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Friday, March 11, 2016

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Anonymous Comment On My Blog Regarding the Mitch Huhem Suicide Case. NOTE Deborah is packing up to SELL the HOUSE. Really? Who Owns It? NOT Deborah Huhem.

"AnonymousMarch 9, 2016

From the Family's Facebook page...In Loving Memory of Mitchell B. Huhem
Look at these two posts...

In Loving Memory of Mitchell B. Huhem
Yesterday at 2:54pm ·

It is DONE! 

Despite the family's wishes, despite all of the evidence, the Judge ruled in Deborah's favor today.

Represented by Lawyer Larry Pino, with NO proof whatsoever, Deborah falsely claimed that Mitch Did not love his family, Mitch hated Mormons, Mitch hated Utah.

We all know this is a complete LIE!!!!! 

Now after being married to Mitch for only 5 years, she gets to do whatever she wants with his body, slander his name, disgrace his family, practically give his mother a heart attack, and walk away with millions and millions of dollars. And now she and her Lawyer is threatening to sue our family for causing her distress. Horrific!!!

In Loving Memory of Mitchell B. Huhem

I just got off the phone worth the medical examiners office in Palm Beach, Florida. My brother has been dead for 15 Days, and Deborah Huhem has NOT signed the release forms to pick up Mitch's body!!

Why are you leaving my brother to lay on the slab!!!!! How can you do this to Mitch!!! How can you keep him away from his Mother and his Children!!! This is so WRONG!!! I can not stand this injustice!!!!

In my understanding, there can only be 2 reasons for this. One reason: Deborah loves herself, more than my brother! She is thinking about her own needs. Despite having over 2 weeks to think about what to do with Mitch, she is busy boxing up her things and moving out of "her house," to try to sell it. 

AND/Or the 2nd reason: the police have put a hold on Mitch's body because she is now a SUSPECT to the possible murder of my brother! You have a family begging and pleading since we found out he was dead, wanting to identify him, take him, and bury him in the plot that he bought. We even hired an Attorney to show a Judge all of the documents to prove that Mitch wanted to be burried in Utah with his children.

She had NO proof to show that Mitch ever changed his wishes! But the Judge ruled in Deborah's favor because she, as Mitch's wife of 5 1/2 years, is considered the ONLY next of kin. Why are you leaving my brother to lay on the slab Deborah!!!!!

How can you do this to Mitch!!! This is so WRONG!!! I can not stand this injustice!!!!"
Why is Deborah Huhem boxing up the house to Sell it? 

She does not own the house for one. It is a crime scene in my opinion. The "stuff" is, in part, pieces of the Bernstein estate right? What a legal nightmare and the Florida police stand by while all this plays out.

Where will Deborah Huhem run to next?

Will Laurence J. Pino set her up another fake corporation to hide assets, avoid taxes, get a fraudulent mortgage note or some other scheme?

The way I see it, in my opinion, 7020 Lions Head Lane Boca Raton is yet ANOTHER crime scene. Deborah Huhem is a suspect or a witness, in my opinion. And Mitch Huhem's body is Evidence as to what really happened.

For More on this Story

Oh Ontario what are you worried about and why click on a photo of Alan Rose?? Hmmm

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West Palm Beach, Florida WORRIED about the Judicial Order to Freeze ASSISTS that Judge Martin Colin DENIED.

Here is the Document that the web stats tonight show West Palm Beach worried about.

Why did Judge Martin Colin NOT Freeze the estate assets?

Judge Martin Colin is NOT above the Law. He forced the sale of 7020 Lions Head Lane. Judge Colin is directly involved, as far as I see it, in ALL aspects of the criminal and civil issues revolving around this property.

More on this soon as we revisit ALL the JUDICIAL orders that Judge Martin COLIN forced on the Simon Bernstein Heirs that led to the estate assets being SOLD for wayyy undermarket and the WRONG people getting control of the money.

Leilani Ochoada is BELIEVED to be the VICTIM of Orlando Attorney Laurence J. Pino and I, personally, ALLEGE in conspiracy with Florida attorney Alan Rose of Mrachek Law Firm.

I believe, personally and not factually, as the proven facts have yet to surface, that Leilani Ochoada is a VICTIM Of Orlando Attorney Laurence J. Pino.

