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Also Note, if you wish to hire me to do any online marketing or investigative blogging work use that same email.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Conseco Companies Searching my Blogs. DO YOUR HOMEWORK

If you Need more information regarding Pam Simon of STP or Ted Bernstein Boca Raton, please email me at This is a VERY big deal. I see you are looking at information on Jackson National and Heritage. THEY paid 2 Million in an Insurance Claim in the District of Illinois Bernstein Case, and there were murder allegations by Ted Bernstein, a Toxic Coronors report. Pam flat out lied about the Trusts in the case, as to whether they existed and who were heirs and she did so knowingly willful and malicious.

Maybe it is Don Sanders, the possible "friendly carrier" looking at my blogs. Whoever you are, YOU cannot pay out a life insurance claim with NO POLICY, you DID, how ? Well if you can then why can't we all. I am working on a detailed letter of what you did and who did it to email Jackson National and the insurance regulators month after month until someone listens.

Jackson National Life Insurance Don Sanders

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Cantor Fitzgerald & Co.

Got a Tip about Ted Bernstein Boca Raton? eMail me at

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ethics and Morals of Ted Bernstein Boca Raton: A New Blog Series as Ted Bernstein Claims that no ever said anything bad about him before that Big Bad Blogger Crystal Cox. Really Ted? Hmmm well guess that's an invitation to post your PAST, as a service for the Due Diligence of the Public.

Let's Look at Some Scandals. Well just this one for now. Much more later.. as there seems to be an endless supply of Scandals when you actually research Ted Bernstein Boca Raton yourself.

"Will donor scandals doom Crist's Senate bid?

"Roberts' business partner, Arthur Falcone, and Life Insurance Concepts Inc. co-owner Ted Bernstein"

"The other hosts were Roberts' business partner, 
Arthur Falcone, and Life Insurance Concepts Inc. 
co-owner Ted Bernstein."

"TALLAHASSEE Questionable connections

Several key donors are implicated in or charged with crimes:

Three of Crist's top fund-raisers have been hamstrung by federal investigations in the past nine months, and a fourth, Jupiter sports agent and real estate investor Marc Roberts, is facing a federal lawsuit alleging he defrauded a business partner out of $100 million to support his own "lavish personal lifestyle."

"According to a lawsuit filed in June by Harvey Silverman of New York, Roberts persuaded Silverman to invest in real estate projects, then secretly built up credit lines in Silverman's name that he used to pay for a Bentley, homes for family members, a Hawaii honeymoon, privately chartered flights around the world and other accoutrements of his "lavish lifestyle."

Roberts, who had sued Silverman in May claiming Silverman had defaulted on loans, has denied all the accusations.

Roberts and Silverman declined interview requests through their attorneys.

The two men, in their competing suits, both acknowledge a long friendship — Roberts' suit describes it as a "father-son relationship."

They met in the 1980s when Roberts was a boxing promoter. They built two sports marketing businesses in the '90s that were eventually turned into public companies, and in 2002 started investing in Arizona, Nevada and South Florida real estate, including deals in Hutchinson Island and Singer Island.

In 2004, they embarked on the Miami Worldcenter project, a high-profile redevelopment estimated to cost more than $300 million in land acquisition alone. Silverman, a former member of the American Stock Exchange board of governors, provided equity for the deal while Roberts supplied the cash.

Silverman's lawsuit claims Roberts started inflating the lines of credit without his knowledge and spending the money.

Roberts' lawsuit claims Silverman told him to indulge with their real estate profits because Silverman had cashed in on a VitaminWater investment in 2007. But Silverman reneged this year when he lost "almost his entire net worth" of $300 million in a tumbling stock market.

Roberts and his business associates have given at least $305,000 to Crist and the Republican Party of Florida since 2006. Roberts, who has contributed to the Florida Democratic Party and the party's leading U.S. Senate candidate, Kendrick Meek, has not donated directly to Crist's Senate campaign, although he was scheduled to host a fund-raiser for Crist on Nov. 9 in Boca Raton until Tropical Storm Ida forced Crist to cancel.

After The Palm Beach Post asked about the lawsuit Wednesday, Crist's campaign spokeswoman said Roberts would not be included on the host committee when the fund-raiser is rescheduled.

The other hosts were Roberts' business partner, Arthur Falcone, and Life Insurance Concepts Inc. co-owner Ted Bernstein."

Nov. 23, 2009


There will be much more coming soon to help you do your own Research on the Ethics and Morals of Ted Bernstein Boca Raton.  Got a Tip? eMail

Got a Tip about the Phoenix Life Cases, or any Unscrupulous Dealings involving Ted Bernstein Boca Raton? See Theodore Bernstein claims that he is pure and good and upstanding and nothing was ever reporting on him until Crystal Cox began reporting on him. However, that is not true, do your homework and find the Truth for yourself.

Don't believe Ted's Blogs, don't Believe my Blogs. Believe Yourself. Read the Trusts involved, read the Insurance Policies, read court filings on both sides and make your own mind up. Read court cases brought against Ted Bernstein outside of the Bernstein Family Cases.

Use clear and Independent Thinking and research when you are doing your due diligence on Ted Bernstein and Deborah Bernstein in order to trust your families wealth with them. Dig Deep Folks. Believe your own research. No one cares about you, your family, your future, your quality of life as much as you do. Think for Yourself.

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Steven A. Lessne of Gunster Palm Beach County and the Oppenheimer Case of what sure seems to be Predatory Guardianship over Competent Capable Adults. South Florida Estate and Probate Case Estate of Simon Bernstein and Estate of Shirley Bernstein.

Steve Lessne Palm Beach County Gunster Law Firm Guardianship over Competent Capable Adults.

Let's Take a Deeper Look at Steven A.  Lessne Gunster Fort Lauderdale Florida. Attorney for Oppenheimer in West Palm Beach County Predatory Guardianship Case, Estate of Simon Bernstein.  Oppenheimer Trust Company Attorney Steve Lessne of Gunster assisted in obtaining a Predatory Guardianship over competent adults seemingly outside of the law. Explore the Documents, Research Florida Guardianship Laws, Civil Rights and Constitutional Rights and decide for yourself if Gunster Law Firm of West Palm Florida is engaging in Predatory Guardianship for the PROFIT of Wealthy Clients such as Oppenheimer Trust Company.
Attorney Steve Lessne of Gunster Palm Beach County

 Steven A.  Lessne Gunster Fort Lauderdale Florida, Facebook Group by Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox for document research, reviews, information and reporting.

