Tuesday, May 5, 2015

880 Berkely Street Boca Raton Lis Pendens ; Attorney Alan Rose continues to Harm Real Estate Consumers, as I see it. He seems to believe that letting buyers of a property know that there is massive legal action surrounding the property and owner is not 'authorized'. But its the LAW

880 Berkley St. Boca Raton is the property of Ted Bernstein. Read this Entire Blog and read court documents, and it's plain to see that Ted Bernstein is involved in massive scandals. He alleged his father was murdered, then becomes Trustee of his state. He seems to be connected to forged documents that closes millions in property and estate assets, signed by a deceased man.

All this is criminal, it seems and is under investigation. However, meanwhile as this blog clearly shows, Ted Bernstein has massive liability to those he has harmed over the last 3 years and 880 Berkley St. Boca Raton is part of this legal action, as it is his property, his asset in which it is alleged he paid off or on with stolen money.

Judge Martin Colin does not have to give ''permission'' for a Lis Pendens to be filed. It is the Law to DISCLOSE to Buyers, and Ted Bernstein seems to be named in many legal actions of which are not governed by the superpower Judge Martin Colin who has held this case up for years.

Here is the Lis Pendens on 880 Berkley St. Boca Raton
Eliot Bernstein v. Theodore Bernstein
880 Berkely Street Boca Raton Lis Pendens 
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