Friday, June 30, 2017

A Mediation? A Settlement? A Guardian Ad Litem appointed without a petition, a hearing or adjudication of placing Guardianship over Adults? What? A settlement whereby all parties were NOT notified or legally represented? WOW

This Court approved Diane Lewis as Guardian over Adults with No Petition, No Adjudication? What? You can't simply place guardianship without due process over adults, and then what? A settlement negotiation? WHAT? 

"The genesis of the motion to appoint us
22 was what happened at mediation. We had a
23 mediation in the summer. The parties signed a
24 written mediation settlement agreement. We
have asked Your Honor at next week's hearing to

 1 approve the mediation settlement agreement. It
 2 is signed by every single one of the ten
 3 grandchildren or their court-appointed guardian
 4 ad litem, Diana Lewis, who has now been
approved by this Court, upheld by the 4th
 6 District, and upheld by the Supreme Court this
 7 week. So I think it's safe to say that she's
 8 going to be here."

"So the settlement agreement is signed by
 all of those people. It's signed by my client
11 as the trustee. It's also signed by four of
12 the five children, excluding Eliot Bernstein.
13 And as part of this, once we had a
14 settlement, there was a discussion of how do we
15 get this relatively modest estate to the finish
16 line. And the biggest impediment getting to
17 the finish line is this lawsuit. Until this
18 lawsuit is resolved, his client is something.
19 We can debate what he is. He claims to be an
interested person. I think technically under
21 law he is a claimant. Judge, I think even
22 Judge Colin ruled he was not a creditor and
23 denied his motion to remove and disqualify Ted
24 Bernstein as trustee. That was pending and
25 there's an order that does that a long time"
ago. If I could approach?

 2 THE COURT: Sure.

 3 MR. ROSE: I don't have the docket entry
 4 number. This is in the court file. This was
15:03:12 5 Judge Colin on August 22nd of 2014.

 6 THE COURT: I saw it.

 7 MR. ROSE: He has been trying to remove me
 8 and Mr. Bernstein for like almost three or four
 9 years now. But that's only significant because
10 he is not a creditor. He is a claimant. So
11 what we want to do is we want to get his claim
12 to the finish line.

13 So I am not talking about anything that
14 happened at mediation. Mediation is now over.
15:03:35 15 We have a signed settlement agreement.
16 Mr. Stansbury participated in the mediation,
17 but we did not make a settlement with him.
18 Okay.

19 So as a result of the mediation, all the
 other people, everybody that's a beneficiary of
21 this estate coming together and signing a
22 written agreement, those same people as part of
23 the written agreement said we want this case to
24 finish, and how are we going to do that."

Source and Full Transcript

What? All Beneficiaries signed a settlement at a Mediation? What? And now well it is proven CLEAR that Eliot Bernstein is a Beneficiary and well I don't believe he was there or signed any Mediation. Nor do I believe were his ADULT children that have had ILLEGAL, Unadjudicated Guardianship placed on them.

So how are they pushing a settlement through when CLEARLY the beneficiaries were not there, participated or were even notified?

Diane Lewis is CLEARLY violating Florida Guardian Statutes and well she seems to think she is above the Law. I don't really believe she is and I Believe that Justice will Eventually Prevail.

When does all this FRAUD end and Justice Actually Prevail? Well Stay TUNED, one day it will happen. I have Faith in that.

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