Got a Tip about Steve Lessne or Gunster? 
eMail me at 

It is TIME to STOP Predatory Guardianship in West Palm County Florida.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

I Wonder if Judge Diana Lewis knew more about "incapacitation" and "court-sanctioned guardian" and the Florida Statutes of LAW that apply to Guardianship than Guardian Diana Lewis seems to NOT know?

Palm Beach Post Article: "Circuit Court Judge Diana Lewis ruled in a closed-door hearing April 11 that Eric Gilbertson suffers from “limited” cognitive incapacitation and needs a court-sanctioned guardian to ensure his “welfare and safety."

Guardian Diana Lewis, on the stand as a Guardian over adults in Palm Beach County, seems to have FORGOT the actual Florida Laws Governing "Court Sanctioned Guardians".

check out this transcript linked below

Hey Guardian Diana Lewis, what would Judge Diana Lewis say about there being no adjudication of your wards as "incapable of making decisions regarding legal contracts and lawsuits"?

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave.

"Man in settled code case declared ‘incapacitated’

"A judge has appointed Simone Witkin as a “limited guardian” to make legal and other decisions for Palm Beacher Eric Nordin Gilbertson Jr., 89, who last month settled a longstanding battle with the town by selling his Midtown home and paying $500,000 in code-violation fines from the proceeds.

The guardianship appointment came a day before Gilbertson’s 91-year-old sister, Charlotte Gilbertson, who had co-owned the 1918 house at 151 Chilean Ave., died at the VA Medical Center in Riviera Beach, where she was under hospice care. Neither she nor her brother has children, although they have two brothers who live out of state.

Circuit Court Judge Diana Lewis ruled in a closed-door hearing April 11 that Eric Gilbertson suffers from “limited” cognitive incapacitation and needs a court-sanctioned guardian to ensure his “welfare and safety.” Gilbertson, a retired U.S. Marine and sailing instructor, was adjudged incapable of making decisions regarding legal contracts and lawsuits, among other actions.

Lewis also deemed him unable to make a decision to marry, which he did March 10 — the day before his first court hearing — when he wed Elogene C. Hughes, 71. Her role and influence in his life over the past year have been a focus of the hearings.

A mental and physical evaluation of Gilbertson supported the incapacitation ruling

Lewis ordered the evaluation last month at an emergency guardianship hearing initiated by West Palm Beach attorney Bennett S. Cohn.

At that hearing, Cohn said that he first feared Gilbertson was vulnerable to exploitation after Gilbertson briefly hired him in early March to help handle a $1.575 million purchase of a house at 444 Chilean Ave. in Palm Beach, for which a contract had been signed.

In an amended petition to the court, Cohn wrote that Gilbertson had issued Hughes a power of attorney, before their marriage, to act on his behalf in purchasing what Cohn called “an unnecessary home.”

Cohn was concerned “that those exercising or attempting to exercise control over Mr. Gilbertson will deplete his assets, to the obvious detriment of him and to the possible financial advantage to themselves.”

Wife responds

None of the orders issued after the closed-door hearing specifically mentioned whether Gilbertson had been exploited by anyone. 

But in the amended petition, Cohn wrote that Gilbertson has been “under the ‘Rasputinlike’ control” of his new wife.

Elogene Hughes Gilbertson did not mention the marriage during testimony at the initial court hearing last month, nor did her husband or anyone else. She instead told the judge that she and Gilbertson had been “friends” for about a year.

She was not called to testify at the April 11 hearing and spent the duration of the proceeding outside the hearing room.

Last week, she told the Daily News that she believed attorneys and others involved in the case had colluded against her and her husband in a scam “to gain monetarily through legal fees, greed and exploitation” and that she had intended to ask the court to appoint her as his guardian. 

She has filed several objections to Lewis’ rulings.

“Eric hasn’t had his day in court, and I have not had a day in court,” she said.

In a phone interview with the Daily News last week, Cohn dismissed her objections and said the guardianship appointment has left her with no legal standing to act on her husband’s behalf.

Eric Gilbertson, who lives with his wife at her condominium in West Palm Beach, told the Daily News on Tuesday that he would prefer to have his wife serve as guardian.

“If I have to have a guardian, I want it to be my wife,” he said.

In court last month, his wife described herself as an “educator and academic” who holds a law degree but is not a practicing attorney. She also told the court that she runs an Alabama- and Florida-based foundation that helps “at-risk” children, college students and seniors, among others.

Home purchase scuttled

At this month’s hearing, Lewis authorized the cancellation of Gilbertson’s purchase of the house at 444 Chilean Ave. and ordered a related $157,000 deposit returned. The refund won’t be made until the end of a 30-day appeals period following the April 11 ruling. But the house is again being marketed for sale, said listing agent Jeff Cloninger of Sotheby’s International Realty.

Following the April 11 hearing, Cohn said that he was pleased with the judge’s decision to appoint, as guardian, Witkin, of Witkin Family Services, who has been serving in that role in a temporary capacity since the initial hearing. Witkin declined to comment about the case.

Cohn’s petition had questioned the appropriateness of the amount Gilbertson paid Fort Pierce attorney Chet Weinbaum, who in February had negotiated with the town to reduce several years’ worth of code-violation fines from $1.15 million to $500,000 — contingent on sale of the longtime Gilbertson house at 151 Chilean Ave.

Under the terms of his contract, Weinbaum earned $174,000 from the $3.1 million sale, according to court testimony. Weinbaum could not be reached last week for comment. But he told the Daily News last month that his fee was appropriate and commensurate with the work he did on the case.

John C. Randolph, the town’s attorney, said early last week that he had heard nothing to suggest that the house sale or the settlement of the code-violation fines would be called into question."

Source and Full Circuit Court Judge Diana Lewis Article

I sure hope that Judge Diana Lewis knew what Guardian Diana Lewis claims to not know.

Grinch Judge Diana Lewis said the guy cannot marry and he cannot have his wife as a Guardian. You see that would not be in the CRIMINALS best interest. 

Why not contact the out of state siblings? It is not another planet? 

Why does/did Judge Diana Lewis seem to know, and presumably uphold the laws of Florida Guardianship, yet Guardian Diana Lewis don't seem to have a CLUE?

