Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Judge Martin Colin ORDERED Alan Rose, Florida attorney to Pay for Eliot Bernsteins kids school tuition, as far as I know this was not paid. Children SUFFER in Judge Martin Colin's Court.

Alan Rose, Florida attorney seems to want Judicial Orders followed to the letter. Yet he says there is no truth in court. And he, himself is NOT following orders that ruin kids lives???

Alan Rose has aidetted and abetted Ted Bernstein to starve Eliot and his children out, and to ruin their schooling. ALL outside of Judge Colin's Clear order to pay the school.  Alan Rose has NO RESPECT for the Law nor TRUTH, Accountability and Disclosure.

Why does judge Martin Colin allow Ted to be PR?  With clear forgery and fraud connected to him. Why does this Judge let Ted and his sister seemingly steal assets, and funnel money, along with illegally selling the Shirley Bernstein Condo through Broker John Poletto and Title Insurance Owner Greg Geffen, in a clear and blatant real estate fraud and coverup?

Why is Alan, the monkey man, still jumping around in this court banging his chest when he has no legal right to be there?

TED should not be PR.

Murder investigation, coroners report of way to much arsenic, insurance fraud, forged documents of which Florida's governer deemed fraud and Judge Martin Colin whimpily spouted he should read Miranda rights to lawyers who signed a dead guys name and BROKE the LAW in a multi-million dollar estate where there is a murder investigation, a fraudulent condo sale, missing jewelry and other assets, property being let to run down, YET Judge Martin Colin DOES NOTHING to protect the true heirs, the children.  All the while Judge Martin Colin keeps TED Bernstein as PR and makes a mockery of our Justice system.

Alan Rose is a big ape beating his chest and blowing hot air, simply to cover up the clear and obvious admitted crimes by Ted Bernstein, possibly his sisters and definately Donald Tescher and Robert Spallina.  Maybe you can all share a jail cell.

Come on you don't really think you will get away with all this do you? There is to much clear and obvious proof.

So go ahead, lie to a real estate buyer, commit real estate fraud. They will find out one day and your law firm will be liable along with John Poletto, Sotheby's and Greg Geffen's Title Insurance scam o rama.

Alan Rose Florida Attorney
                              Keep Raging but it will NOT keep the TRUTH from being the TRUTH.

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