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Sunday, July 9, 2017

PBSO Research Links related to the Estate of Simon Bernstein Case

20131224 Palm Beach Sheriff Complaint Jewelry Theft Case No 13 097087 WITH EXHIBITSMILLERCOPY.pdf



PBSO Posts on My Ted Bernstein Report Blog

Detective Andrew Panzer Letter

MORE Research Links on the above police case and more..

Here is the Police Report

Here is the Corner's Report Information

"After initial reports to West Palm Beach Sheriff on the day Simon died by his children Theodore Bernstein and Pamela Simon of poisoning, the Coroner who failed to run a poison screen heavy metal test initially finally is forced to and the results are remarkable. See for yourself, you make the call. Also note the cocktail of poisons found is on an autopsy of a 113 yr old Simon Bernstein, 
SEE Sheriff and Coroner’s Reports Page 42 -51 are the heavy metal tests and the rest is good fun reading, including Sheriff reports which have Attorney at Law Robert Spallina, Esq. of Tescher & Spallina, PA admitting that he altered POST MORTEM documents to change beneficiaries and more. See Ted Bernstein admit to Sheriff’s that he never read trust documents he alleges he is Trustee under and more…….com"

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