Guardian Diana Lewis, I allege, is in VERY BIG trouble indeed. She seems to think there is no issue with taking control of the lives of healthy, strong, clear headed, NON-Incapacitated adults simply for the BLATANT and Obvious reason of making sure that attorney Alan B. Rose for Ted Bernstein Boca Raton, and attorney Brian O'Connell and his enabler Ashley Crispin get PAID. 

Seemingly with total disregard for the laws she once knew or abused. Or should have known as she saved this old guy from love, marriage, his siblings all so that the COURT, the County, the Attorneys could STEAL his ASSETS or so it seems to me.  

Anyway, I recommend that Guardian Diana Lewis look in the mirror and ask Judge Diana Lewis if it is lawful to have GUARDIANSHIP over Adults who are NOT incapacitated? Would love to witness that conflicting conversation. Hope she is sober for it, it should be a serious moment indeed.

Might be a Good Time for Guardian Diana Lewis to Confess to Judge Diana Lewis before the Ship Sinks.
"Circuit Court Judge Diana Lewis ruled in a closed-door hearing April 11 that Eric Gilbertson suffers from “limited” cognitive incapacitation and needs a court-sanctioned guardian to ensure his “welfare and safety.” Gilbertson, a retired U.S. Marine and sailing instructor, was adjudged incapable of making decisions regarding legal contracts and lawsuits, among other actions."

Hey Guardian Diana Lewis, not to be confused with Judge Diana Lewis, was your wards in the Estate of Simon Bernstein "adjudged incapable"? Did they "needs a court-sanctioned guardian to ensure their “welfare and safety.”?

"A mental and physical evaluation of Gilbertson supported the incapacitation ruling". Say Judge Diana Lewis, what do you think of Guardian Diana Lewis NOT having "A mental and physical evaluation" to support "the incapacitation ruling" of which she took Predatory Guardianship over fully capable adults in the Estate of Simon Bernstein?

As in the Article above, Judge Diana "Lewis ordered the evaluation" but Guardian Diana Lewis in the Estate of Simon Bernstein does not seem to even remember any laws that may suggest there has to be any sort of "evaluation" to simply take unconstitutional control over the lives of FULLY capable ADULTS.

Were the adults that Guardian Diana Lewis took over for "vulnerable to exploitation"? As seen in the article above?

Judge Diana Lewis would rather guardians, attorneys and courts get the guys money instead of his friend, a wife, or siblings. See its ALL to protect these poor "vulnerable to exploitation" yet VERY RICH people. More like to Rob them, ruin their lives, deprive them of love and comfort of those around them, deny their civil and constitutional rights and SEIZE unconstitutional control over their life and assets via a Predatory Guardianship.

"Vulnerable to exploitation" are the code words for attorney Alan B. Rose, Brian O'Connell, Donald Tescher, former attorney Robert Spallina and for Judge Martin Colin and Judge John Philips to gear up the Judicial greed machine to take the VICTIMS life work and make it their PAYCHECK. 

Those darn “unnecessary homes” that the wealthy own and think they can do what they want with, well heck with that. Nurses, Senior Centers, Catholic Charities, Attorneys and more "helpful people" are always on the watch for someone to TAKE Predatory GUARDIANSHIP over so they can enjoy the Riches of the "vulnerable to exploitation".

Those “unnecessary homes” MUST be SOLD so that the Predatory Guardianship Gang can get a Paycheck. Hurry call the Unethical Real Estate Broker, get a "friendly carrier" for insurance, get a PR, get our friendly nurse and doctor on board, call the attorneys, line up our friendly Judge and the cycle begins again. 

"Cohn was concerned “that those exercising or attempting to exercise control over Mr. Gilbertson will deplete his assets, to the obvious detriment of him and to the possible financial advantage to themselves.”  WOW, we would not one someone that the guy actually knew and liked to have his money or home. WE don't want to actually do the right thing and contact those out of state siblings, so we will just take guardianship of the guy and the money will come to us instead, ya that sounds like the right thing to do.


The Wife in the Story Above "believed attorneys and others involved in the case had colluded against her and her husband in a scam “to gain monetarily through legal fees, greed and exploitation” and that she had intended to ask the court to appoint her as his guardian. "

AND I Believe She was RIGHT. 

And Judge Diana Lewis was surely in on it, I say.

This Predatory Guardianship Scam, involving her and her predatory buddies such as Brian O'Connell, has been going on for decades and the victims have suffered in the dark with no voice. NO MORE DIANA LEWIS. No More.  Time to go to Confession. 

This Predatory Guardianship Program has been in place a long time. It is a well oiled machine of cruel, heartless, malicious greed ran by Officers of the Court, in YOUR BEST INTEREST. Ya know to protect you and keep you safe.

Having all their bases covered per say they were above the law and victims suffered and suffer in mass. Then along comes the Internet, and the VICTIMS united and well Transparency and Accountability is coming soon to a Court NEAR YOU.

Guardian Diana Lewis, Have you ever met the Capable Adults you took ILLEGAL Predatory Guardianship over? Do you even care about the Law? Justice? Civil Rights?

I Say You are an Evil ICE QUEEN dancing on the bow of the ship with the Devils Alan B. Rose and Brian O'Connell and the TRUTH will soon set your dark heart free.
Any Information, Documents or Tips on the Case in this Post or any other Guardian Case that Judge Diana Lewis oversaw, please eMail me at

Also Check Out "Niece suing for late aunt’s share of house sale"; Carla Gilbertson

I, Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox will be reporting a whole lot of Judge Diana Lewis cases and her past protection of Brian O'Connell and her long time family connection, oh and those Catholic Charities too. No STONE will go Unturned on my Watch. Stay Tuned.

Now may be a Good Time for Y'all to start rolling over and begging for a plea deal. Ya know start ratting each other out before you all go down.

Last I Saw Diana Lewis she could barely stumble out of the restroom at the court house. Surely she is "capable" of making clear headed decisions for able bodied young intelligent adults. Decisions that are right, and informed and would actually be in the best interest of her victims.

I Say Guardian Diana Lewis has broke the law willfully and maliciously and with FULL expert knowledge of the law, and this WILL NOT GO AWAY QUIETLY IN THE DARK. No Way.