Leilani Ochoada claims that PINO used her name without her permission, and he knowingly filed false information with the Florida Secretary of State, which I believe is a Felony, and that Leilani thought she was witnessing a document and claims that she would NEVER incorporate a property. And that she does not own a property in Florida and rents her home.

Leilani Ochoada claims that she has never been to nor knows anything about 7020 Lions Head Lane Boca Raton Florida or the Lions Head Land Trust Inc., as per consensual, agreed, permission granted, recorded conversations for the record.

I report on the facts to the best of my ability and of course add my opinion and flair.

With Leilani Ochoada the facts appear that she was the willing, legal incorporator of the Lions Head Land Trust Inc. In which is the deeded owner of 7020 Lions Head Lane Boca Raton, the property in which Mitch Huhem's death occurred. And the property that is involved in massive legal issues, criminal and civil, in regard to the Simon Bernstein estate case and the Shirley Bernstein estate case, as well as connected civil and criminal cases including the allegation that Simon Bernstein, then resident of 7020 Lions Head Lane Boca Raton was murdered.
When you Google Orlando Attorney Laurence J. Pino there is no shortage of Scandals, alleged criminal activity and more. Yet he is still, oddly enough, practicing law in the state of Florida. 

Leilani Ochoada claims that Orlando Attorney Laurence J. Pino asked her to witness a document about a year ago (meaning a year from approx. Feb. 18th 2016), and that where she signed this document it said witness.

She claims that she did not file a document with the state to incorporate Lions Head Land Trust Inc. and that PINO is shady, and involved in lot's of activities that are not on the up and up (I paraphrase), and so the company she worked for that had rented from PINO moved out of that building and disconnected from associated with PINO.

Leilani Ochoada also claimed that she had met Mitch Huhem a time or two when he came to PINO's Law Office.

After Leilani Ochoada was contacted and questioned about the Lions Head Land Trust Inc. in which is the deeded owner of the property located at 7020 Lions Head Lane Boca Raton, ( Feb. 18th, 2016 ) Leilani Ochoada or her current boss contacted Orlando Attorney Laurence J. Pino and asked him about the Lions Head Land Trust Inc., and asked him why he had put her name on the Articles of Incorporation and filed with the State of Florida as if she was the one incorporating the property at 7020 Lions Head Lane Boca Raton, when she had nothing to do with the property, had never been there and did not incorporate that trust.   Attorney Laurence J. Pino allegedly seemed to act like it was no big deal (more on that at a later date).

Literally days, around 5 days after Orlando Attorney Laurence J. Pino became aware that he had been FOUND OUT, it was reported by a Florida gossip website that Mitch Huhem had committed suicide at "his" Boca Raton Florida Residence 7020 Lions Head Lane. This story was not reported anywhere else and the police were very reluctant to talk about at all.

Last I heard, the Palm County Sheriff, Local Police are not even considering Mitch Huhem's Death to be a MURDER but instead a Suicide, seemingly no questions asked.

I personally believe that 
Mitch Huhem was murdered.

I also believe that Simon Bernstein, formerly of 7020 Lions Head Lane, was murdered and possibly even Shirley Bernstein. The Truth will eventually come out.

If Mitch Huhem did truly commit suicide then why?

Who pressured him, who set him up, who was he in business with that he feared that much?

And where does Deborah Huhem fit into all this?

Lot's and LOT's coming soon about Deborah Huhem.

If you have a Tip, please eMail me

Keep in mind that Florida attorney Alan Rose of of MRACHEK, FITZGERALD, ROSE, KONOPKA, THOMAS & WEISS, P.A., witnessed the signing of the deed for 7020 Lions Head Lane. (More on that coming soon)

Here is the Warranty Deed

Here is a Link to the Affidavit Ted S. Bernstein Signed so that the property could get Title Insurance.

State Ownership Information for Property
Click Below

For more on this story check out

Why is Wells Fargo so worried about Mitch Huhem's Death? Who holds the Mortgage Note on 7020 Lions Head Lane? We know it's NOT the Owner, Lions Head Land Trust Inc. So whose signature does the Mortgage / Note Holder have that Promises to pay the under market price the property was STOLEN FOR?

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ontario, Canada ~ Could this be the Buyer of the Shirley Bernstein Estate Condo?

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