvahs, graduations, illness and death).

With respect to every member of our extended family, my friends and my associates, it is important to know that I cannot be influenced to act by guilt, force, shame, punishment or withholding of love or support. If someone does not agree with what I think or how I act, that is okay. 

If someone feels it is important to communicate their disagreement, that is okay, as long as it is done in a respectful and civil way. I can handle almost anything as long as it is communicated with respect. It does not mean that I will change how I think or how I act.

I may, and I may not. I cannot force anyone to treat me and my family with respect. I can only choose to limit my interaction.

I try not using words like 'never' and 'always', especially when dealing with people I care for.

You end up having to eat them, usually.

I do not care about what is said about me or my family, behind my back. When I hear it, and I always do because it is intended to be heard, it serves to validate the condition of that relationship. I think, if the people engaged in those discussions were more aware of how little I care, it might help them to move on to another.

I do not gang up on anyone. I do not lead campaigns or posses. I wish I were that influential, but I am not. I am not a mouthpiece or spokesperson for members of the extended family and cannot be used to create alliances for the purpose of another's interaction with another. That has been learned behavior that I choose to not be a part of.

Speaking of choices, they have consequences and let me be the first to say to anyone listening, "do whatever the hell you want to do". 

Unless it is really impinging on me, I don't care what people do. am not your judge or jury. I may not like what you do and you may not like what I do, and that is okay too.

Disagreements are okay, they happen in healthy relationships. If a person cannot respectfully handle disagreements, whether it is over something benign or something intense, then it is likely going to affect how much interaction we are going to have going forward. My actions speak louder than my words.

So hopefully this is somewhat helpful in knowing my rules of engagement. They are pretty simple, I think. The best thing about them is that if someone doesn't like them, then they don't have to have a single thing to do with me or spend a nano-second of time with me. On the other hand, I think they are pretty easy to accept and very straightforward.

I will give you an example of how I see the world and all of this working into it, something that might be more on point with respect to our relationship. When you and Candice extended the Passover invitation this year, and we declined it, all that was necessary to say to us was something like this:

"We are sorry you won't be with us this year. It is always nice to celebrate holidays with you guys, the
last two at your home were great. We will miss you and wish things could have worked out differently."

Pretty simple, right? If what I said above makes even a little sense, saying anything much more than
that has no impact.


From: Eliot Ivan Bernstein []
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 5:50 AM
To: 'Simon Bernstein'
Subject: FW: passover
From: Eliot Ivan Bernstein []

Sent: Monday, April 09, 2012 9:18 PM
To: 'Ted Bernstein'
Subject: RE: passover

Ted, first I am again saddened at your response, which again is a long sofifoquy that fa ifs to address the truth of the matter or answer the simple questions posed and attempts to instead conflate the matter in defense of your messed up family values, which I see lies at the root of a deeper problem. I do not want to delve into why you feel that the family you are born into no longer exists, however this is in "fact" false and factually a fantasy or delusion.

I for one exist and I know dad does but I guess if we do not exist in your mind you do not have to have feelings for us, as it appears that goes hand in hand. You also seem to have confused the word extended family" to include friends and such, where the extended family means, "The term extended family has several distinct meanings; a family that includes in one household near relatives in addition to a nuclear family. In modern Western cultures dominated by nuclear family constructs, it has come to be used generically to refer to grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins, whether they live together within the same household or not.[1] However, it may also refer to a family unit in which several generations live together within a single household ... In an extended family, parents and their children's families often may live under a single roof. This type of joint family often includes multiple generations in the family." This maligning of the definition confuses your letter to me for I believe you do not truly understand the meaning of family but more so I feel sad from this statement, "and we will be brought together at different times, to engage in the things that people who are related engage in (weddings, bar mitzvahs, graduations, illness and death)." Your description of family does not describe at all what people who are related engage in, mostly it is love or some instances hate, your version has it as a holiday or death celebration and places family outside the meaning of family and more like a relationship with a dog.

Dogs that listen and obey the will of Ted according to your letter will have a relationship with you and others that do not agree with you will be cast aside and not exist. What is dear is that you castigate those you no longer consider worthy of being family without feeling or emotion and this will leave you clinging to your very "primary" family as long as they do not fear that they are next on your chopping block. Your "extended family," of non existing family members and your friends will always dwindle and extension will feel more like retraction from this path, as people see how easily family can be discarded they will not want to be next on the block either.