Now Would SO be a Good Time to rat out that attorney that called you, (Alan Rose or Brian O'Connell) And maybe confess your sins. Just Sayin'

email Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox

Guardian Diana Lewis former Judge Diana Lewis of Palm Beach County Florida Ignores Cease and Desist, Claims she does not know the laws in Florida that Govern Guardianship and I Allege has enabled PR Brian O'Connell and Ted Bernstein's attorney Alan Rose to violate the rights of those involved in the Estate of Simon Bernstein and the Estate of Shirley Bernstein in Judge Rosemarie Scher's Court in South Florida.

Florida Guardian Diana Lewis does not seem to know Florida Guardianship LAW though she was a probate Judge and has superior knowledge of the law and extensive experience in these matters.

Guardian Diana Lewis took Guardianship of Adults with no proper GAL hearing as Florida Law regulates, as I see it. Research all the documents and the law and decide for yourself if former Judge Diana Lewis, now Predatory Guardian Diana Lewis followed Florida Guardianship LAW.

Diana Lewis does not think she has to notify the court when a ward turns 18 nor submit any reports.

Diana Lewis, long time family friend of PR Brian O'Connell, was called by an attorney and I allege brought into the Estate of Simon Bernstein Case in order to ensure that PR Brian O'Connell and Attorney Alan Rose got their way and their fees.

Despite a Cease and Desist Letter and in what seems to be a total disregard of law and in full knowledge of Florida Statutes, Civil and Constitutional Rights Diana Lewis made life changing decisions for those she took guardianship over, competent, able bodied adults.

As far as I know she never spoke with the men whose lives she has changed and who she took CONTROL of financial decisions for.

I Allege, that Guardian Diana Lewis was called by attorneys as she admits, and then started a business and became a guardian SPECIFICALLY for this case. There was no random selection or guardianship wheel and she was not even a Guardian for others at that time.

Diana Lewis's Guardianship business did not exist before this. Diana Lewis, I allege, was only in this case to SILENCE her PREY, her wards and make sure they had no rights or voice to stand up to the actions of attorney Alan Rose for Ted Bernstein of Boca Raton and PR Brian O'Connell, along with Ashley Crispin, both of Crispin, Ciklin Lubitz & O'Connell.

Guardian Diana Lewis is a former Judge and SHOULD have high ethically standards and superior knowledge of the law in this and related matters. However, she has blatantly violated the rights of those whose lives she took control over and with seemingly total disregard for the law. Almost as if she believes that she is not accountable, has no fiduciary duty and has been assured by Brian O'Connell and Alan Rose (as I myself heard Alan say) that she will get paid, and seemingly she is above the law and will have no consequences.

However, I am here to say that is NOT TRUE.

All will be held accountable, and these young, able bodied, of sound mind men whose lives she recklessly violated will see accountability at some point, as the TRUTH is NOT going away on my WATCH. No Way No How.

Check Out More on Guardian Diana Lewis's blatant disregard for Florida Law and for the Civil and Constitutional Rights of her wards (victims). And Read the Cease and Desist Letter she got, yet still claims she don't know the LAW governing her actions of Guardianship.

Guardian Diana Lewis former Judge Diana Lewis of Palm Beach County Florida blog by Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, Click Below to Read More.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Whose NEXT? This Is NOT Going Away. ALL of You involved in these Issues will be Brought to Justice by an Honest Court at Some Point. Julian Bivins Landmark Florida Guardianship Case exposing Florida Predatory Guardianship Program and the Attorneys, Guardians and Judges involved. Judge Martin Colin, Keith B. Stein, Alan B. Rose, Brian O'Connell, Ashley Crispin.

"Alleged Elder Negligence in Florida Leads to Multimillion-Dollar Jury Award

Case shows just how easy it is for seniors to lose control of their lives and finances.

Oliver Bivins was allegedly living in a dirty and uncared for condo in Palm Beach, Florida, when his son Julian wanted to relocate him back to  Amarillo, Texas, where the Bivins family had made their fortune in oil and gas.

“I thought it would be a no-brainer to transfer Oliver home,” said attorney J. Ronald Denman, litigator with the Bleakley Bavol Law, whom the younger Bivins had hired in 2011.

Instead, the case dragged on for six years. Denman had unwittingly signed on to an elder guardianship case in which a diagnosis of incapacitation had turned Oliver Bivins into a ward of the state of Florida along with his tens of millions of assets.

“Once Oliver was in that system, my client Julian couldn’t get his dad or assets out of it,” said Mr. Denman.

In his doting age, Bivins had reportedly fallen prey to a care manager’s emergency application for court-appointed guardianship on a weekend trip to Florida.

Court-appointed guardians Curtis Rogers and Stephen Kelly allegedly filed a motion to prevent Mr. Bivin’s son from living with his grandfather and when a judge approved it, he was ordered to move out and leave Oliver to fend for himself.

“The lawyers hired by the court-appointed guardian began attacking Julian, making him out to be a bad guy when the truth is that Julian loved his dad and wanted to take care of him,” Mr. Denman said.

About 21.6% of 1.4 million Palm Beach County residents are aged 65 years or older, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and according to the Clerk & Comptroller of Palm Beach County’s chief communications officer, Nannette Rodriguez, the number of guardianship cases has fluctuated from 2,700 to 3,000 since 2014 but Ms. Rodriguez stopped short of commenting on any specific case and declined to confirm or deny whether complaints had been filed with the Clerk & Comptroller’s office about any of the defendants.

When an individual, such as Oliver Bivins, is deemed a ward of any state of the U.S., he is stripped of his constitutional rights, civil rights and ability or right to enter an attorney/client relationship. As a result, Mr. Bivins was forced to rely upon a court-appointed guardian to do so on his behalf.

“In Oliver’s case, he was still quite aware of what was occurring but was helpless to do anything to change the direction of the guardians or the attorneys they hired,” Mr. Denman said.

It was not until Denman filed a complaint in the U.S. District Court Southern District of Florida West Palm Beach Division against the guardians, Mr. Kelly and Mr. Rogers, and their attorneys Brian O’Connell and Ashley Crispin that the devoted son found relief.

The September 2015 Bivins v Rogers lawsuit alleged that Mr. O’Connell and Ms. Crispin in their role as lawyers for Mr. Rogers, while he was acting as guardian for Oliver Sr., owed similar duties to Oliver Sr. and were fully aware that the work they were doing for Mr. Rogers was for the benefit of Oliver Sr. but that Mr. Rogers and his attorney s were negligent and reckless in the exercise of their fiduciary duties to Oliver Sr., resulting in damages.

