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Saturday, September 12, 2015

POOR Baby Ted Bernstein is going to Use his Legal Power ?? to STOP the First Amendment? Or is it use legal remedies to huff and puff? So funny Ted Bernstein costs the "estate" millions and is now trying to avoid jail it sure seems and is whining of 100,000? What? Check out this whiny DRIBBLE.

My clattering rambling RANT is in BLUE.

"From: Ted Bernstein []
Sent: Friday, September 11, 2015 1:12 PM

Subject: Online defamation


"The 3rd anniversary of Dad’s death is approaching and I feel obligated, as his son and your brother, to reach out to you on behalf of myself and the other professionals working for Dad’s trusts and estates. "

Yes Sad isn't it Ted, that you have disgraced and dishonored your father so badly, and you have harmed his grand children, seemingly forged his signature and tied up millions of his money and your mom's money and greedily did what ever you pleased while your siblings suffered.  And you feel a sense of morbid "OBLIGATION" now? What a Crock of Shit.

There were NO professionals working on your Dad's Trust, It seems to me that there were crooks, forgers, liars, thieves and those who massively dishonored your Dad's wishes, oh and broke the law.

" On numerous occasions and in many different ways, I have requested that you remove all of the blogs and websites in which you are slandering and defaming me, my family, my businesses and the judges and other professionals providing service to the trusts and estates of mom and dad; but so far you have refused. "

Does Eliot have things written online about you? Hmmm I can't seem to find them. I can't seem to find any websites or blogs that Eliot has about whiny baby Ted at all. And WOW crying about blogs defaming JUDGES?? What? Judges are public officials and COLIN umm he broke the law Ted for you, well not really you but to protect Tescher and Spallina for YOU. So it will all come out in a non-corrupt court one day, just keep on sitting there doing NOTHING to make things right and ENSURE your prison sentence COMING SOON, as far as I see it. 

Slandering YOUR Business? Are you Kidding? Anyone who reads my news blogs that have nothing to do with Eliot, oh except he is a party to the case, well if they can read the actual DOCUMENTS then they can see you have broke the law, and looks to me personally that you were involved in your Dad's death or covering it up for whoever was. 

So where is this slander of you, your family, your business? Oh and your business really? What business is that? the illegal Botox business? or the insurance business? whatever you actually do with that one?

"I also have asked you to cease publishing information about, and interfering in, the sale of our parents’ home; but so far you have refused. "

Where has Eliot published anything about you? You mean documents of his case? or do you mean my blogs, that are published and COMPLETELY controlled by me, Crystal Cox, personally, as is my First Amendment right.

"To date, your actions have cost the Trust more than $100,000 of net sales proceeds for this property alone. "

Is this a joke? Your actions have cost around a million in attorney fees right? to keep up your LIES, right? And you have sold off condos and personal property with NO money to the actual heirs, right? And you have used up, stolen or somehow hidden millions, or so it seems from the documents I have read over YEARS. And now your whining over $100,000? WOW Alan Rose or even the Broker John Poletto got more then that right?

"As you know better than anyone, whether or not Dad adequately provided for us during his lifetime, Dad’s final wishes were to leave his assets equally to his grandchildren, 3 of whom are your children. Your disappointment about this and your resulting actions are helping to ensure that most of his assets will be squandered in administrative costs and professional fees.  Over the past three years, in my role as a fiduciary attempting to carry out Mom and Dad’s final wishes, I have tolerated an incredible amount of abuse from you. "

Just so there is no error here to who ever you are spewing this bullshit to. YOU are the one who has hurt the grandkids and you have NOT carried out ANY final wishes. You are the abuser and NOT the VICTIM. You appear to be delusional, must be all that botox and the ???

"We hardly know one another, having virtually no contact over the past 30 years.  Since our Dad died, you have made unfounded accusations about me that appear to be part of a playbook repeated by you over the past 20 years to intimidate and bully those who do not agree with you.  Your motivation for slandering and defaming innocent people online is malicious and serves no purpose to the efficient administration of the trusts and estates. "

Slandering and Defaming "innocent" people? Really? Have you even read the thousands of documents of proof of the iViewit case, or even this estate case? Your CAUGHT Ted. Who ever you worked for or with at Proskauer, you are ALL caught. It is now only a matter of time before an honest court steps up to indict you ALL.

No Playbook, just Rules of Procedure and the LAW, oh and some pretty good reporting of course.

"You endlessly level accusations against people without providing proof for what you claim. "

WHAT? Have you NOT read THOUSANDS, literally thousands of documents of proof in this and other cases connected in any way to Eliot Bernstein?

"Mom and Dad chose Tescher and Spallina to draft their documents and to act as their trusted fiduciaries upon their deaths."

YEP and Tescher and Spallina chose to go against their wishes, hook up with you and sign their name after they died and try and run off with millions. Can you say Aid and Abet?

"Members of that firm admittedly acted illegally and with poor judgment. I am sure Mom and Dad would not be pleased to learn what occurred. But their wrongdoing, which has been investigated by the proper agencies and will be addressed in a prudent manner, does not justify your continued and disruptive actions."

It doesn't? Well you helped them do those illegal acts Ted? You are the one who had poor judgement and broke the law right? Did you not work with them? 

