Sunday, March 13, 2016

Attorney Alan Rose and the Case of the Missing "original" copies of Trust Agreements? Oh I mean the FOUND "original" copies of Trust Agreements.

How many years does it take to find "original" copies of Trust Agreements?

Why would the attorney that drafted the Trust not have "original" copies of Trust Agreements?

Why would Alan Rose suddenly find "original" copies of Trust Agreements, years into the Bernstein Estate Case, and after a property was already official inventoried?

Se folks Florida Probate JUDGES knowingly let Florida Probate attorneys commit crimes, sign the signatures of the deceased to divert millions in estate assets, flat out lie in court motions, and continually violate the rights of Florida citizens.

Was Florida attorney Alan Rose and his client Ted Bernstein involved in forging "original" copies of Trust Agreements, long, LONG after those who drafted the "original" copies of Trust Agreements passed away? I ALLEGE that they, INDEED, did Forge signatures, and FORGE, alleged "original" trust documents.

A home vacant for years, inventoried by professionals and hmm all the sudden Alan Rose, Florida probate attorney found "original" copies of Trust Agreements? What a CROCK.

There is NO LAWS in the Florida Probate Courts Folks. My advice to YOU is don't die in Florida. The attorneys and judges will take you money and your heirs are plum screwed.

File Criminal Complaints, Fight Back. Contact the FBI, the Department of Justice, and the PBSO and ask why this continues and why these Florida probate judges are allowed to continual violate the human and civil rights of Florida residents, and are protected by the Florida Police, Florida Supreme Court and for some reason their rampant criminal actions are unnoticed or covered up by the Department of Justice and the FBI as they know what is going on in the Florida Probate Courts and which Judges and attorneys are involved and they stand by while victims continue to pile up.

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