Monday, February 1, 2016

Judge David French, Judge Martin Colin and the Corrupt Overreaching Florida Probate Courts; Victim after Victim with total disregard for the law.

"Investigating Judge David E. French and Judge Martin Colin in the Palm Beach Probate Court.

John Pacenti, a courageous Palm Beach Post Staff Writer is writing about the corruption in the Probate Division of the South County Courthouse of Palm Beach County.

It started with Elizabeth Savitt, a tennis pro turned professional guardian, profiting from her marriage to the sitting Judge Martin Colin. There have been complaints from families of double billing and sending disputes to court to run up fees.

Judge David E. French, a friend of Judge Martin Colin and another sitting judge on the Probate Court adjudicated most of Elizabeth’s cases. Many of the cases involved multimillion-dollar estates.

Savitt even pursued seniors’ money after their deaths, taking $30,000 in one probate case without court approval and with no apparent justification other than it was to be, “held in trust.”

Families say they have depleted their own savings fighting her and Judge David French to no avail.

For more information you can go to: The Palm Beach Posts article

Chief Justice for Palm Beach County, Jeffrey Colbath said in an email to The Palm Beach Post that he is in fact-finding mode and “is preparing to make appropriate changes to address concerns.”

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In a similar recent case before Judge David French, fees of $183,811.48 were awarded to the judge’s friends at the Richman Greer law firm.  Even though their client Peter Halle had been violating Florida laws for more than eight years and the Richman Greer attorneys were aiding and abetting him since 2008, they were still awarded those outrageous fees that diminished the beneficiaries share of the trust.

For more information you can go to: New lawsuit filed in Broward Civil Court

Jason Halle was a qualified beneficiary of the Edward Halle Trust and a qualified disturbutee as well.

The trigger for disbursement and termination of the Edward Halle Trust occurred in August of 2007. Peter Halle, the Trustee breached the trust and ignored its instructions. He then hired 10 attorneys at the powerful law firm of Richman Greer, good friends of Judge David E. French. The Richman Greer attorneys aided him in continuing to breach the Trust and violate Florida law.

Judge French ruled against the qualified beneficiary and qualified distributee that had never been challenged, ruled for the lawbreakers and paid his friends at Richman Greer — $183,811.48.

For more information you can go to: Judge French rules against Qualified Beneficiary

I am glad that after such a long time John Pacenti, an amazing Palm Beach Post Staff Writer has been able to bring the corruption in the Palm Beach Probate Court and the pain to the families that are the victims of the corruption in that Court to the consciousness of the public.

Corrupt judges have no place in a democracy that depends upon them to maintain law, order, justice and the principles of the constitution of the great United States of America."

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