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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Look What Whiny Attorney Alan Rose, on Behalf of Traitorous Ted, wants "the Courts" to Do "For Him" in Order to STOP his Ship of Fraud on the Courts, Deliberately Misleading the Courts, and well Flat out Lies to the Court from SINKING.

"Movant seeks an order finding Eliot Bernstein in contempt and awarding appropriate
sanctions, which should include the following:
a.   striking all of his pro se court filings and precluding him from further
participation in this case;"

What this really means is Please your Honor remove all that TRUTH from the RECORD, I just hate it when I get caught committing fraud on the court and deliberately / knowingly lying about stuff.  Ya I know I lied to the court for 5 years and claimed Eliot was NOT a beneficiary and did so with Full Knowledge of the Facts, however, if you could just "precluding him from further participation in this case", I would greatly appreciate it.

" b.   ordering Eliot and those in concert with him immediately to cease and desist
all further contact with or harassment of Diana Lewis, as Guardian ad Litem; "

This really means, Please your Honor, my Fraud is unraveling and my Co-Conspirators are getting mad at me, and well I may be disbarred and have to pay millions upon millions in Liability for the damage I have caused Eliot and his family. Please I beg you to Order Eliot to NOT expose the Predatory Guardianship of his children and I demand that his ADULT children sit down and shut up and have no say over their own rights either.

Oh and I Demand that you order those in "concert" with Eliot cease and desist contact or harassment. What I mean by that is STOP that Crazy Crystal Cox from reporting on the known fraud I and my co-conspirators have committed on this court, and STOP Eliot from talking to anyone anywhere that may have information on the laws I am breaking.  PLEASE Pretty PLEASE your Honor.

""c. ordering Eliot and those in concert with him immediately to remove all
postings on the internet which reference Diana Lewis, as Guardian ad Litem;""

WOW. I guess this means just what it says. Please your Honor VIOLATE the First Amendment Rights of Crystal Cox, Break the Law and Order that she not be able to report on the Predatory Guardianship in the State of Florida. Remove the TRUTH from the Big Ol' Internet at Once. 

Too Funny Really, as this is IMPOSSIBLE. The Truth has already been set free, and Alan Rose himself ads the Cease and Desist letter to the filing. The Letter is in the Courts, it is Public Record and anyone can post it anywhere, ya big Dummy.

If I post something in the courts, do I not have Absolute Privilege? Well the Bad Guys in Obsidian v. Cox sure did, you may want to look over that case as you try and BAN ME PERSONALLY from the FIRST AMENDMENT.

Diana Lewis is a Guardian ad Litem. The records clearly show this. Though Court Transcripts call her Judge Lewis instead of Guardian, still it is a fact she is NOT a Judge in this case she is a Guardian ad Litem.  From what I have seen and read Diana Lewis has a Predatory Guardianship over Adults whom she and co-conspirators claimed were minors in order to give money and assets to other parties. Guardian Diana Lewis has been told countless times that these guys are not minors but ARE ADULTS.

Yet Guardian Diana Lewis, for some reason, REFUSES to follow Florida Statutes and notify the courts and withdraw her representation of ADULTS who had no GAL hearing and no Due Process. Guardian Diana Lewis seems to be violating statutes by not letting the courts know when one of them turned 18, and that the other one has been an ADULT the whole time and yet she made HUGE financial and life changing decisions for them.

Yes Judge Philips made his Order that this Predatory Guardianship happened, but that is no excuse for former Judge, Guardian Diana Lewis.

She knows Florida Law and has experience. She has willfully and wantonly violated Florida statutes, as far as I see it, and she and her insurance provider are liable to the victims of these knowingly fraudulent actions, Period.

