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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Alan Rose Florida Probate attorney working for / with Ted Bernstein, taking a look at the stats below and two documents clearly showing that Mitch Huhem was speaking for and racking up bills for the Bernstein Family Heirs as of September 2015, long before the property was actually SOLD.

First the document below which is a filed lien against the property at 7020 Lions Head. It shows the customer or client in which seemed to have authorized the expense against the estate, the home, to be a Mitch Huhem of the Shirley Bernstein Estate.

Keep in mind folks that Shirley Bernstein died long before Simon Bernstein, they both had lived at 7020 Lion Head Lane in Boca Raton Florida. Simon Bernstein was reported as murdered, and the investigation seems to have went no where.

Judge Martin Colin forced the Sale of 7020 Lions Head Lane per Judicial Order. Another words Judge Martin Colin made the heirs, by Judicial Order, sell this property to Mitch Huhem specifically. Then for some reason Mitch Huhem disguised the title holder of the property in an LLC with other people's name all over it and the only way it was known that Mitch Huhem was the real owner was by way of "gossip" among the country club staff.

More on Lion Head Land Trust

How did Mitch Huhem and his attorney, Laurence Pinot authorize expenses that would have to be paid by the Heirs of the Simon Bernstein Estate? How did the Shirley Bernstein Estate have these guys authorize such an expense? Where was Alan Rose, attorney for the estates ALLEGED Trustee in all this? Ted Bernstein?

The Document says that the property was owned by the Shirley Bernstein Trust? Was It? If so she died before Simon Bernstein so that all seems fishy to me.

Lien Document

Document 2 Regarding Property Lien overview, Authorized by a Mitch Huhem allegedly of the Shirley Bernstein Trust? Yet it seems, as a matter of law that if Mitch was on the property at that time he was a squatter.. So who authorized all this?  Attorney ALAN ROSE?

Why is Mitch Huhem Dead? Was it really a Mitch Huhem Suicide or a Mitch Huhem Murder? Did Mitch Huhem know to much about Alan Rose, Ted Bernstein, Judge Martin Colin, Judge John Philips, Laurence Pinot, Proskauer Rose Law Firm or ??? What or WHO, directly or indirectly Caused Mitch Huhem's Death?

Here are the Ted Bernstein's Attorney Alan Rose Web Stats from Today

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Bank of America Texas Googles "ted bernstein life insurance concepts fraud"

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CERTIFIED MOLD FREE CORP v Shirley Bernstein Trust and the Representative in this Mold Job was Mitch Huhem and his attorney Laurence Pino, WHY?

CERTIFIED MOLD FREE CORP v Shirley Bernstein Trust

This must have been a mold inspection or mitigation on the property at 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton Florida and this was in September of 2015. Why is Mitch Huhem and or Lawyer Laurence Pino acting for the Shirley Bernstein Trust, and dealing with a mold company on a property owned by the Simon Bernstein Trust? Where was attorney Alan Rose and alleged Trustee Ted Bernstein in all this?

Document 1 for Research

Document 2 for research
Shirley Bernstein Estate Mold Company Lien Mitch Huehum and Lawyer Laurence PINO

Looks like a local Mold Company put a Construction Lien on the Property at 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton, and that was in September of 2015 and for some reason in the name of Mitch Huhem, allegedly of the Shirley Bernstein Trust. Hmmmm .. ..

Where is the Main Stream Media on the Mitch Huhem Case? Why is the Palm County Sheriff not putting out a press release? Why a rush to cremate though the family does not want it?

What is the Palm County Sheriff Office / Detectives doing to investigate? Well I don't believe anything as an officer Wells I believe, a supervisor on duty Monday Feb. 29th. said it was NOT a murder. So I guess they must have dusted the gun for fingerprints, looked for gun powder and all that detective work OR just called it a suicide and moved on.

The Palm County Detectives sure seem to have looked the other way on the death of Simon Bernstein and all the other related OBVIOUS crimes by local probate attorneys and Judges.

Why is there such a rush to cremate Mitchell Huhem? It seems that his wishes were to be buried in Utah in a plot he already bought. If that was not his wishes why would he have a plot there?

Why is Mitch's newest wife Deborah Huhem not allowing Mitch Huhem to be buried as he wished or his family wished?

Is there a rush to cremate in order to hide evidence?

Was there even an autopsy?

Did anyone who actually knew Mitch Huhem Identify the body? NOT according to the quote below.

The Family Says this on Facebook:

"This is where Mitch should be burried! With his family, next to his two deceased sons and grandfather, AND by his children so they can visit him!!!

His 2nd wife Deborah, who he has only been married to Mitch for a few years, wants to CREMATE him, and has been trying to do it all week, despite our family wishes! Mitch's kids are pleading with her!

No one who knows Mitch has even Identified his BODY!!! 

