Tuesday, March 1, 2016

CERTIFIED MOLD FREE CORP v Shirley Bernstein Trust and the Representative in this Mold Job was Mitch Huhem and his attorney Laurence Pino, WHY?

CERTIFIED MOLD FREE CORP v Shirley Bernstein Trust

This must have been a mold inspection or mitigation on the property at 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton Florida and this was in September of 2015. Why is Mitch Huhem and or Lawyer Laurence Pino acting for the Shirley Bernstein Trust, and dealing with a mold company on a property owned by the Simon Bernstein Trust? Where was attorney Alan Rose and alleged Trustee Ted Bernstein in all this?

Document 1 for Research

Document 2 for research
Shirley Bernstein Estate Mold Company Lien Mitch Huehum and Lawyer Laurence PINO

Looks like a local Mold Company put a Construction Lien on the Property at 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton, and that was in September of 2015 and for some reason in the name of Mitch Huhem, allegedly of the Shirley Bernstein Trust. Hmmmm .. ..

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