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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Florida Attorney Alan Rose of Mrachek, Fitzgerald, ROSE, Konopka, Thomas & Weiss Law Firm Does NOT want to Sue Blogger Crystal Cox nor does Alan want to ask for retractions, or prove anything is false on her blogs. INSTEAD Alan Rose of Mrachek Law wants to file Contempt of Court against one of the Victims of Florida's Predatory Probate Courts and attempt to punish a 3rd party for my Reporting on what I believe is Fraud on the Court whereby Attorney Alan Rose has knowingly lied to the courts for 5 years and has caused MASSIVE Damage to his Victims.

Attorney Alan Rose wants to SILENCE Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox.  

So he ASKS the courts if he can file a Contempt of Court, to hold someone else accountable for what he CLEARLY claims she is Posting and is on her blogs.

Attorney Alan Rose does not have the balls or the backbone to Sue Crystal Cox and go through proper channels, so he simply goes after a third party of which I, Crystal Cox, am  reporting on and have been for a decade.

If anything on my blogs is not correct, then I invite you Alan Rose to Obey the Law and send me an email showing what I posted and your without a doubt facts that it is not correct. Consider Shield Laws, Retraction Laws, Civil Rights and of course that Pesky First Amendment.

Now when you Sue me be sure and file your Legal Action in Federal Court, so we can get down to the Facts of your Fraud on the Courts and why you really want to SHUT ME UP.

Attorney Alan Rose knows how to reach me, yet for some reason Alan Rose would rather piss in the wind per say, and file a foot stomping tantrum throwing Contempt of Court against Eliot Bernstein, one of the many Victims of the Courts I have reported on for 17 years, and having over 2000 blogs and millions of posts, along with a World Famous Defamation Case of which I won in appeals court.

So Alan Rose SERVE ME. SUE ME if you must.  I am Ready and Waiting for your Dribble. Now be sure and TELL THE TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT.  

Attorney Alan Rose lied about Eliot Bernstein in a Court of Law for 5 years, Judge conspired with him, it seems and deemed Eliot Bernstein was NOT a beneficiary when he clearly was. Now he has been caught and a new Judge, 5 years in said Eliot is a beneficiary. So for 5 years Eliot was gagged as they pilfered the estate, drove him into poverty and caused clear and immeasurable damage.  Alan Rose state lies to a court that has led to 5 years of expense and massive stress to say the least. His lies has denied Eliot a voice in the Illinois case as well, with a 1.7 million dollar life insurance claim and NO POLICY. The List goes on and on.. and now he wants to point the finger at ME, at Eliot Bernstein, the main Victim in his, what I see as, CRIMES? Makes No Sense to me.

Alan Rose has lied about SO so sooooo very much over 5 years. It would be Fun to be sued by this Fraud on the Court IDIOT. I would love to further Expose him.

Click Below to Read Alan Rose's, I wanna file Contempt request

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Cease and Desist Letter to Guardian Diana Lewis, as Seen in Exhibit attached to ALAN Rose's whiny dribble to the court to hold Eliot in contempt.

 Mrachek, Fitzgerald, ROSE, Konopka, Thomas & Weiss

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