Attorney Brandon J. Hechtman, who was part of the defendant’s legal team, stated in an email that he could not provide PacerMonitor News with specific commentary.

According to court records, defendant’s counsel argued that they were representing the guardian directly as opposed to the ward and therefore should not be held responsible for the condition of Oliver Bivins or his estate because they had no direct attorney-client relationship with the ward.

“In reality, the attorneys are supposed to act in the best interest of the ward, who in this case was Oliver Bivins, because they get paid by the ward’s money,” said Mr. Denman.

For years, watchdog groups like Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship (AAAPG) have advocated for federal and state authorities to outlaw elder guardianship not only in Palm Beach County but in all 50 states.

Under guardianship, seniors are often starved, overmedicated, abused, robbed and isolated, and family members are banned from visiting, according to Dr. Sugar, who founded AAAPG in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

“Judges, lawyers and guardians are not medical professionals and should get out of the business of caring for the elderly,” said Dr. Sugar whose AAAPG acts as a clearinghouse of cases nationwide. “Victims like Julian and Oliver Bivins are among the families who have the financial means to pay for justice. Others are not so fortunate. I get new phone calls every day from family members who are concerned for the welfare of their aging family members who have been involuntarily or unknowingly placed under guardianship.”

Attorneys for Ms. Crispin and Mr. O’Connell have not responded to Pacer Monitor’s requests for comment.

To win the Bivins case, Denman based his argument on Saadeh v. Connorsin which a 1996 opinion of former Florida Attorney General Robert Butterworth stated services performed by an attorney who is compensated from the ward’s estate are performed on behalf of the ward even though the services are technically provided to the guardian.  
After emigrating from Jordan with his wife, Karim Saadeh raised a family of three children and became a very successful businessman.
 After his wife’s death in 2007, Mr. Saadeh met a younger woman and allegedly began loaning her money, which his adult children objected to by contacting an attorney named Colette Meyer.  

An incapacitation petition was filed and after a hearing, the court-appointed a guardian.Butterworth further wrote, “Under the state’s guardianship statutes, it is clear that the ward is the intended beneficiary of the proceedings. Section 744.108, Florida Statutes, authorizes the payment of attorney’s fees to an attorney who has rendered services to the ward or to the guardian on the ward’s behalf.”

According to the Bivins’s federal complaint, the Palm Beach County court-appointed guardians had not only allowed several of Bivins’s properties to deteriorate but also reversed the transfers of money the older Bivins initiated for Mr. Bivins, his beneficiary son.

A federal jury sympathized with Mr. Bivins plight, ruling that Ms. Crispin and Mr. O’Connell, the attorneys appointed to oversee the estate of Oliver Bivins, were deemed liable for professional negligence and for breaching their fiduciary duty to the elderly Bivins who died in 2015 at 98 years old.

In July 2017, Julian Bivins walked away with a jury verdict and award of $16.4 million


This same method and same players is happening in other Florida Cases such as the Estate of Simon Bernstein, Click Here for more on that Case and the forced Guardianship over adults.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


If you or anyone you know can help me to get a plane ticket to be with my family for Christmas please donate. 

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Monday, November 27, 2017

So WHO is Brett Verkaik really in all this? What does West Highland Capital Partners have to Do with Robert Spallina and the Bernstein Family Estates and Trusts?

Who are the kids that get 9% as discussed in the eMail linked below?

What involvement does Brett Verkaik have in the 5 years of denying the Eliot Bernstein family of their Fiduciary Rights and basically stealing money, as far as I see it, and assets, while engaging in what seems to be fraud on the court from the Simon and Shirley Bernstein Estate all for the benefit of Pam Simon of STP Enterprise and of Ted Bernstein Boca Raton Life Cycle Financial Planners. And of course attorney Alan Rose and attorneys Ashley Crispin and Brian O'Connell.

So is Brett Verkaik a friend or co-conspirator of Robert Spallina or Ted Bernstein? Most likely both as they seem to be in the same "circles". Got a Tip?  eMail me at 

Brett Verkaik Distributions and Working Capital Loan. WHC, A&L, DDG, WH 345 DDG, Dynasty Trusts. Robert Spallina 345 Distributions and Working Capital Loan.
Got a Tip?  eMail me at 

I Suppose if Brett Verkaik were involved with Robert Spallina in any way, then surely Brett Verkaik must be under investigation by the SEC or FBI, as Robert Spallina who his email linked below was sent to and showed up in the production and discovery of the connected estate cases, well he has SEC charges and a Bar Complaint regarding FRAUD and FORGERY in the same case, as filed by his former partner Donald Tescher.

More information on Robert Spallina's involvement

West Highland Capital Partners

Brett Verkaik []
an Illinois Deli?? What?

Brett Verkaik []
Monday, August 05, 2013 12:04 PM

Robert Spallina

Fwd: 345 Distributions and Working Capital Loan

345MP - Promissory Note (7.31.2013).pdf; ATT4441 O.htm; 345MP - Closing Schedule
(7.31.2013).pdf; ATT44411.htm; Historical 1 Month LIBOR (7.31.2013).pdf; ATT44412.htm
See below."

West Highland Capital Partners

"We have already wired the working cap loan and interest to WHC which will term the note between A&L and WHC for the DDG loan for 345's working capital. We have wired the first equity dist of 345 to the WH 345 LLC account. We will need to determine the accurate distribution for WHC and the dynasty trusts from here. I assume we can split 64 I 36 (9% for each kid).
Please advise.



Did the Condo Sale money get invested with WHC, Brett Verkaik? And do the "kids" or "grandkids" get 9% and does or did Ted Bernstein have the legal right to do this? What is the TRUTH?

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"From: Christopher Prokop <>
Subject: 345 Distributions and Working Capital Loan
Date: August 1, 2013 12:59:45 PM CDT
To: Brett Verkaik <>

Hi Brett,

As per our discussion, attached is the promissory note interest calculation table.
Also attached is the updated condominium unit closing schedule. We are pleased to now have signed contracts on all units and closed over 50% of the units (with the M&T bank loan paid off as well).

Our current distribution will be for a total of $15M plus paying off the $1M working capital loan and interest. We had anticipated a larger distribution for 8/1/13 but have faced delays from the NYC Department of Buildings scheduling TCO inspections and processing the TCO paperwork required for closings which has resulted in some closing dates being pushed
out (as we mentioned back in May/June, NYC TCO sign-off was our biggest risk in closing timing) .

