Saturday, May 30, 2015

Has Alan Rose gone ROUND the BEND? Alan Rose is already whining to a new Judge about my blogs reporting on this case? WOW

Calm Down Alan Rose, the Law Speaks for itself. Obey the Law, tell the TRUTH, the whole Truth and nothing but, and don't worry about those reporting on this high profile never ending Florida Estate Case which is a MASSIVE public concern.

Murder Allegations and millions paid in insurance, heirs waiting years for money while Ted Bernstein sells homes and let's them run down, Ted Bernstein getting an estate paid attorney and no one else, forged documents, documents signed by dead guys to close estates, and much MORE. This case is VERY important as so many go to Florida for their retirement, yet the attorneys in this case did NOT carry out the wishes of the Deceased. So why move to Florida if Probate Court will not carry out your wishes?

How in the world has all this been allowed to go on for years in Florida Probate court? Meanwhile Eliot Bernstein's family is starved out, kids lose their school and they are constantly harassed by Alan Rose attorney(paid by the estate in which is bullying the other heirs it seems) and others in the case. All this in a simple estate, that should have easily been settled years ago.

Now Alan Rose is WHINING to the New Judge about my blogs, again claiming my blogs are Eliot's and they are MY BLOGS, controlled by me.

Check this whiny Dribble out; GROW UP ALAN ROSE

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