Monday, January 25, 2016

Florida seems to be the Capitol of Probate Corruption. Moral to the Story; Don't Die in Florida if you want the Rightful Heirs to get anything.

"Judge Phillips is Forcing Elderly People into Guardianships, he is violating their Constitutional Rights of Due Process and the Elderly are Losing All of Their Civil Rights, Their Money, Their Homes and in Many Cases Their Lives!!!

To President Barack Obama, My Fellow American's and Baby Boomer's, Wake up Baby Boomer's or your life savings can be taken from you with the swipe of a pen. How? Forced Guardianships. Look at this picture of Judge Phillips.

This is a Judge in the Probate Court in Palm Beach County, Florida, that can and will rule you incapacitated, even though you are very competent, he will take away all of your Civil Rights and sign over every dime you have, into the hands of the attorney's and guardian's.

He will first freeze your assets, so you have no money to fight back and hire your own attorney, he will then strip you of your Civil Rights, and once you have no rights, the guardian's and attorney's will start billing and billing fees, they will force you to have a company in your home to eat your food and watch your TV and start charging you 100,000 dollars a year for this, plus attorney's fees and guardian fees, which is about 200,000 per year, total. After they take all your cash assets, they sell your home and or do a reverse mortgage and steal the home.

This Judge's has Abused and Exploited many Elderly People and their family's, please stand with me in numbers, lets take back our legal system that has been destroyed by this corruption of these Judge's, Lawyers and Guardian's. President Barack Obama, we need "CHANGE" please help us stop Elderly Abuse and Exploitation, especially here in the State of Florida in Palm Beach County.

How can Judge Phillip's get away with this corruption, because their is no judicial oversight. The Judicial Qualification Commission protects the Judge's and is a waste of the Tax payers money.

Their is so much more I could say about the guardianship cases here in Palm Beach County, but remember I am telling you now you better protect your mother's and father's because many of these Judge's think they are God.

We need Judicial Accountability, if a Judge does something illegal in a courtroom, they should have no judicial immunity from being sued. The problem is the "Good Old Boy System", I hope you do away with this system, President Obama, we need Judicial Accountability.

This is called Involuntary redistribution of Assets, please read this document by attorney Mark D. Andrews on google. This document is entitled " The Elderly in Guardianships: A Crisis of Constitutional Proportion" just type in Mark D. Andrews on google and you can read this, the most important document to protect you from Elderly Abuse and Exploitation.

This document was so well written, I feel it is my duty as an American citizen to stand up and fight for all elderly American and their Families.

These corrupt Judge's do not follow the laws, I will give you an example, A new case in Judge Phillip's courtroom the Guardianship case of Fey Mitchell, a delightful and beautiful 83 year young woman, who is not only competent but has a beautiful sense of humor. Judge Phillips ruled her incapacitated to give guardian Stephen Kelly all her assets.

You see Fey was not even aloud in the courtroom, so Judge Phillips gives her an attorney, a court appointed attorney named, Carol Clozure. She did not speak up for Fey, yet forced her into the guardianship to steal her money.

This is a violation of Due Process and Fey Mitchell, did not have the right to hire her own attorney, they stole all her money and now a very competent person is incapacitated and has no rights.

The Courtroom was a joke a Mockery of Justice, Judge Phillips has never seen this lady who would of testified in court she did not need a guardian, nor wanted one. Carol Clozure lied to the court stating she did want a guardian, not true.

Weeks prior Fey gave power of attorney to a friend, to prevent this from happening, but Judge Phillips disregarded this leagl document. Their is something wrong America, when you grow older, you can lose your Civil Rights, All your money can be taken, even your home by these corrupt Attorney's and Guardian's. In Mark D. Andrews document, it will state how your Constitutional Rights will be violated, the Courtroom is nothing less than a Mockery of Justice. Their is no law in the courtroom.

You can go to your Congressman and Senators, but they won't help, you see nobody claims responsibility for the problem. You can call the Governor, I tried for 5 years and Elderly Abuse and Exploitation is thriving here in South Florida. Please call Judge Phillips and tell him release Fey Mitchell at 561-330-1750 and please call the Governor Charlie Christ at 850-488-5603 and please tell them to release Fey Mitchell from this fraudulent guardianship scam. America, Please help me save Fey Mitchell, and if you want information on how to protect yourself please write me, Thank you Robert Sarhan, MD"


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