In addition, some of the buyers have exercised their right to a one time postponement for their unit closings and have actually paid per diem penalties associated with the postponement (with buyer deferrals our second biggest risk in closing timing as highlighted in May/June). We are on track for the next wave of closings in August and anticipate the next distribution of
roughly $18M around September 1 with the balance of units expected to close by the end of September.

This excludes the two retail units so the final project distribution will be tied to signing retail leases and the exit strategy of selling vs. longer term hold. We are also holding sufficient working capital to complete the construction.

Current amounts to be distributed to West Highland:
Working capital loan and interest: $1,068,034


First equity distribution: $13,333,334 {88.89% of total distribution)
Total amount to West Highland: $ 14,401,368

Please confirm wire instructions to send funds and let me know if you have any questions or would like to discuss further.

Thank you.


Christopher J. Prokop of DDG. What is his role in all this? Truthfully.
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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Ted Bernstein Boca Raton. Ted Bernstein Deposition. Does this seem like a Trust Expert to you? An insurance expert? Ted does not even know what States he is licensed in. WOW. And what about David Simon? Do you really Trust STP enterprises. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

Ted Bernstein Deposition Link Page

This Deposition clearly shows Ted Bernstein's integrity, ethics, honesty, and how Ted Bernstein of Life Cycle Financial Planners does business. 

" Q· · Do you hold a license in any other state?
10· · · · A· · I believe I do.
11· · · · Q· · What other state or states?
12· · · · A· · I can't remember off the top of my head."

· A· · I can't -- I really can't remember.· There's a
18· ·lot of states, and at different times we will do
19· ·business in those states and get a nonresident license.

20· ·I really can't remember."

This Jackass cannot even remember what States he is licensed in yet wants you to believe that he is going to Protect your Family and your Assets?? What?

"Q· · Can you tell me what status you now have with
·8· ·respect to the Estate of Simon Bernstein.
·9· · · · · · ·MR. SIMON:· Objection; vague.
10· · · · Q· · Do you understand my question?
11· · · · A· · I don't understand the word "status".
12· · · · Q· · Well, do you have any official role in any
13· ·official capacity with regard to the estate itself or
14· ·any entities or structures that relate to the estate?
15· · · · · · ·MR. SIMON:· Objection; vague.
16· · · · A· · I believe I do; as trustee.
17· · · · Q· · Of what are you trustee?
18· · · · A· · Simon Bernstein Trust.
19· · · · Q· · What is the year of that trust?
20· · · · A· · I don't recall."

Gee I don't RECALL. I Don't understand the word "status". "I BELIEVE I DO".  Is this the guy that's got your back in the financial world? WOW.

" Q· · You are also a plaintiff in the case that's
22· ·pending in Chicago; is that correct?
23· · · · A· · Yes.
24· · · · Q· · So have you perceived any divergence of
25· ·interest or any conflict of interest in having a role
·with respect to the trust and the estate while
·2· ·simultaneously being a plaintiff in the case in Chicago?
·3· · · · A· · I do not.
·4· · · · Q· · As the trustee of the trust, the Simon
·5· ·Bernstein Trust, will the proceeds of the estate, once
·6· ·they are disbursed, be disbursed to that trust of which
·7· ·you are a trustee?
·8· · · · · · ·MR. SIMON:· Objection; speculation.
·9· · · · Q· · To your knowledge, is that your understanding
10· ·of the mechanics of it?
11· · · · A· · I do believe that that's correct.
12· · · · Q· · And you agree that, if you are successful as a
13· ·plaintiff in the Chicago case, the amount of assets
14· ·available in the estate to be disbursed to the trust of
15· ·which are you a trustee will be reduced, correct?
16· · · · A· · Could you -- could you ask me that in a
17· ·different way?
18· · · · Q· · Yes.· If you are successful as a plaintiff in
19· ·the Chicago case and the proceeds of the insurance
20· ·policy regarding which we are all litigating is
21· ·disbursed to the plaintiffs in the Chicago case, those
22· ·funds will not be disbursed to the estate.· You
23· ·understand that?
24· · · · A· · I do.

25· · · · Q· · And, therefore, the estate will have less
·funds to disburse to the trust of which you are a
·2· ·trustee.· Do you understand mechanically that's what
·3· ·would happen in that circumstance?
·4· · · · A· · I -- I do.
·5· · · · Q· · So you don't perceive a conflict in those
·6· ·roles?
·7· · · · A· · I do not.
·8· · · · Q· · Okay.· Now, the date of your father's death
·9· ·was September 13, 2012, correct?
10· · · · A· · Yes.
11· · · · Q· · Prior to the time that your father died, were
12· ·you aware of the existence of any trust with regard to
13· ·any life insurance policy?
14· · · · · · ·MR. SIMON:· Objection; vague.
15· · · · A· · Can you define "existence"?
16· · · · Q· · Well, when did you first learn that -- well,
17· ·strike that.
18· · · · · · ·In the lawsuit in Chicago, you're aware that
19· ·the plaintiffs are promoting the notion that there is a
20· ·1995 insurance trust which should receive the funds of
21· ·the insurance proceeds, correct?
22· · · · A· · Correct.
23· · · · Q· · When did you first become aware of the
24· ·existence of the trust that is being promoted as the

25· ·beneficiary in the Chicago case?
 A· · I'm not sure that I can recall when I first ·2· ·remembered when there was a trust. ·3· · · · Q· · Did you learn of it before or after your ·4· ·father passed away? ·5· · · · A· · Before. 

Ted Bernstein sure seems to have a memory problem.  And ya ummm it sure seems there was and is lot's of conflicts of interest. Ted Bernstein constantly whines that I, Crystal Cox, am not reporting the Truth, however, the documents and depositions, the Trusts, and all that I have posted shows you the TRUTH for yourself. Do your Due Diligence for YOURSELF. 

