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Friday, March 27, 2015

Boca Raton Broker John Poletto seems to be in on aiding and abetting Ted Bernstein to SELL a property that he has no legal right to Sell. The Property is 7020 Lions Head Lane Boca Raton Florida, the Simon Bernstein Estate Case

 7020 Lions Head Lane Boca Raton Florida is clearly in a major legal litigation. Yet the GREED or aiding and abetting of John Poletto moves forward to sell a property for way to litte of a price in a seeming conspiracy with Ted Berstein.

John Poletto, Real Estae Broker, does not have the proper signature from someone with actual legal authority to sell the property. The property is in a legal situation in which a buyer would probably lose the property. So why is John Poletto doing this and what is his real motive?

I have been a real estate advocate for 15 years, and owned my own real estate company. Brokers are NOT necessarily appraisers. And Brokers can get Comparables for what they want to show. Clearly this property is worth MORE then John POletto seems to be selling it for, so does John Polletto of Sotheby's International Realty Boca Raton know the buyer? Is John Polletto aiding and abetting corruption?

If you look at what happened in the Shirley Bernstein Condo sale, you see a price tag of at least a million less then it was worth, a buyer in Canada who got a residential loan out of illinois, and what looks to me like all kinds of mortgage fraud, title insurance fraud and more. That property is in major litigation as well YET Judge Martin Colin does nothing but let Ted Bernstein do as he pleases. 

More on John Poletto who seems to be aiding and abetting Ted Bernstein as well as Donald Tescher and Robert Spallina. Sotheby's will be LIABLE for these, what looks to, to be fraudulant real estate transactions.

John Poletta has been told, notified and even seems to have lied in court as to this property. It is clear to me, as a 15 year Real Estate Broker, that this property does not have a free and clear title, or even a clear legal owner and therefor cannot legally be SOLD. So what scam is John Poletta running on Boca Raton Buyer?

So is Sotheby's John Poletto in on some Ponzi, or real estate consumer scam with Greg Geffen of Signature Title?

Selling property to buyers out of the country for under value and with no legal trust, no current appraisal seemingly and against the wishes of what looks to be the legal heirs?

Are RESPA Laws being Broken? Are real estate consumers rights out the window? How is John Poletto getting away with his opinion being taken as law by Judge Martin Colin who seems to be letting everyone run amok with total disregard of the law, childrens rights and the rights of deceased.

Below are Links to the Property that is involved in multi-million dollar litigation and John Poletto, Boca Raton Real Estate Agent does not want buyers to know.

John R Poletto
Nestler Poletto Sotheby's Realty, (561) 997-7227
Sotheby's International Realty Affiliates LLC

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Looks to me Like the Palm County Sheriff's Office and Judge Martin H. Colin are NOT taking murder allegations serious nor examining what sure looks to be arsenic poisoning in the Simon Bernstein Estate Case.

If you are thinking of retiring in Florida, think again.

The Florida court system seems to be riddled with fraud and corruption. The local police seem to be aiding and abetting, Judges seem to be protecting corrupt attorneys, and they all seem to think murder, fraud, forgery, asset theft, dead guys signing documents, and blatant violations of civil rights are just fine.

Sure makes you wonder WHO is Paying off WHO in the Florida Probate Courts.

Admitted fraud and forgery, yet Judge Martin Colin, knowingly, willfully and wanton and with full knowledge allows attorneys such as Donald Tescher and Robert Spallina to continue practicing law and creating more victims, as I see it.

Judge Martin Colin of Florida should have removed himself from the Simon Bernstein Estate Case long ago. Yet he stays, he does nothing to those he threatened to read their Miranda rights, he let's kids get thrown out of school because Ted Bernstein and his lawyer Alan Rose seem to REFUSE to follow Judge Colin's court order and pay for the children's school.

Judge Martin Colin knows that there is Fraud and Forgery in this case. There is millions at stake. There is a Dead guy who closed an estate. Yet Judge Martin Colin dottles along month after month year after year while innocent children suffer. Yeah I call this child abuse, in my opinion. As Judge Martin Colin let's these attorneys violate the rights of childreb, lie, and seem to have committed murder or at least aided and abetted the act or the coverup. Well or at least someone seems to have. Judge Colin does not seem to be acting within the color of the law and the Oath of office of a Florida Judge.

The Palm County Sheriff's office does nothing, though Ted Bernstein claimed murder, and Eliot Bernstein has filed reports. It seems to be a hot potato thing, and a new detective seems to randomly appear. Where is the FBI? The Florida attorney General? Who know. Probably controlled by the Florida God known as Chief Justice Jorge Labarga.

Research Links on the above police case and more..

