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Saturday, July 29, 2017

In Court Filings, Officer of the Court Florida attorney Alan Rose claims that Ted Bernstein NEVER knew Mitch Huhem, though Ted had business meetings scheduled with him the day he died and then of course there is Thanksgiving.

Attorney Alan Rose and Co-Conspirator Judge Martin Colin gets a Lis Pendens blocked and FORCES the sale of the home to Mitch Huhem. Mitch end up dead not long after. PBSO seems to be doing and having done nothing but cover up for the Bad Guys.  Why?

The Simon Bernstein home was and still is to this day of July 27th, 2017) in court battles with beneficiaries, the Property SHOULD not have been Sold by Ted Bernstein.

Who is that Sitting Next to Ted? oh Right Ted don't know Mitch.

Whose hand is Grasping Mitch? Sure looks to Be Ted Bernstein to Me. Ya know the Guy who SOLD him his house where he died?????

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What is Ted Bernstein hiding about Mitch Huhem and Why? Did Mitch Huhem know things about Ted and his parents estate? iViewit? Ted possibly involved in his father's death? What? Mortgage Fraud? Why was Ted called to the scene of a Suicide by PBSO? What is The Truth?

What Happened to the 911 Call?  All this for a Suicide? ya not Buying that one.

Why did Deborah call 911 and give them a Landline instead of Mitch's phone number to find him? Oh and gee darn why did Deborah have the cell phone on her. Oh and where did the tapes of the 911 call disappear to. WOW PBSO is Very Good at all this.  But for WHO? and Why?

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