" Q· · What did you understand the purpose of the
·7· ·affidavit to be?
·8· · · · A· · To create a record of what my understanding
·9· ·was of the questions being addressed here.
10· · · · Q· · Now, if I could ask you, please, to look at --
11· ·I think it's the -- I don't know what page it is, but
12· ·it's -- I guess at the top it's Page 6 of 20, if you
13· ·look up there, and paragraph 25.· Do you see that?
14· · · · A· · I do.
15· · · · Q· · Now, that paragraph says that, "I, Ted
16· ·Bernstein, as trustee of the Bernstein Trust, retained
17· ·plaintiff's counsel and initiated the filing of this
18· ·action."
19· · · · · · ·Now, the first question I have for you is
20· ·what's the basis for your assertion that you are the
21· ·trustee of the Bernstein Trust?
22· · · · A· · What is the basis of my understanding?
23· · · · Q· · Yeah.
24· · · · A· · I guess a couple of different things would be
25· ·the basis of my understanding.
 Q· · What are they?
·2· · · · A· · David Simon told me I was the successor
·3· ·trustee.
·4· · · · Q· · Okay.
·5· · · · A· · I've seen documents that would lead me to
·6· ·believe that I was a successor trustee in some of the
·7· ·notes that were in the documents that I've seen.
·8· · · · Q· · What documents are those?
·9· · · · A· · Trust documents.

10· · · · Q· · Which trust documents are you referring to?
11· · · · A· · I'm referring to the trust document that owned
12· ·this trust.· I mean owned this policy.
13· · · · Q· · So do we share the understanding that no one
14· ·has located an executed copy of the 1995 trust?
15· · · · A· · We do.

16· · · · Q· · I have Exhibits 21 and 22.· I would ask the
17· ·court reporter to give those to you.
18· · · · · · ·(Exhibits 21 and 22 were marked for
19· ·identification.)
20· · · · Q· · Looking at number 21, I understand this to
21· ·have been a draft of -- represented to be a draft of a
22· ·trust that was found on a computer in the Simon law
23· ·office.· Have you seen this document before and is my
24· ·understanding correct as far as you know?
25· · · · A· · 21?
 Q· · Yeah.
·2· · · · · · ·(Pause.)
·3· · · · Q· · Does my question make sense or should I
·4· ·restate it?· It was kind of convoluted.
·5· · · · A· · Sure, please.
·6· · · · Q· · So looking at number 21, what do you
·7· ·understand that to be?
·8· · · · A· · An unexecuted copy of the irrevocable trust
·9· ·agreement.

10· · · · Q· · I'll tell you what.· When we're talking about
11· ·the '95 trust, how about if we both call it the '95
12· ·trust?· That way we won't confuse ourselves.· Because I
13· ·think I started by not doing that, and I don't want us
14· ·confused.· Okay?
15· · · · A· · The '95 trust, certainly.
16· · · · Q· · Have you seen this before?
17· · · · A· · Yes, I have.
18· · · · Q· · Is this one of the documents you're referring
19· ·to as being one of the bases for your belief that you
20· ·are the trustee of the '95 trust?
21· · · · A· · I believe so.
22· · · · Q· · When I look at Page 10, BT10, paragraph A
23· ·refers to the appointment of a successor trustee and it
24· ·refers to David Simon, and I'm wondering what about this
25· ·document implies to you that you would be the successor
·2· · · · A· · Well, there's a couple of versions of this
·3· ·document if my recollection is correct, and -- or maybe
·4· ·not this document, but maybe forms of this document, and
·5· ·in another one of the forms of this document I have seen
·6· ·in this, what I believe would be the same or similar
·7· ·section, some handwritten notes that listed me as a
·8· ·successor trustee.
·9· · · · Q· · So, at least for our purposes, what I've shown
10· ·you as number 21 does not refer to you, correct?
11· · · · A· · That's correct.

12· · · · Q· · All right.· We'll get back to 21.
13· · · · · · ·Looking at 22 now, if you go to Page 20, I
14· ·understand, and tell me if you share this understanding,
15· ·that number 22 was a hard copy draft represented to be a
16· ·draft of the '95 trust that was found in a file
17· ·someplace in the Simon law office.· Do you share that
18· ·understanding?
19· · · · A· · I'm -- I'm not sure.· Could you repeat that
20· ·for me, please?
21· · · · Q· · Well, have you seen this before?
22· · · · A· · I have.
23· · · · Q· · What do you understand it to be?
24· · · · A· · A version, another version of the -- of the
25· ·trust document, of the '95 trust.
 Q· · It is also unexecuted, correct?
·2· · · · A· · Yes, it is.

·3· · · · Q· · When you look at Page BT20, do you see that?
·4· · · · A· · I do.
·5· · · · Q· · When you look at paragraph A under article 11,
·6· ·is that the handwriting you're talking about having
·7· ·seen?
·8· · · · A· · Yes, it is.
·9· · · · Q· · It says, "If for any reason --," it looks like
10· ·it says, "Shirley dead," et cetera, question mark,
11· ·right?
12· · · · A· · Yes.
13· · · · Q· · Then it says, "Does not continue to act as
14· ·trustee," and then it looks like it says, "Pam, Ted,"
15· ·right?
16· · · · A· · Yes.
17· · · · Q· · Whose handwriting is that, do you know?
18· · · · A· · I believe it to be David's.

19· · · · Q· · Did David ever have a conversation with you
20· ·about either of these documents, 21 or 22?
21· · · · A· · No.
22· · · · Q· · Other than those two documents that I've just
23· ·shown you, Exhibits 21 and 22, are you aware of any
24· ·other documents that exist that constitute drafts of the
25· ·1995 trust?
 A· · No.
·2· · · · Q· · So, as far as you know, these are the only
·3· ·drafts that are in our communal possession, correct?
·4· · · · A· · I believe so.
·5· · · · Q· · Earlier, in beginning to answer one of my
·6· ·questions, you said that David Simon was a source of
·7· ·your knowledge that you were the trustee.· Did you ever
·8· ·have a conversation with David in that regard, or
·9· ·conversations?
10· · · · A· · About him telling me that I was the successor
11· ·trustee?
12· · · · Q· · Yes.
13· · · · A· · Yes.
14· · · · Q· · When was the first time you and he talked
15· ·about that?
16· · · · A· · It was sometime after Simon's death.· I would
17· ·say after Simon's death.

18· · · · Q· · Do you have a sense for how long after Simon's
19· ·death?
20· · · · A· · No, I really don't.
21· · · · Q· · Who was present for that conversation?
22· · · · A· · Other than he and me, I don't know if anybody
23· ·was.
24· · · · Q· · What did you say to him?· What did he say to
25· ·you in that conversation?
A· · I don't have any idea.
·2· · · · Q· · Well, did you talk about the '95 trust?
·3· · · · A· · Yes.
·4· · · · Q· · What did you say to him and what did he say to
·5· ·you?
·6· · · · A· · I can't recall the specifics, but it was about
·7· ·the fact that there was a trust that was unable to be
·8· ·located and who the -- the trustees were, who the
·9· ·successor trustees were.
10· · · · · · ·I can't be more specific with you than --
11· ·than -- than that.· I just don't recall, you know, the
12· ·specifics of the conversation at that point in time.