Diana Lewis is not some new person with no experience in all this, she was a Professional, a Judge, an Attorney I believe in Florida, and she knows Full that she is and has broken the law. As far as I see it Guardian Diana Lewis has INTENTIONALLY harmed these young men, and Alan Rose wants NO ACCOUNTABILITY for himself and Ted Bernstein and NO TRANSPARENCY via my Blogs. So he goes after someone who has NOTHING to do with what I post. Yes I get information, take interviews, however, I and I ALONE decide what I put on my blogs and how I do it and I do so in Private with no input from anyone;

Attorney Alan Rose, instead of going directly to the source, tries to get the Courts to Punish Eliot Bernstein who is one of the Victim of Florida Court Corruption I am Reporting on, and have been for over a decade.  Why not Sue me Alan, you know how to Reach me? Why are you acting as if a Victim of your Actions is the one posting MY BLOG POSTS?

"d.   as a further sanction, ordering Eliot immediately to remove every single posting on the Ted Bernstein report and, every posting anywhere concerning these trusts, estate, fiduciaries and/or beneficiaries, and forbidding any and all future posting relating to this case;"

What a Bunch of Whiny Dribble. Eliot Bernstein does not own, has never owned nor controlled . Eliot Bernstein has NO WAY to remove anything from MY BLOGS. Eliot has never EVER posted on that blog and has never had passwords to ad or edit in any way.

Alan Rose wants ME to REMOVE "every posting anywhere concerning these trusts, estate, fiduciaries and/or beneficiaries, and forbidding any and all future posting relating to this case". That is so funny, this case has been going on for 5 years, Simon Bernstein was the Chairman of the Board of iViewit and I have been reporting on that case for a Decade now, before Simon Bernstein passed away, or was murdered. There are thousands of posts, hundreds of thousands of documents, many blogs, websites, and other online media that have reporting on all this and for some reason Whiny Alan Rose thinks that a Probate Court in Florida can Order that all this be removed from the Internet, with no consideration of the First Amendment what so ever? WOW.

What about all the other cases connected, and the Illinois case in this same Estate Probate, where there is NO Insurance Policy yet a big fight over 1.7 million? Can I pretty please post on those cases. Just Kidding, I will Post on what I want to, it is my First Amendment Right and it is the TRUTH.

Alan Rose seems to thinks Contempt for Eliot is the way to go about removing the TRUTH from the Internet. Sounds like the Sanction / Spanking, attorney Alan Rose wants is to SHUT UP MY BLOGS. Wow. Quite a tactic really. Going after a 3rd party who has NOTHING to do with what I put or don't put on my Blogs.  What's the matter Alan, to scared to come directly at me in the courts. Don't you want to Sanction Me? The OWNER and Author of the BLOGS? Ya Big Lug.

Sounds like Alan Rose wants the courts to violate Eliot Bernstein's civil rights and punish him somehow for something he clearly states that is being done by this infamous Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox

"e.   and an award of costs and attorneys' fees against Eliot Bernstein."

Um what? Are you kidding here Alan. You have driven Eliot to poverty, where are you going to get this sanction money? You think a Judge is going to say Eliot has to pay you to come after him for what I, Crystal Cox, says or don't say? WOW you are Dumber then I Imagined. Good Luck with that one Ding Bat.

"WHEREFORE, Successor Trustee, Ted S. Bernstein, respectfully requests that this Court
find Eliot in contempt of Court, take such remedial steps as warranted, enter appropriate sanctions"

Yes indeed, I could not agree more, we all pray for "appropriate sanctions", as Judge Colton said, why are these guys not disbarred and in prison?  

I pray DAILY for  "appropriate sanctions" against Alan Rose, Ted Bernstein, Brian O'Connell, Judge Philips, Judge Colin, Marc Manceri, Donald Tescher, Robert Spallina, Diana Lewis, and ALL those who have committed deliberate and known Fraud on this Court. They state things, such as Eliot is not a beneficiary and it was taken as FACT and ya how about some "appropriate sanctions" that would be a refreshing change of pace. It has been 5 years of these Absolute LIES by Attorney ALAN Rose to the courts, and he is fit throwing mad because the public at large can see his Fraud on the Courts, and his blatant lies as Officers of the Court.

Grow a Set Alan !!!    Tell the TRUTH for a Change.

Source of Quotes Above

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