Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Florida Judge, Judge L. Phillips RULES to not disqualify himself? WOW, is that Lawful? Ethical? What is Judge Phillips up to, I mean its been many years right and Ted Bernstein and his Cronies have run off with the money, forged documents and yet all are NOT in Jail and NOTHING happens in the Case.

Yet Judge JOHN L PHILLIPS wants to continue being the Judge in all these cases? Why? He is not doing anything to move them forward and sure seems to be aiding and abetting criminals. Umm and the OBVIOUS is, it is NOT legal for Judge Philips to rule on his disqualification. A higher Judge has to do that, been there many times. So what is the not so honorable Judge John Philips up to? Hmmm..

Here is Eliot Bernstein's motion to Disqualify Florida Circuit Judge, Click Below to Read

Here is Florida Judge, Judge John Philips ruling on his own disqualification. Gee YEP he ruled to keep himself as judge of a case that has been deliberately, maliciously, unethically, unconstitutionally and illegally stalled for years. All the while the Bad Guys sell off assets and move on with their life, and the Bad Guy attorneys continue to violate the constitutional rights of other clients in Florida. All while Bad Judges, such as Judge Colin and Judge Philips look the other way to aid and abet them.

Click below for this short QUICK, corrupt, SMACKDOWN Denial