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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Well looks like Ted Bernstein of Life Insurance Concepts has a blog post to set things right. Well Done Ted. Now how about the Whole TRUTH and NOTHING but the TRUTH.

Do your own research folks. Don't believe ANYONE about ANYTHING. Think for Yourself.

As far as the Ted Bernstein Case;

Look at the Fraud, the Forgery. Look at the Police reports and Ted's testimony to the police, match up each and every story Ted has told, all the way up to not knowing Mitch Huhem and WOW you have a train wreck of lies as far as I see it.

But I do agree with Ted Bernstein, do NOT believe me. Read massive documents, follow the MONEY. Don't believe a corrupt JUDGE, do your homework on the Judges and attorneys involved. The court orders Ted Bernstein puts up as evidence of his innocence are corrupt. Research those judges and while you are at it the massive fraud in the Florida Probate and Family courts.

As for Kashmir Hill of Forbes, I allege that she has committed criminal defamation, however, my lawsuits against her and Forbes went no where. Though all of my claims are 100% True to the best of my knowledge.

Big Media such as Forbes, Fox and the New York Times, as well as NPR, and a whole lot of bloggers defamed me, and flat out lied about me being sued and guilty of extortion. I have NEVER been sued for extortion, and I have never had a criminal investigation nor conviction of extortion at any time. This is something that attorneys David Aman and Marc Randazza set ablaze on the internet to make me look bad. Aman represented the Plaintiff in Obsidian v. Cox, a case where I alleged unethical and criminal behavior of his client. Aman falsely used a part of a settlement agreement to convince the media and the world that I was guilty of the crime of extortion. Yet it was a civil case in which I was sued for defamation and NOT extortion. Extortion was no part of the case, and those allegation went viral after the case was over. I Lost as the Judge said the First Amendment did not apply to me. That was overturned in the Ninth Circuit, and I WON a major landmark case for all Bloggers, Whistleblowers and Citizen Journalist. It was the First Case of it's kind to win in a higher court and my case leveled the playing field. Now all bloggers have equal rights to big media journalists, however they drug me through the mud and took away everything I knew to be my life. I faced constant threats and persecution and mass defamation. Even in my WIN the Ninth Circuit judges quoted the New York Times and claimed I had asked for money to remove negative posts in the past, and I did not. They suggested my guilt of extortion, however, I had never had a criminal complaint nor a civil lawsuit that was about extortion. They made that up to attempt to discredit me as a valid news source and thereby protect corruption. I persevered and continued on to win my case.

Here is my blog with some articles on that

My blog about the unethical attorney Marc Randazza

Marc Randazza sued me, Crystal Cox and Eliot Bernstein for what he called Trademark Violations, really it was to steal blogs, and chill speech, remover information on my blogs that exposed him, reported on him and shared my experience regarding him as my former attorney. Randazza is a porn attorney and is well known to be unethical and has bribed people in cases. Randazza supports pedophiles among other things, do your homework, my case with him is still going, it is 3 years in and he removed and stole massive online content of mine.

Eliot Bernstein does not and has NEVER controlled my blogs. I have reported on Eliot Bernstein for a decade in regard to the multi-Trillion dollar video technology that he and other invented. We have all used their invention for over a decade and the inventors never got paid. And YES Eliot's family car was bombed, and there is some connections to Ted that are alleged, you can read tons on that at  My Blog on the iViewit Technology is . iViewit is what is behind the massive corruption, fraud, forgery and more in all this. Dig Deep if you want to know, if you don't then go with Ted's version of reality and call that good.

Do your homework. Ted Bernstein is Evil and Dark, to say the least. What he has done to his family is beyond any reason. Ted Bernstein is the one that cried murder to the police when he reported his father's alleged murder while his father Simon Bernstein lived at 7020 Lions Head Lane, St. Andrews. All that I have reported on Ted Bernstein is the absolute truth to the best of my ability.

This is about exposing corruption folks. Start a blog and report on corrupt judges, unethical attorneys and any news that you are passionate about.

Ted Bernstein's blog says Who is Crystal Cox? Well in a short summary, She, I am an altruistic blogger who gave up everything I have ever known to be my life and endured legal action, death threats and harassment for over a decade for standing of for and reporting on the victims of corruption.

To Research Documents, Police Reports and more, go to, go to the upper left search bar and type in any search or document you are looking for. Do your own homework and decide if the Florida courts and the Florida law enforcement have done a good job. Decide for yourself if Ted Bernstein is a good guy.

Don't believe ME or anyone. Believe YOU. Think for Yourself.

Some Research Links

Hearing Transcript where Florida Probate Judge, Judge Martin H. Colin clearly knows of fraud on the courts, and has yet to actually follow through with the threatened reading of the Miranda rights.

