Wednesday, July 19, 2017

EVERY RULING Judge Martin Colin and Judge John Philips made in the Estate of Shirley Bernstein and the Estate of Simon Bernstein should be REHEARD.

It is Common Sense and a Matter of Law that "every ruling" of Judge Martin Colin and Judge Philips in the Estate of Simon Bernstein and the Estate of Shirley Bernstein should be VOID, should be "reheard".  There is Clear and Convincing proof of Fraud in these cases yet the Orders of Judge Martin Colin and of Judge Philips are still being "Honored", "Enforced"? What? Why?

Judge Colin KNEW there was Fraud in his court. He even threatened to read those involved their Miranda Rights. Yet his RULINGS are still being upheld by Palm County Courts?

The Palm County Courts Clearly KNOW that there is Massive Fraud in this case and the victims of that Fraud are Eliot Bernstein and his immediate family, along with his former company iViewit.

Below are words from Judge Howard Coates in a Transcript Hearing on June 4, 2015

22· · · · THE COURT:·   Here's the problem.· If I make
23· ·rulings today and you file a motion within 10
24· ·days, every ruling I made today is subject to
25· ·rehearing by the new judge.· So it's a waste of
·1· ·time to proceed and hear any motions .."

Click Below to Read Full Transcript

ALL Rulings by Judge Martin Colin and Judge Philips SHOULD be reheard, that is CLEAR. What is not clear is why is Palm County Judges and Officials NOT arresting these folks, disbarring attorneys and exposing the Fraud that they are clearly aware of?

Judge Philips appointed an illegal Guardianship in the Estate of Simon Bernstein case. Judge Philips used former Judge Diana Lewis, appointed, and not from the alleged "Assignment Wheel" for Guardians. He used this Guardian appointment to cover up massive corruption.

As Diana Lewis is the king pin now per say, as they needed and need her to sign off for Eliot Bernstein's adult children so they can all settle and not go to Trial in hopes that they can keep all they stole and not go to jail, as well as not have to lose their various law and insurance licenses and such, and not have to pay punitive damages.  If they Settle, it all goes away like dust in the wind. However, there is Massive Fraud, and at some point there will be an Official, a Judge, God perhaps that will bring these folks to justice. There is Clearly Criminal Charges that SHOULD apply.

It is Clear that without Judge John Philips illegally appointing Guardian, former Judge Diana Lewis, the whole scam of the last 5 years and counting in the stealing of the Simon Bernstein Estate and the Shirley Bernstein estate would unravel. As they removed Eliot Bernstein as beneficiary ILLEGALLY, and so they needed to SILENCE his Adult children. So they placed Guardianship OVER Adults with no hearing, no due process and no adjudication as far as I see it.

Yet NOW, Wow, shocking Turn of Events and Judge Rosemarie Scher restored Eliot Bernstein's rights as Beneficiary, which he LEGALLY had all along, so NOW all the Evil Doers are racing to SETTLE to make the dust blow away in the wind. But wait, WOW, they are creating even more Massive Liability, more Fraud on the Courts, and lot's more Corruption to cover up the former corrupt and fraud.  What a tangled web we weave. And yet the Palm County Justice system can do nothing to STOP these people? Or Can they? Will They? We Shall See.

I wonder what former Judge Diana Lewis was promised out of all this? Or was she threatened? What about her connections to Detective Lewis?  Why is the Palm County Courts not able to STOP this barrage of ruthless Judges and protect the citizens of Florida from their Lawless Wrath?

Judge Martin Colin's unruly rulings BLOCKING a Liz Pendens was pretty amazing. I have owned a real estate company for 17 years and never seen that.  Hiding from the buyer that the property is in litigation and ordered to be SOLD by a corrupt Judge who is known for selling Jewels he has pilfered from estates, right from his own yard via garage sales.

What Judge Martin Colin has thus far got away with in the Simon Bernstein Estate is somewhat shocking to me, as their is so much information that came out about his dirty dealings and his wife Guardian Betsy Savitt.  Why is Judge Colin's Orders still being held up as if they were based in law and not fraud, corruption and kick back.

In the Case of the Estate of Simon Bernstein we also see the Ignoring of Murder and No Trust, No Insurance Policy and Dead Guys signing Documents.  Yet the Hearings still go on, and rulings are still made. ALL ORDERS should be VOID PERIOD. The Attorneys involved are still licensed. All has if the FRAUD is not Known when Clearly the Judges, the Courts, the Sheriff, the Detectives, the Governor, the Florida Bar, the Florida Supreme Court, the FBI ALL KNOW.

What kind of Precedent is set when you can Liquidate Magical Estates that DO NOT Exist. Attorneys make up Trusts, Assets are Stolen and never inventories, names are signed on official documents regarding assets by YOU after you Die, the paying of fake and fraudulent heirs millions on insurance policies that DO NOT EXIST. Oh and on a guy who was reported as Murdered and a Coroners report to suggest it True.

EVERY RULING Judge Martin Colin and Judge John Philips made in the Estate of Shirley Bernstein and the Estate of Simon Bernstein should be REHEARD. And that is Just to Start With. 

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