Thursday, June 29, 2017

Florida Probate Attorney Alan Rose sure seems to be an Aggressive Bully To Me. Such an odd combination to be so whiny about getting things his way, while at the same time being confrontational and attacking. WOW.

I have finally got to see Florida attorney Alan Rose in actions, much more will be posted on that.

He sure does whine alot to TRY and get his way. He asks the same question dozens of times and seems to go nowhere with it, round and round until the Judge says I get it. (more on all that later) Judge Scher seems to be a no nonsense Judge as I see it.

The most interesting thing to me was attorney Alan Rose's, off the record, passive aggressive attack on one of the other attorneys. He said something like; I saw your Objection. What do you want me to do about my bills, you want me to never get paid? The other attorney said something I did not hear and Alan Rose said We have a hearing tomorrow, do you think you could figure it out by then?

More on this later. Alan Rose is such an ass. Transcript goes off and he is aggressive and so chatty right there in the court room, so sure of himself. Or as I see it, confident that his corrupt actions will never have consequences, that the Truth will never be found out or that he will never be liable for any of it over all these years.

The hearing for Alan Rose to get paid those fees whereby he wants NO ONE to be able to Object, well that was cancelled, more on that later.

So odd to me, as I believe Alan Rose should NOT only NOT be Paid but that he is involved in the Fraud in this case on so many levels and should go to JAIL.

Also I found his off the record conversations with Guardian Diana Lewis to be odd and a bit callus and flippant, more on that later.  At one point joking that she would be his guardian next, ha ha tee hee. YET a huge serious matter. As Diana Lewis has what I see as Illegal Guardianship over ADULTS as per corruption in Judge John Philips court. She is taking money that belongs to heirs of the state, per court order. Yet the people are adults who were never notified and there was no real adjudication, no petition, no hearings. MUCH MUCH more on this Coming Soon.

Alan Rose also seemed to be discussing with her that there would be no wait to her fees, that it could not really be contested and would be outside of the litigation somehow. (Don't quote me here, this is simply what I understood him to be saying in summary)

Why is this case not STOPPED? Why are these folks not all in Jail? The proof seems pretty clear to me and in massive documents.  Yet these attorneys, Judges, Guardians, Tech Companies and more involved are still out there living their lives as if they are innocent.

More Coming Soon, as I continue, OVER TEN YEARS NOW to report on the iViewit Stolen Technologies, Eliot Bernstein and related cases.  I will continue to post on all aspects of these cases until Justice eventually prevails.

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