Simon Bernstein Estate Case Docket

Shirley Bernstein Estate Case Docket

Full Docket Of Heritage Union Life Insurance Case Click Below

Insurance Schemes and Fraud on the Court, Ted Bernstein

Murder of Chairman of Iviewit Simon Bernstein? Attorneys Robert Spallina & Donald Tescher Admit Law Firm Violated Law

Where is the Palm County Sheriff in all this?
NOT protecting Florida Citizens that is for sure.

Sheriff Report, Spallina

Palm Beach County Sheriff Office Supplemental Report

Heritage Claim Form, Spallina Fraud

Fraud on the Courts, Tescher Spallina and Ted Bernstein

More Case Research

Kimberly Moran State of Florida Notary Suspension

Court Petition Naming Kimberly Moran, Florida Notary Public

Kimberly Moran, Florida Notary Fraud Police Report

Court Petition Naming Kimberly Moran, Florida Notary Public

Kimberly Moran Notary Fraud, Forgery Case. Kimberly Moran of Tescher and Spallina Law Firm response on Notary Fraud whereby she forged the signature of a deceased man to enrich her bosses Robert Spallina and Donald Tescher and DENY the true, moral and legal wishes of those whose Estate Robert Spallina and Donald Tescher were handling the affairs and assets of.

Notary Public Comparison of Signatures and Dates, Evidence in Kimberly Moran Notary of Tescher and Spallina Law Firm Fraud, Forgery Case

Police Report Filed by Ted Bernstein claiming his father Simon Bernstein had been murdered.
(It is marked "Medical Information"), yet it was called in as a MURDER.

More on Police Report
SEC Complaint regarding Donald Tescher and Robert Spallina,

SEC Charges Robert Spallina and Donald Tescher

The Florida Supreme Court knows how bad the Florida Probate courts are and do NOTHING or can do nothing to STOP the attorneys and Judges such as Judge Martin Colin, Judge David French and Judge John Phillips from harming families of Florida.

The Florida Governor knows of massive corruption and overreaching, unethical, unlawful, unconstitutional judges in the Florida Probate courts, especially West Palm and Boca Raton courts. Yet the Florida Governor DOES NOTHING and allows Florida residents, families to be continually harassed, violated, and stripped of their rights.

On top of knowing of the now infamous Kimberly Moran case, where it seems RICH Florida lawyers got a secretary to take the rap for them for millions in fraud, the Governor also knows more about the Simon Bernstein Estate Case and the Shirley Bernstein Estate Case, as seen at the link below;

Ted Bernstein's whole legal strategy is to ruin his brother period

More Robert Spallina and Donald Tescher, Tescher and Spallina Law Firm, Ted Bernstein of Life Insurance Concepts, Greg Geffen Attorney Signature Title, and Florida Notary Kimberly Moran seem to be involved in a massive Florida Insurance Scam and Estate Fraud Case, overseeing judge is Judge Martin H. Colin. research links

Petition to Freeze Bernstein Assets

Motion to Remove Personal Representative

Response to Florida Governor in Kimberly Moran Notary Fraud, Forgery Case

Forgery, Fraud on the Courts, Sanctions

Kimberly Moran Notary Fraud, Forgery Case. Kimberly Moran of Tescher and Spallina Law Firm response on Notary Fraud whereby she forged the signature of a deceased man to enrich her bosses Robert Spallina and Donald Tescher and DENY the true, moral and legal wishes of those whose Estate Robert Spallina and Donald Tescher were handling the affairs and assets of.

Notary Public Comparison of Signatures and Dates, Evidence in Kimberly Moran Notary of Tescher and Spallina Law Firm Fraud, Forgery Case


Jackson Response to Bernstein Trust Requests

Research Links on the above police case and more..

Here is the Police Report

Here is the Corner's Report Information

"After initial reports to West Palm Beach Sheriff on the day Simon died by his children Theodore Bernstein and Pamela Simon of poisoning, the Coroner who failed to run a poison screen heavy metal test initially finally is forced to and the results are remarkable. See for yourself, you make the call. Also note the cocktail of poisons found is on an autopsy of a 113 yr old Simon Bernstein, 
SEE Sheriff and Coroner’s Reports Page 42 -51 are the heavy metal tests and the rest is good fun reading, including Sheriff reports which have Attorney at Law Robert Spallina, Esq. of Tescher & Spallina, PA admitting that he altered POST MORTEM documents to change beneficiaries and more. See Ted Bernstein admit to Sheriff’s that he never read trust documents he alleges he is Trustee under and more…….com"
Judges are NOT above the Law, yet Judge Martin Colin blatantly let's attorneys break the law in his very court. Then instead of removing them and reporting them to the law, as is his Oath of Office, and moral duty, he let's them remove themselves and go on to victimize more innocent people. Yes Judge Martin Colin did this for the admitted fraud and forgery of Florida Estate attorney Donald Tescher and Robert Spallina.
For More on Florida Judge, Judge Martin Colin and the whole Miranda's Rights thing and KNOWING of crimes happening in his courtroom and doing NOTHING to protect the public from these attorneys who he clearly knows are breaking the LAW.