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Friday, July 21, 2017

a "favorable" settlement with Tescher? Really? WOW . Now how about a "favorable settlment" with Brian O'Connell, Ted Bernstein, Alan B. Rose and Page Mrachek, Fitzgerald & Rose . And with Diana Lewis and of course the State of Florida, and Judge Philips and Judge Colin and the Gang.

TED Says:

"It is important to know that the law firm hired by Bub and Zaid to do their estate planning did act improperly on two occasions. Alan Rose and I held them responsible by insisting upon their immediate resignations as fiduciaries, and by pursuing a claim against them which now has been favorably settled."


WOW, this is Fascinating.

A Settlement without Representation, without Consent of all parties, Guardianship over Adults without a Competency Hearing or proper adjudication calling them minors and a whole mess of thieves it sure seems to me. SO what is this settlement for?   Let's see an Estate WORTH millions upon millions upon millions, DURESS, Lives Ruined, Education steered, Teeth and other things boys needed, 5 years lost, possible Murder of grandfather, Condo and Home SOLD, and so much more and what did Ol' Alan Rose and Uncle Ted decide that was worth? What was this HORRIFIC 5 year torture, still ongoing, worth? What did Tescher Settle for? And what has Ted, Pam and their "family" been enjoying 5 years and counting while Eliot's family suffered?

Ted Knows Full Well that Eliot's children were not Minors. Alan Rose KNEW, Diana Lewis Knew, the Courts know and all have Liability.

Well Alan Rose, is Your Insurance Liability Carrier, your Law Firm Partners, You and your Family Home and Investments READY to have a "favorable" settlement? Well I guess that will be COMING SOON.

And What about Brian O'Connell and his Insurance Carrier, his law firm, are they ready to Settle Up for the severe Damage they have caused? Well that too is inevitable right? I mean come on, how can there not be MASSIVE LIABILITY.

And what about Diana Lewis, Guardianship over ADULTS, she has broke the law and violated Constitutional rights, hasn't she? Does she have insurance? what will be her "favorable" settlement with Eliot's "boys"?

Guardianship over adults through a guardian ad litem for minors by parties who knew they were adults at the time of predatory guardianship being placed on them. Come on "Uncle Ted" you  know his birthday he was an adult when you told courts he was minor as his birthday Aug 27  is the same day as yours.  Surely there is lot's of Liability and many more "favorable settlements" to come.

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