Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Judge Martin Colin Probate; Simon Bernstein Estate Case July 11th 2014 Hearing Transcript


DO NOT Believe that Palm County Florida will HONOR your WISHES after YOU Die.

Clearly the Palm County attorneys are running the showing and Probate Judges such as Judge Martin Colin are letting them run the show and with total disregard for the LAW.

Read the Hearing Linked above and Posted Below. Look at all documents of the Shirle Bernstein Estate Case, the Simon Bernstein Estate Case and the Illinois Federal Case.  JUDGE for yourself the TRUTH.

It is clear to see that 7020 Lions Head Land Boca Raton is an a MASSIVE Legal Dispute and their is NO CLEAR TITLE.

Tescher, Spallina, Judge Martin Colin, Alan Rose and the Gang.

Oh and Keep in mind their is a murder investigation ignored by this court and one of the atorneys in this transcript was around 50 I believe and died recently. Ya LOOK Deep Folks. Big Business in FLORIDA is Florida Probate Court Corruption I SAY.

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