And here you are saying they admitted to the crimes, yet you want blogs talking about the crimes to stop publishing what you allege to be slander and defamation?

"Moreover, none of the people or professional firms who now provide service or act as fiduciaries, including myself, played any role in the creation of these documents.  Despite these realities, you have made allegations for 3 years now, about all of us, ranging from murder, explosions and illegal Botox funding.   Every allegation you have made remains only that, allegations and accusations made by you and Crystal Cox, your partner.  No proof, no charges, no investigations.  Nothing but carefully constructed blogs designed to trick unknowing readers.

I am not out to TRICK anyone. If these "unknowing readers" come to my blog, they can read the documents of the case and think for themselves. Read your depositions, read the police report and you claiming there was a murder then changing your story, they can KNOW as they read all of your words, and all of the documented proof that I give them and THINK for themselves. There is no requirement to believe me. I always insist that the reader have a BRAIN.

"Every single matter you are involved in results in you claiming fraud, car bombings, theft, ethical violations, professional misconduct, judicial misconduct, law suits, threats – and ultimately, online defamation of your opponents.  None of these matters are related yet you use the same tactics each and every time."

Umm hey DUMBASS, there was a car bombing. Do you even give a shit that your family had someone try and murder them? hmm I guess not, why would you?

opponent?? defamation?? you mean the criminals who robbed him and his family? 

"You represent yourself as an attorney, although you are not a lawyer and have no legal background or training whatsoever. Representing yourself, without competent legal counsel, you play without rules and eviscerate the boundaries and rules which counselors and judges must follow. "

Being pro se is a THING, dumb dumb. And Eliot is VERY good at it. Read the legal documents or have someone read them to you, ya um seems to be doing a very good job in the face of MASSIVE EVIL, and not just your face.

"You sued Florida Supreme Court justices, New York Supreme Court justices and dozens of companies and individuals. In New York, Judge Schiendlin has enjoined you from filing additional claims based upon your belief that your trillion-dollar technology has been stolen through a conspiracy involving courts, judges, lawyers and major tech companies, and entered sanctions against you.

"You have also litigated unsuccessfully in other states, including Nevada. Your behavior in the Palm Beach county courts is remarkably similar.  You are a vexatious litigant.  This appears to be a crucial part of your method."

Ummmm WHAT? Did Eliot litigate in Nevada? I have not seen 

You signed a contract with Mom and Dad more than 10 years ago agreeing that you would never sue any member of your family.  As a planner dealing in this area for the past 30 years, I have never heard of any other similar agreement between a child and his parents.

All of us understand that the death of Mom and Dad has been emotionally devastating for you and economically destabilizing. Your sisters and I understand the special challenges and circumstances you face and as a result, we have been extremely tolerant."

Tolerant? You have been made to obey the law and you have hated it, you have done all you can to be EVIL and have not been TOLERANT in any way"

"But history is repeating itself and you have turned this into an abusive tirade against your family.  After 3 years of baseless accusations about fraud, frauds and fraud on the courts, enough is enough. "

Baseless, Really? You hypocrite, you just admitted above that there was fraud, illegal activity and poor judgement and now it's all baseless? What a Dumb Ass.

 "The online defamation and slandering is simply no longer an acceptable way for you to cope."

Not about COPING Teddy, it is about reporting on corruption in the Probate court in FLORIDA. Actually documents and information, REPORTING and not a way to "cope".

"I am not suggesting that you stop your campaign to prove what you believe - that is your prerogative.  I am, however, pleading with you to immediately stop the defamation and the slander about me and the other innocent professionals. "

What? Eliot cannot stop something he is not doing and Eliot is not my partner, and has no access or control over my blogs in ANY way. And there are no "innocent professionals", they know who broke the law and have not upheld their oath of honor, ethics and to the constitution. THEY have violated their professional standards and they are being exposed, period.

".. Please remove these sites from the Internet and instruct your partner, Crystal Cox, to do the same.  If you do not immediately remove these sites and my name from them, you are leaving me with no other choice but to pursue all available legal remedies. "

Eliot has NOT ever controlled my blogs, nor will he ever. And the TRUTH about you and these not so professional professionals will remain online, eternally, no matter what, so there is that.

Eliot is not MY PARTNER, he is one of thousands of victims of corruption I report on my thousands of blogs. So what is this huff and puff legal remedy you are going to do to Eliot about my blogs? Well I guess we shall wait and see.


Friday, September 11, 2015

John Poletto, YOU are LIABLE for what Ted Bernstein and Alan Rose talked you into doing. YOU know what is LAW and what is NOT. Tell the TRUTH now and maybe avoid going to jail with them.

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Hello Pam, so ya ready to tell the TRUTH, the whole Truth and nothing but the TRUTH about Ted and Alan Rose or go to the BIG HOUSE with em?

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Oppenheimer iViewit - Gee can't wait to see what happens.. oh ya the TRUTH coming soon to a court near you.

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Mcknight Dallas Real Estate - who is this, what's up?

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Hello John Pankauski, YOU are still a party of all this. Maybe it's time to come clean on what you know about Ted Bernstein and Alan Rose. The TRUTH will come out in the right court, an honest court one day.

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