She will NOT allow us to see the crime scene pictures or see his body. We need help! Please make a comment that he MUST be burried by his children in Provo, Utah.

Mitch already bought himself a plot here years ago. 

This is a petition I will send to the police department. This is urgent! The more signatures the better!"

In Loving Memory of Mitchell B. Huhem Facebook Page

FILE a Police Report Guys. Contact the Palm County Sheriff Office, ask for the lead detective for the suicide or death at 7020 Lion Head Lane Tuesday Feb. 23.  Ask for Freedom of Information documents. File a murder report if you believe he was murdered. Sign sworn Notarized statements and put in the case file and in the report you file. Make a STAND. Clearly there is no main stream media on this, why? To protect Florida Judges, Probate Attorneys and Financial Corruption.

Get an Attorney, Try and get an Injunction to stop the cremation and demand and investigation.

More on all this at; be sure and use the small search bar in the upper left to search the blog, I have been posting on it for many years.

"After initial reports to West Palm Beach Sheriff on the day Simon died by his children Theodore Bernstein and Pamela Simon of poisoning, the Coroner who failed to run a poison screen heavy metal test initially finally is forced to and the results are remarkable."

Sheriff Report Deputy Ryan Miller - Simon Bernstein Case;
7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton

"After initial reports to West Palm Beach Sheriff on the day Simon died by his children Theodore Bernstein and Pamela Simon of poisoning, the Coroner who failed to run a poison screen heavy metal test initially finally is forced to and the results are remarkable.

See for yourself, you make the call. Also note the cocktail of poisons found is on an autopsy of a 113 yr old Simon Bernstein, hmmmm!!!!!!!!!!

SEE Sheriff and Coroner’s Reports Page 42 -51 are the heavy metal tests and the rest is good fun reading, including Sheriff reports which have Attorney at Law Robert Spallina, Esq. of Tescher & Spallina, PA admitting that he altered POST MORTEM documents to change beneficiaries and more. See Ted Bernstein admit to Sheriff’s that he never read trust documents he alleges he is Trustee under and more……"


Monday, February 29, 2016

Didn't Pay Laura Bush and Colin Powell? WOW. And Laurence Pino same Lawyer, WOW


"The Buffalo courses were to be taught by WealthRock, which is owned by Joseph Johnson, a resident of Apollo Beach, Florida, who bought Get Motivated in January."

"Johnson is named in a lawsuit in Hillsborough County, Florida, alleging he defaulted on a $12 million loan from an investor that he used to buy and operate Get Motivated. Laurence Pino, a lawyer representing the investor, said he couldn’t comment on the case. Companies that handled advertising, Web design and other services for the Tampa company have filed suits for allegedly unpaid bills."

"A Florida company that hired celebrities including Rudy Giuliani and Colin Powell for motivational events that filled arenas around the U.S. has closed, leaving lawsuits complaining of unpaid bills."


"Get Motivated Seminars Inc."

Lion Head Land Trust is OWNER of 7020 Lion Head PERIOD

Click Below

Is there a Trustee for Lion Head Land Trust? Was that Mitch Huhem? We know the incorporator so what is going on here?

Old Republic National Title provided title insurance for Simon Bernstein Estate Case home located at 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton Florida. Ted S. Bernstein CLOSED the Deal as the Seller. 22 days later the resident of the home dies under suspicious circumstances.

Ok, Now I see that Old Republic National Title is who issued Title Insurance on the property located at 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton Florida. They did this per an Affidavit SWORN by Ted S. Bernstein, though he knew there was massive title disputes and knew that he was selling the property to a fictatious corporation, Lion Head Land Trust.

Here is a Link to the Affidavit Ted S. Bernstein Signed so that the property could get Title Insurance.

Prepared by Barry L. Miller, Orlando
11 N. Summerlin Ave. Suite 100
Orlando Florida

Barry Miller Law is the Closing Agent LLC where 7020 Lions Head Lane Boca Raton was CLOSED for the Sale of the property, as seen on the warranty deed.

Here is the Warranty Deed

Keep in mind that 3 weeks later the resident of the home dies, is murdered or commits suicide. The title holder is a Lion Head Land Trust Inc. Incorporated by a woman that Orlando Lawyer Laurence PINO got to sign paperwork and create the corporation. Where is the Investigation on all this?

Why is Palm Beach County looking at posts on Ben Brown? Did they not investigate this Death either?

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For those search "Mitch Huhem investigation update" there is NONE

For some reason main stream media has blocked out the story. The Palm County Sheriff claims it an ongoing investigation but why? They say it was NOT a murder, so I assume there will be no update or real investigation.

Dig into Florida Corruption, it is MASSIVE.

The Palm Beach Sheriff Office, as usual seems to think that googling me is a way to solve all this stuff. Meanwhile in their district Judges and Attorneys are creating massive victims, of which they can't or won't do anything about.

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