Here is the Police Report

Here is the Corner's Report Information

"After initial reports to West Palm Beach Sheriff on the day Simon died by his children Theodore Bernstein and Pamela Simon of poisoning, the Coroner who failed to run a poison screen heavy metal test initially finally is forced to and the results are remarkable. See for yourself, you make the call. Also note the cocktail of poisons found is on an autopsy of a 113 yr old Simon Bernstein, 
SEE Sheriff and Coroner’s Reports Page 42 -51 are the heavy metal tests and the rest is good fun reading, including Sheriff reports which have Attorney at Law Robert Spallina, Esq. of Tescher & Spallina, PA admitting that he altered POST MORTEM documents to change beneficiaries and more. See Ted Bernstein admit to Sheriff’s that he never read trust documents he alleges he is Trustee under and more…….com"

All this admitted forgery and fraud that Judge Martin Colin seemingly DOES nothing about and the Palm County Sheriff seems to be doing nothing about and we have a multi-million dollar insurance policy that Jackson Life Insurance can't seem to find, but are willing to pay anyway, even though the guy may have been murdered. WOW.

All this ... and still the attorneys involved are still poking around at nonesense and gibberish in Judge Martin Colin's court.  Judge Martin Colin seems to think he is protected by Florida's corrupt Supreme Court Judge Jorge Labarga.

A Few links of Judge Jorge Labarga, Chief Justice Jorge Labara (ya know Judge Martin Colin's Mentor, Right?)

Some Links on the Jackson Nationsl Life Insurance FRAUD and Scam (oh in my opinion)

Looks like the Moral to the story is to use Jackson National to get millions when your people die. See they don't even care if you had a policy, just say you did and they will cut you a multi-million dollar check. YEP it looks that easy. 
So with all this BLATANT and Obvious, Admitted Fraud and Forgery. We have alleged Murder. We have a Sheriff's investigation that may or may not be actually happening, and we have millions in asset. 
We have Dead Guys closing estates. Attorneys forging the signature's of heirs and deceased, and we have a Judge, seemingly aiding and abetting them all, as clearly Judge Martin Colin knows all this and is poking along in this case and allowing these attorneys to still practice law, without reporting them to the PROPER and LAWFUL authorities, as is his sworn oath and duty, of which he seems to have no regard for what so ever. 
I Really do wonder who, if anyone is paying Judge Martin Colin off, and I hope it's worth what he will certainly face morally and spiritually at some point for what he is allowing to happen to innocent children.
Judges are NOT above the Law, yet Judge Martin Colin blatantly let's attorneys break the law in his very court. Then instead of removing them and reporting them to the law, as is his Oath of Office, and moral duty, he let's them remove themselves and go on to victimize more innocent people. Yes Judge Martin Colin did this for the admitted fraud and forgery of Florida Estate attorney Donald Tescher and Robert Spallina.

For More on Florida Judge, Judge Martin Colin and the whole Miranda's Rights thing and KNOWING of crimes happening in his courtroom and doing NOTHING to protect the public from these attorneys who he clearly knows are breaking the LAW.
Meanwhile Judge Martin Colin dottles along, drags all this out, WHY? Well to me it's looking like it is so the bad guys can kill some more people and cover up some more multi-million dollar crimes, and create a massive amount of victims.
Judge Martin H. Colin worked at the Palm Beach County Public Defender's Office. He was the Chief of the Felony Division in that office. Yet he says who cares what the police are investigating, seems to be his court is the law of the land and he NOT even paying attention to the murder allegations, the fraud, the forgery and what looks to be a murder spreee to me. As more and more people connected to the iViewit and Simon Bernstein estate case seem to be dying.  Property is SOLD, assets disappear, people dying and there is Judge Martin Colin lolly gagging.
Judge Martin Colin Does not care if people FORGE your name in multi-million dollar estate cases. Not if your a beneficiary or even a dead guy giving away millions and closing estates, ya um, after he died.
And in the middle of all this admitted and proven FRAUD, Forgery, Deceased Signing Documents, and murder allegations, we seem to have people dying, attorneys in the case and WOW, still the supposed authorities the alleged "Honorable" Judge Martin Colin DOES Nothing to protect people.

Take a Look at the Obituary Below. This seemingly young man, Benjamin Brown Dies of, well I am not sure what. But I do know that Proskauer Rose attorneys who know to much seem to have heart attacks. And I do believe those covering up Billions in fraud, corruption and technology theft in the iViewit stolen technology case have committed murder in the past and are capable of such now.

Here is the Ben Brown Obituary

He seemed like a decent man, Rest in Peace Ben Brown.

Benjamin Brown Links to Previous Posts

Oh and it looks like another attorney in the case has died as well, hmmm.

Looks like Florida Probate, Real Estate and Estate Courts are running amok and dangerously so.

I hope that Judge John Robert Blakey of Illinois sees what is going on in the Florida insurance case connected to this matter and DOES SOMETHING to protect the public from these monsters in Florida in which Judge Martin Colin does not seem to have the balls nor brains to bring to Justice. (oh, in my Opinion)

Judge John Robert Blakey Post I did in connection.

PUBLIC NOTICE: this is connected to and in litigation with 7020 Lions Head Lane Boca Raton Florida, the Simon Bernstein Estate Case; Buyer Be AWARE.