Monday, February 29, 2016

Didn't Pay Laura Bush and Colin Powell? WOW. And Laurence Pino same Lawyer, WOW


"The Buffalo courses were to be taught by WealthRock, which is owned by Joseph Johnson, a resident of Apollo Beach, Florida, who bought Get Motivated in January."

"Johnson is named in a lawsuit in Hillsborough County, Florida, alleging he defaulted on a $12 million loan from an investor that he used to buy and operate Get Motivated. Laurence Pino, a lawyer representing the investor, said he couldn’t comment on the case. Companies that handled advertising, Web design and other services for the Tampa company have filed suits for allegedly unpaid bills."

"A Florida company that hired celebrities including Rudy Giuliani and Colin Powell for motivational events that filled arenas around the U.S. has closed, leaving lawsuits complaining of unpaid bills."


"Get Motivated Seminars Inc."

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