13· · · · Q· · All right.· At the point in time that you had
14· ·that conversation, did David have in his possession
15· ·either Exhibit Number 21 or Number 22, or had you seen
16· ·either of them by then?
17· · · · A· · I don't believe so.
18· · · · Q· · Is it fair to say that you didn't see 21 and
19· ·22 until sometime after your father died?
20· · · · A· · That's correct.
21· · · · Q· · Now, if you would go to -- looking back at
22· ·your exhibit now, which is number 19, if you would look
23· ·at paragraph 47.· Do you see that?
24· · · · A· · Yes.

25· · · · Q· · Now, you describe there that you participated
·in and conducted diligent searches of your father's
·2· ·home, office and condominium, and some further activity
·3· ·following that.· Can you tell me when those searches
·4· ·took place relative to his death?
·5· · · · A· · No, I can't.

·6· · · · Q· · Can you give me a time range?· If you think
·7· ·about the date of his death being in September, did you
·8· ·do that search October, November, December?
·9· · · · A· · I really -- I don't know the dates.
10· · · · Q· · Who else searched, or who searched with you,
11· ·if that's different?
12· · · · A· · I don't believe that anybody else searched
13· ·with me.

14· · · · Q· · Did anyone search separately for documents?
15· · · · · · ·MR. SIMON:· Object --
16· · · · A· · No.
17· · · · Q· · In paragraph 48 of Exhibit 19, it says, "I am
18· ·aware that the documents produced by Plaintiffs in this
19· ·matter also contain documents located by David Simon and
20· ·Pamela Simon in their offices in Chicago."· Do you see
21· ·that there?
22· · · · A· · I do.

23· · · · Q· · When do you understand they performed a search
24· ·of their offices in Chicago for documents relative to
25· ·the dispute we're in now?
 A· · I have no idea.
·3· · · · Q· · Well, you said that you're aware.· How were
·4· ·you made aware of that fact?
·5· · · · A· · By learning of it probably from conversations.
·6· · · · Q· · Conversations with whom?
·7· · · · A· · With David Simon, I would imagine.
·8· · · · Q· · But you don't know the source -- you can't
·9· ·tell me specifically the source of that information,
10· ·correct?
11· · · · A· · Well, you're asking for dates or source?
12· · · · Q· · Well, source is where I'm going now.
13· · · · A· · Source, I think it was with -- with David
14· ·Simon.
15· · · · Q· · What documents do you understand were located
16· ·and produced that were found in their offices?
17· · · · · · ·MR. SIMON:· Objection; speculation.
18· · · · Q· · Well, now, let's make sure we're clear.· I'm
19· ·never asking you to speculate -- there might be times
20· ·that I do ask you to speculate.· Sometimes that's a
21· ·useful question to ask.· So when Mr. Simon says,
22· ·"Objection; speculation," I'm asking you to tell me what
23· ·you know or you don't know or what you think.· So I just
24· ·want you to be aware that I'm not asking you to take
25· ·wild guesses about things.
A· · Okay.
·2· · · · Q· · All right?
14· · · · · · ·MR. STAMOS:· Was there a question pending?
15· · · · · · ·(Read back by the reporter.)
16· · · · · · ·THE WITNESS:· And -- other than these
17· · · · documents, I would imagine, that you're asking me
18· · · · about?
19· · · · Q· · (By Mr. Stamos) Other than 21 and 22 you mean?
20· · · · A· · Yes.
21· · · · Q· · Yes.
22· · · · A· · Other than 21 and 22.· I believe there was a
23· ·document that was something to do with a filing to the
24· ·IRS concerning the trust.· There might have been a -- a
25· ·W-9 or something.· And I think that might be the extent
of it.
·2· · · · Q· · All right.· So let's then go to number 88,
·3· ·paragraph 88.· That's page 13 of 20.
·4· · · · A· · 88?
·5· · · · Q· · Yes.
·6· · · · A· · Okay.· It's on my Page 12, but okay.
·7· · · · Q· · Oh.· If you look at the top, does the top say,
·8· ·"13 of 20"?
·9· · · · A· · 13 of 20 on the top, it does.

10· · · · Q· · Yeah, I'm sorry.· I think actually we had
11· ·those numbered and sent to you, but the copy I had it
12· ·made from was never numbered.· So we'll refer to it as
13· ·Page 12.
14· · · · A· · Okay.

15· · · · Q· · All right.· So 88, it says here, "In 1995, I
16· ·was sharing office space with Simon Bernstein in
17· ·Chicago, as was your sister Pam and David."
18· · · · · · ·Now, first of all, during what years did you
19· ·share office space with your father in Chicago?
20· · · · A· · About these times, I'm going to say shared
21· ·office space in 1980 through 1995-ish.
22· · · · Q· · In 1995, did you leave for Florida?
23· · · · A· · Yes.· I began --

24· · · · Q· · Okay.
25· · · · A· · Yes, I began going to Florida in 1995 back and
·2· · · · Q· · It says, "In the summer of 1995, Simon
·3· ·Bernstein discussed with me that he was forming a life
·4· ·insurance trust with a policy and that I would be named
·5· ·one of the trustees for the life insurance trust."
·6· · · · · · ·Now, who was present for that conversation?
·7· · · · A· · Of course Simon Bernstein, my father, would
·8· ·have been present, but other than that I can't remember.

·9· · · · Q· · After you and he talked about that in 1995,
10· ·what was the next time you had any information or
11· ·knowledge regarding the existence, creation, changes to,
12· ·et cetera, regarding a trust in 1995, dated 1995?
13· · · · A· · I believe that would have been maybe a year, a
14· ·year and a half prior to my father's death when there
15· ·was a -- this -- the policy that was in this trust
16· ·lapsed and there was a reinstatement matter, and about
17· ·that time it would have -- it would have come up again.

18· · · · Q· · When you say, "It would have come up again,"
19· ·did you have a conversation with anyone at that time
20· ·about the 1995 trust?· In other words --
21· · · · A· · No."

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