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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Alan Rose and Traitorous Ted would never have held Tescher responsible. They did not have the brains or balls to actually do the WORK it REALLY took to expose Tescher and Spallina's fraud. Eliot Did, Plain and Simple.

Traitorous Ted Says:

"It is important to know that the law firm hired by Bub and Zaid to do their estate planning did act
improperly on two occasions. Alan Rose and I held them responsible by insisting upon their immediate resignations as fiduciaries, and by pursuing a claim against them which now has been favorably settled."

Source of Ted Bernstein's words linked below

Eliot Bernstein held Tescher and Spallina responsible. Eliot filed the motions, the criminal complaints and did all the work to expose the situation. Sounds like Alan and TED reap the financial REWARD as they always do. However, it was not Alan Rose and Traitorous Ted who "held them responsible".

Links Below to research What Eliot did to Expose Tescher and Spallina, keep in mind there were many Motions filed, letters, emails and conversations that may not all be linked here. Tescher and Spallina and their co-conspirators SHOULD be in Jail.

Post on this Blog regarding Donald Tescher. Keep in mind Ted and Tescher are and were "tight" as they say. Whatever RUSE of a settlement played out, well find the TRUTH about Traitorous Ted on your own.

Donald Tescher and Robert Spallina were the Estate planners for Simon and Shirley Bernstein and “should have” knowledge and possession of any such Trust and insurance policies and contracts

34.    Tescher and Spallina were the Estate planners for Simon and Shirley Bernstein who “should have” knowledge and possession of any such Trust and insurance policies and contracts.

35.    New facts have emerged well beyond the time of my original Answer and as recently as Dec.
2015 when shown that Ted Bernstein and his counsel Alan Rose were
 “working with” Robert 
Spallina as their primary “witness” in an orchestrated “one-day” pre-determined “validity”
trial where Robert Spallina directly provides false and misleading testimony about his status
of pleading to criminal conduct for Insider Trading and SEC Consent Order and by the
discovery that no one knows where the “original” files are and that Ted Bernstein somehow
has never seen an “original” Trust in his entire time as alleged “Trustee” either in this case or
any of the Florida cases.

Source of above and Full Court Filing

Hearing Transcript where Judge Martin H. Colin clearly knows of fraud on the courts, and has yet to actually follow through with the threatened reading of the Miranda rights.

Petition to Freeze Bernstein Assets

Motion to Remove Personal Representative

Response to Florida Governor in Kimberly Moran Notary Fraud, Forgery Case

Kimberly Moran Statement

Notary Public Comparison of Signatures and Dates, Evidence in Kimberly Moran Notary of 
Tescher and Spallina Law Firm Fraud, Forgery Case

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