Thursday, June 29, 2017

Why is Brian M O’Connell still licensed to harm people? Why is Brian M O’Connell not in JAIL?

"The Supreme Court should look into the act or omissions of Brian M O’Connell of the firm of Boose Casey Ciklin Martens and O’Connell.

I found Brian’s behavior during Guardianship Probate as contemptible. With the approval of Judge Jack H Cook who has elected to take early retirement approved Brian M O’Connell selling my mothers jewelry for a fraction of it’s value to his firm cronies. This action though court approved was despicable.

Jewelry valued at well over $80,000.00 sold for $6,500.00 by O’Connell. Judge Jack H. Cook allowed O’Connell a ridiculous fee of $3,500.00 to boot.

Can’t get Justice in West Palm Beach Courthouse and glad Cook is retiring. Judge Cook also allowed a land sale and a illegal fee to O’Connell.

The tax returns for the estate were never filed and approved by Cook also. The States Intangible Taxes required at the time were never paid either. This was a travesty of Justice at it's finast permissible by Judge Jack H Cook.

O'Connell should have his license revoked."


"My moms was abused by the nursing facility Avanti as well. Brian M O'Connell as guardianship attorney never once during his tenor visited the Ward. This was also very acceptable by then Judge Gary Vonhoff who also took early retirement.

Between Cook and Vonhoff you have in my opinion too very corrupt Judges and out of sheer guilt retire early.

Maybe the corrupt attorney Brian M O'Connell should retire early. Every time he had to appear in court, he moaned and groaned how difficult it was to appear, the step to the courtroom were too difficult to climb."

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