Monday, July 31, 2017

"Oil Exec's Son Wins $16M Against 2 Attys Over Estate Work"

" A Florida federal jury Friday awarded the son of a deceased Texas oil executive $16.4 million, ruling that two attorneys tasked with overseeing the estate breached their fiduciary duty, according to court records."


oh and Guess Who? Yep West Palm Beach guardianship attorneys, Brian O’Connell and Ashley Crispin of the Ciklin Lubitz & O’Connell law firm.

Looks like you guys got caught, Now What?

Transparency and Accountability

Pattern and Practice. A History of the Same Behavior. 

TIME for RACKETEERING charges I Say, and that is for the Whole Gang of Attorneys, Judge who protected them, Real Estate Brokers, Title Companies, Insurance Companies and all who conspired against Victims of the Florida Probate Courts and Guardianship Program.

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