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Saturday, May 30, 2015

I am Reporting on the Simon Bernstein Estate CASE and will continue to do so. My reporting is NOT controlled by anyone but ME. Alan Rose continues to WHINE.

Alan Rose is acting suspicious, does he WANT Eliot to complain about Judge Coates? It sure looks like it. What is Alan Rose REALLY up to?

Why whine about this DRIBBLE now? There is a new judge, we shall see if the law is obeyed.  Alan Rose seems to be pushing to disqualify Judge Coates, why is that?

I mean the Proskauer Rose thing is true, however if Judge Coates were to sign a Conflict of Interest Disclosure then maybe no issue, either way why in the world is Alan Rose so whiny about all this?

Sounds like Alan Rose should file a motion to disqualify himself instead of pushing Eliot Bernstein to do it.

Oh and I love that  Florida Attorney Alan Rose is hanging on my every word INSTEAD of doing his JOB. Just obey the law and don't worry about the bloggers dude.

Either Coates will do a lawful, ethical, constitutional job or not?

I have never seen Alan Rose show so much knowledge about iViewit, oh and so much love for me, It kind of makes me blush actually.

Judge Coates must be a Good Guy for Alan Rose to show such disingenuous concern over possibly conflicts. Things that make you say hmmm...

Check out the eMails below. (Transparency and Accountability)

"From: Alan Rose
Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2015 11:52 AM
To: 'Eliot Ivan Bernstein'; 'Eliot Ivan Bernstein'; 'Eliot Ivan Bernstein'
Subject: Judge Coates

Mr. Eilot Bernstein:

The estate/trust cases have been assigned to Judge Coates.  One order is attached but he has all of the cases.

You already have started with the internet nonsense as to Judge Coates:

( as of mid-day Friday.  Apparently, he worked at Proskauer, and we all know you labor under the belief that someone there stole trillions of dollars of intellectual property from you or your company.

If you object to his continued service, please advise the parties asap, so we can consider simply doing an agreed or joint motion/order requesting his recusal.

Please advise.

Alan B. Rose
Mrachek, Fitzgerald, Rose, Konopka, Thomas & Weiss, P.A."

From: Alan Rose
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2015 11:44 AM
To: 'Eliot Ivan Bernstein'; 'Eliot Ivan Bernstein'; 'Eliot Ivan Bernstein'
Cc: 'John P. Morrissey'; 'O'Connell, Brian M.'; 'Foglietta, Joy A'; 'Peter J. Feaman, Esq.'
Subject: RE: Judge Coates

Now that Brian has set a hearing before Judge Coates, Eliot needs to speak now if he contests the court's ability to hear this case.  Silence equals acceptance and waiver of any objections in my view.

Eliot has filed at least two and probably more motions to disqualify Judge Colin, and already has started with nonsense about Judge Coates.

For the record, we have no objection to Judge Coates.  But Eliot may and he needs to assert that objection or waive it.  There is no point having a hearing and wasting time just to have Eliot complain that day about Judge Coates.

Also for the record, the "journalist" Eliot corresponds and communicates with, Crystal Cox, posted the following highlighted material:

Friday, May 22, 2015
Was Howard Coates REALLY picked Randomly as a Judge in this Case? REALLY? Seriously? A former Proskauer Rose attorney?WOW
Was with Proskauer Rose for 10 years and now on the iViewit SCANDAL in Florida?? Are you Kidding, WOW
Well this should be interesting, hopefully lawful !!
News on ..

Judge Coates was at Proskauer between 1991 and 2000; I believe those are some of the years Proskauer represented iViewIt and possibly during the times that Eliot sued that firm. Eliot has alleged that during these years is when Proskauer stole his patents.  It was an unpleasant lawsuit for the firm I'm sure, and no doubt Eliot made it as unpleasant as possible for the partners of “Porksour Rose”.  Eliot lost his claim in federal court back in 2008 and I believe owes the firm a sanction award imposed by Judge Scheindlin, but he has not given up on that firm and continues to mention it in recent filings.

The point here is that Eliot must advise the parties of his position and the PR needs to get this resolved before there a number of hearings.

Also, you have set too many issues for one 30 minute hearing, particularly when it would be the Judge’s first involvement in the case, in my opinion.

    Alan B. Rose, Esq."

Has Alan Rose gone ROUND the BEND? Alan Rose is already whining to a new Judge about my blogs reporting on this case? WOW

Calm Down Alan Rose, the Law Speaks for itself. Obey the Law, tell the TRUTH, the whole Truth and nothing but, and don't worry about those reporting on this high profile never ending Florida Estate Case which is a MASSIVE public concern.

Murder Allegations and millions paid in insurance, heirs waiting years for money while Ted Bernstein sells homes and let's them run down, Ted Bernstein getting an estate paid attorney and no one else, forged documents, documents signed by dead guys to close estates, and much MORE. This case is VERY important as so many go to Florida for their retirement, yet the attorneys in this case did NOT carry out the wishes of the Deceased. So why move to Florida if Probate Court will not carry out your wishes?

How in the world has all this been allowed to go on for years in Florida Probate court? Meanwhile Eliot Bernstein's family is starved out, kids lose their school and they are constantly harassed by Alan Rose attorney(paid by the estate in which is bullying the other heirs it seems) and others in the case. All this in a simple estate, that should have easily been settled years ago.

Now Alan Rose is WHINING to the New Judge about my blogs, again claiming my blogs are Eliot's and they are MY BLOGS, controlled by me.

Check this whiny Dribble out; GROW UP ALAN ROSE