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Friday, April 10, 2015

Judge Martin Colin refuses to REPORT attorneys for committng crimes but allows attorneys to attempt to force litigants to break the law.

Ted Bernstein is not a legal Trustee. Alan Rose disobeys court orders that harm true heirs, the grandchildren. Yet files for alleged contempt to force litigants to break the law.

Keep in mind this is the same Rogue Judge who will not allow a Liz Pendens to be filed which is the LAW.

Hey First Trust Portfolios watcha looking for?

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Judge Martin Collin DENIAL Of Emergency Petition to Freeze ASSETS; Now the assets are stolen,sold cheap or just gone.

Judge Martin Colin SHOULD have froze assets until there was clear title, he did NOT.

Here is the DENIAL TO Freeze assets

One of those assests is 7020 Lions Head Lane Boca Raton

Judge Martin Colin never did Freeze assets and it's been near 2 years now. So the assets have illegally been sold off, stole, moved, damaged and ALL because Florida Probate Judge, Judge Martin Colin is protecting Elite Florida Probate attorneys.

Here is the Petition to Freeze Assets

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Look at the Top of Section 2. Why did Tescher and Spallina not get the estate involved and try and bring in the 1.7 million for themseleves?

Oh and better Yet Why Does Judge Martin Colin DO NOTHING to report Tescher and Spalina and instead PROTECTS THEM?

Judge Martin Colin, Palm County Florida; Bernstein Estate Case OR as I call it, willful wanton fraud on the court while a Judge looks the other way to protect ELITE Florida Probate Attorneys

Click Below to Go Directly to Document

Or Read Below

January 8th 2015 Judge Martin Colin Probate Court Transcript

Click Above or Read Below;

Whiny attorney Alan Rose does not want to spend estate estates?? BULLSHIT..

This case, folks, is seriously, a JOKE. It is clear and blatant fraud on the court and the victims are the 10 grandchildren.  Alan Rose is keeping this going and he should not even be in this case. Alan Rose says there is no TRUTH in Court. Yet he is under the oath of an officer of the court, an attorney, and admits that there is not TRUTH??

Take a Look at this Mess..

Judge Martin Colin Probate; Simon Bernstein Estate Case July 11th 2014 Hearing Transcript

DO NOT Believe that Palm County Florida will HONOR your WISHES after YOU Die.

Clearly the Palm County attorneys are running the showing and Probate Judges such as Judge Martin Colin are letting them run the show and with total disregard for the LAW.

Read the Hearing Linked above and Posted Below. Look at all documents of the Shirle Bernstein Estate Case, the Simon Bernstein Estate Case and the Illinois Federal Case.  JUDGE for yourself the TRUTH.

It is clear to see that 7020 Lions Head Land Boca Raton is an a MASSIVE Legal Dispute and their is NO CLEAR TITLE.

Tescher, Spallina, Judge Martin Colin, Alan Rose and the Gang.

Oh and Keep in mind their is a murder investigation ignored by this court and one of the atorneys in this transcript was around 50 I believe and died recently. Ya LOOK Deep Folks. Big Business in FLORIDA is Florida Probate Court Corruption I SAY.

Transcript of Emergency Hearing, January 2015, with Eliot Bernstein's Comments

Click Above for Direct Link

Judge Martin Colin Facebook Group Created by Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox in the name of Open Government, Transparcency and accountability.

Mellon Bank

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Judge Martin Colin is NOT an Honorable Man. He has a History of Conflicts of Interest. Judge Martin Colin has too much power over the palm county Probate Court and Billions of Dollars in assests of the Florida Deceased.

"BOCA RATON, FL ( — has received a complaint alleging that noted Boca Raton divorce firm Weiss, Handler, Angelos, and Cornwell, and particularly attorneys Carol A. Kartagener and Henry Handler, committed malpractice, civil theft, and breached their fiduciary duty to their former client Eileen S. Kasman.
Kasman alleges that Kartagener lied to at least four judges during proceedings relating to her divorce from Lewis Kasman — known, according to the complaint, as the “adoptive son” of Gambino Crime Boss John Gotti. She alleges that the law firm of Weiss Handler had a relationship with Palm Beach County Judge Martin Colin who presided over part of the divorce proceedings, and that the law firm represented Judge Colin’s then girlfriend, now wife, Betsy Savitt.
Hon. Martin Colin
Kasman also alleges that Weiss Handler “perform(ed) unnecessary work which inured only to the the benefit of (Weiss Handler), and that the firm covered up “lie with successive lies.”
The suit, filed by West Palm Beach Attorney Bennett Cohn, demands payment in excess of $500,000.00.""

Judge Martin Colin Probate Court Florida; Simon Bernstein Docket Linked

Judge Martin Colin, Donald Tescher Attorney, Robert Spallina Attorney, Alan Rose Attorney, Ted Bernstein Insurance Broker, John Poletto Real Estate Broker, and many more in the Simon Bernstein Estate Case in Palm County Florida.

DO NOT Die In Palm County, Florida. Judge Martin COLIN will NOT Respect your wishes.  And he WILL let attorneys sign your name and do as they please after you pay them tons of money to set up your estate the way you really wanted.

Check out the Docket Below, and also the Police Report, the Corners Report, Murder allegations, property theft, real estate fraud, and much more.

Link to Illinois Docket

Florida Probate Case; Judge Martin Colin; Shirley Bernstein Estate Case Master

To See Full

Check Out this Illinois Case. We have Jackson National / Heritage Insurance paying around 2 million dollars with no policy, Florida Law Firm Tescher and Spallina signed a dead guys name to close a multi-million dollar estate, alleged murder and a serious heavy metal toxin coroners report.

Ilinois Federal Court Case where you see Jackson National / Heritage paying around 2 million dollars on a POLICY that does not Exist. You also see a Florida Law Firm, Tescher and Spallina signing a dead guys name to close a multi-million dollar estate. You see a Probate Judge, Judge Martin Colin let attorneys lie, violate the rights of heirs, commit fraud and forgery and flat out order litigants to break the law and not disclose Florida home at 7020 Lions Head Lane Boca Raton as involved in all these lawsuits and having no clear title - Below is the Docket with Live Links to Documents. Check out the Illinois Case and stay tuned. As the NEW Judge is proficient in RICO Laws.

Click Link Below For Full Screen Direct Link


Master Simon Bernstein Estate






9-15 Hearing to Hold Eliot in Contempt



Shirley Estate Transcript

Hearing, Stansbury and Other


Hearing May 23, 2014

Northern Illinois Amended Complaint

Monday, April 6, 2015

Ted Bernstein is PROTECTED by Judge Martin Colin. Judges are NOT above the Law. Ted should NEVER have been PR.

"Florida Case No. 502012CA013933XXXX, Stansbury v. Ted Bernstein et al. is a lawsuit with a claim against the estate, where RICO Defendant Greenberg Traurig acts as counsel to Plaintiff’s brother Theodore. However, after Plaintiff points out to his brother and Spallina that Greenberg Traurig is conflicted with assets of the estates, including but not limited to the approximate 30% interests held in the Iviewit Companies, the Iviewit Intellectual Properties and this RICO lawsuit, Greenberg Traurig suddenly withdraws as counsel in the matter, months after the lawsuit was instituted"

Source and Full Document