Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Notice of Hearing, Petitions for Loans and Property. How about 3 years to Late. Better Late then Never I Suppose. However, this in No Way Cover Up's what looks to be massive organized crime.

NOTICE of Hearing

Petition To Loan Eliot Bernstein Money?
Pretty SHOCKING. It's been 3 years. Ted Bernstein has SOLD millions in personal property, assets, real estate and Eliot's family has lost everything and been under massive suffering. Ted Bernstein uses estate money to get an AGGRESSIVE Force Using Attorney. Eliot's family gets no attorney.
Now this, WHY?  Because you are ALL involved now and fingerprinted and NAMED in the Illinois Case which is ''under advisement''.

Petition- Move Store and Sell What?? Hasn't the property run down to ruins and the personal assets all been stolen by Ted Bernstein?

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