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Friday, July 21, 2017

Family NO Longer OR I am your Family and I Care about You? blah blah blah

Welcome to Ted Bernstein's word EATING party.  Precious Predator UNCLE TED full of Lies, Dishonor and Deceit.  Anyone that Can READ can easily KNOW The Truth about Uncle Ted. 

"The family I was born into is no longer, that is just a fact, it is not a matter of opinion, it just is."

Oh Wait, What I meant was I am YouR Uncle and I care about your Well being. Ya I SOLD the Grandma's Condo, and their Family home, and well yeah it's been 5 years of HELL for you guy's I ran off with the money and Me and Your other kin had a great time, but hey now that you caught me in the act and called me out, hey you boys, I am here to help you, I only want what is best for you.  Umm right Uncle Ted, SURE YOU DO.  No One is Going to Believe Those Blatant Lies Traitorous Ted.

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That


"I also am writing as your uncle, because I am concerned for your welfare and your financial future. Although circumstances dictated by your father have prevented us from having any interaction in the recent past, and have isolated you from your aunts, uncles and cousins related to Simon and Shirley, that is solely your father's choice. We are your family and we are trying to help you as much as the circumstances permit, and your father and mother have allowed.

Just so you know, I accepted this responsibility so I could watch out for your interests.."

"I have tried very hard to minimize the financial damage your father has done to you"

Source of so much LOVE

Now the NO LONGER FAMILY Ted, the Uncle Ted who tortured these folks, tried to remove them from their home and family, tried to take a vehicle given to them, did not pay their school so they had to STOP that course of education and the course of their lives, and has lied to the courts all these years and took actions ADVERSE to them, now he is Uncle Ted who has always been trying to do the right thing and help them. Ya UMMMM Not.  Anyway that can Read and think for themselves can see that.  No one is buying the LIES you are Spewing Uncle Ted.

Check Out the Link Below to ReVisit the "No Longer Family" SAGA

Now Ted' is Family and Wants to HELP his "no longer Family".

"Accepted Responsibility" What? Ted called the Police and said his Father was murdered. Dead disowned his father, family 6 months before he died. Ted STOLE the "Responsibility" to "watch out" for his OWN interest.

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