The rest of the letter appears to be for a general audience and relates not to my question or reason I
wrote to you, so I will not digress on it further. I do however want to say that to me you are family and whether I disagree or like you at the moment or not that does not change that fact for me. I still cannot understand how you cannot be a leader of your family both primary and extended and lead them to resolve these issues which are hurting our father, or my father, who once was yours. I cannot
understand how you can hide behind others and this nonsense to justify your actions with this maligned view on excommunicating your loved ones and your unloved family members, I am not sure what dad has done to cause his non-existence to you, nor I but I feel sad you have taken a road to isolation for you and dad and me.  "

Exhibit One, Source of Above

Full Source Document
PAGE 127

Ted Says "My primary family is Deborah and our four children. They come first, before anything and anyone. " This is PRETTY CLEAR by now.  Ted and his seems to come first before the LAW, before respecting his parents wishes, before his brother and nephews quality of life, and before the TRUTH.

TED SAYS,   "The family I was born into is no longer, that is just a fact, it is not a matter of opinion, it just is. "   YET only a few months after this, his father died.  TED knew CLEARLY that he and his Evil sister Pam Simon were DISINHERITED. Click Here for Pam Simon KNOWS she was disinherited.

Yet Ted Spends 5 years and counting to have his "family" be alive to him,  VIA money for GREEDY Ted whose family "is no longer".

TED KNEW full well that he would not be Trustee or anything else in his father's estate as he and his had already got businesses, money, cars and such as far as I know, believe.

Ted talks of "mutual respect". Of which he and Pam Simon KNOW NOTHING about, as they knowingly deliberately DISRESPECT the wishes of there flesh and blood father.

"people I care for"  WTF could that mean, does that mean?

CLEARLY Ted does NOT care for his siblings or their quality of life, nor does he seem to care about the TRUE wishes of his FATHER which he KNOWS EXACTLY what his Father wanted.  How would Simon Bernstein handle all this if he were you?

Would Simon Bernstein DESTROY lives with LIES 
and GREED if he were in Ted's place the last 5 years ?

How would Ted's Mother have wanted all this to go? What was her REAL wishes? You, TED and your Evil Sister do NOT honor the Estate nor Insurance wishes of your own parents yet try and convince your clients that you care about clients wishes, needs from from Womb to Tomb, you care about their wishes of how they want thing things to REALLY happen after they die?

How can that POSSIBLY be when anyone that can READ, can clearly see that you WILL MOST CERTAINLY NOT honor the wishes of the Dead 

You,  Pam Simon her attorney Husband, and his brother who have all been BLESSED with money their whole life since meeting Pam SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF.


Why would you Deliberately Violate your Father's Dying Wishes? 

What God Given right Do you have to VIOLATE the Wishes of your Blood Mother and Father and torture their children and grandchildren KNOWINGLY, endlessly?

Would your Father and Mother have wanted what has happened to Eliot's kids to have happened? You cut them all off, tried to starve them out, had something to do with a car bombing, claimed your Father was murdered then lied about it later, have tried to render them homeless, denied their grandchildren the schooling they set out for them, LIED repeatedly to officials and DENIED your own blood what you KNEW, without a doubt was your Father and Mother's wishes.

You have caused your "no longer family" to endure Massive Endless STRESS at your own hands, all the WHILE knowing that you were disinherited and YOU yourself had stated that you have no "family" in the family you were born in.  YET have fought endlessly for a LIE that YOU KNOW is NOT the Wishes of your "no longer family" Parents.

IF indeed there is a HELL of any kind, a Dark Place of any kind "out there", Sheol, a “dark and deep,” “the Pit,” “the Land of Forgetfulness,” WELL then SURELY Ted Bernstein and Pam Simon will be Visiting there at some point.  Along with their Parade of Co-Conspirators.

Reward or Punishment? 
I wonder what awaits Pam and Ted in the Eyes of the DIVINE.

Perhaps you just Need LOVE Ted.  Maybe LOVE is ALL you NEED.

Maybe you Simply feel so UNLOVED that you have turned to the Dark Side long ago. You know the TRUTH. So.. Your Mother, your Father in SPIRIT ask you and PAM, Why Are YOU DOING THIS?

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