Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ted Bernstein is NOT a Legal or Compentant PR. Judge Martin Colin protects him, Alan Rose, Donald Tescher and Robert Spallina. They ALL seem to be above the LAW.

Ted Bernstein FAILS for years to provide accounting on the estate, FAILS to upkeep property, Participates in fraud and forgery it sure seems, uses aggressive tactics to bankruptcy Eliot Bernstein, FAILS to pay for the kids schooling and is thereby abusing children, the law, the courts, and the rightful heirs. YET Judge Martin Colin keeps Ted as PR and why?

Well probably because he appointed him in the Shirley Bernstein case and would have to eat crow as they say. Either way, whether Florida cares that Judge Martin Colin is not obeying the law, there is nothing I can do, however, the TRUTH remains to be the TRUTH. Ted Bernstein has no legal right to be the PR and inhis appointment by Judge Martin Colin, he has done massive damage, and broke massive laws.

Also it seems that Simon Bernstein died in an alleged Murder, as Ted Bernstein claimed to Palm County Police, and Judge Martin Colin appoints him as PR to millions, what?

There is no way you will ever convince me that Judge Martin Colin is not corrupted or conflicted somehow in all this. Taking 3 years to handle all this and no fraud or forgery charges against Tescher, Spallina or Ted Bernstein???

Probate Fraud is Rampant in Florida and Judge Martin Colin, protected by his crony mentor Judge Labarga, is at the top of this Judicial Probate Scam.

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