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Florida Real Estate and Probate FRAUD; Judge Martin Colin, Florida Judge turns a blind eye to Murder Allegations, Dead Guys signing documents, Attorney Corruption, Fraud, Forgery and more. Yet he seems to feel pretty STRONG about ordering that the Law be Broken when it comes to Florida Real Estate LAW.

It is the LAW to Disclose the Litigation regarding 7020 Lions Head Lane.

I have owned my own real estate company for 15 years, and currently have a real estate firm at this time still.

It is the LAW and Ethical to DISCLOSE to a real estate consumer, ANYTHING that may harm them in any way.  That includes stress, emotional, financial, future litigation, or any other future harm.

If it is proven that attorneys, Sellers, a JUDGE and a Real Estate Broker knew of a latent issue that could possibly harm the them, the buyer, then this is FRAUD, plain and simple.

There is massive proof in Judge Colin's court regarding 7020 Lions Head Lane being in litigation. You can see in a transcript I posted that this Judge seems to be ordering, or ranting that the buyer is not to know about litigation concerning the property. And it seems John Poletto, Floriad Broker DOES not want to SPOOK a Buyer with the TRUTH. Another words John Poletto, Alan Rose, Ted Bernstein and seemingly Judge Martin Colin are willing to BREAK the law to get a deal done.  And the victim is the real estate consumer.

In the Simon Bernstein Estate Case and the Shirley Bernstein estate case, we can see clear and blatant fraud, admitted forgery, missing assets, a murder investigation, alleged theft, insurance fraud and yet we have a Judge, who blatantly is disrespecting the law and violating the legal rights of the real estate consumer. Instead of actually reporting the real criminals in this case and bringing justice as he is PAID to do.

Judges are NOT above the LAW.

Folks, read the police report, the coroners report. If there is a murder to be found, as Ted Bernstein first alleged, well that would make, in my opinion, 7020 Lions Head Land a crime scene, of which nothing seems to have been done to preserve.

Sheriff Report

Simon Bernstein Coroner Report

eMails with Dr.Bell regarding Simon Bernstein

Press Release on Alleged Murder

Look at this Daft Order Below

Basically Real Estate Consumers, here you see a Florida Judge flat out ordering a Florida Seller, their Real Estate Broker and a Florida Citizen to Break Florida Law and to NOT Disclose to you, the Real Estate Consumer that there is litigation concerning 7020 Lions Head Lane, Boca Raton Florida.

Even if the Real Estate Consumer does not see my warnings, there are court hearings that PROVE that the Judge knew, the attorneys knew, the sellers knew, and John Poletto Sothebys Broker KNEW and did not want to run off a potential buyer.

SO anotherwards they KNOW, known defects or litigation of a real estate transaction that could harm a buyer, cost them time and money and tons of stress for years on end and this, what looks to be Lawless Florida Judge has ORDERED that the Real Estate Consumer NOT be told about what is going on in the courts with this property.

To me this means that Judge Martin Colin seems to be ordering people, by Judical Order, to BREAK THE LAW.   WoW.

A Bit about Florida Real Estate Law

It it is the job of the state to get a LEGAL Appraisal and yet this JUDGE wants those who object to the price to pay for their own appraisal? What?

In this kind of estate fight, there has to be several appraisals from an objective appraiser and NOT an appraiser in the pocket of Broker John Poletto.

Judge Martin Colin KNOWS that John Poletto was involved in the fraudulent sale of the Shirley Simon Condo. So what if he has been marketing for a thousand days. THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW.

A Dead Guy cannot close an estate, as a matter of law and well CLEAR Common Sense.

There is coroners reports and alleged murder, along with ongoing murder investigations as well as fraud and other alleged crimes.  This ALL involves all the assets including the homes, which includes 7020 Lions Head Lane.

There is admitted fraud and forgery as police reports and official letters from the Florida governor shows. There is insurance fraud in a federal case out of Illinois.  And all of this involves both the Condo in the Shirley Bernstein estate and the home at 7020 Lions Head Lane in Boca Raton.

Yet Judge Colin has a hissy fit in regard to obeying the law which is to DISCLOSE all KNOWN facts to a real estate buyer. But Judge Martin Colin has no problem with murder allegations, not paying for a childs school and they are thrown out, fraud, dead guys closing estates, property and asset theft and other clear, obvious, admitted and blatant crimes in both these estate cases.

Judge Colin Martin's court is clearly out of control and a special prosecutor needs to step in. There is massive FRAUD and Crimes and Judge Martin Colin is clearly either corrupt, ignorant or simply over his head. Either way he must, by law, do the right thing and report ALL of these crimes.

Florida Real Estate Disclosure Law

There is a "Duty to Disclose" under Florida Law, yet Judge Martin Colin seems to create orders in his court that ORDER people, yes by Judicial Order, order people to Break Florida law and not Disclose.

In residential real estate property transactions, Florida sellers have a legal duty to disclose to someone who is considering purchasing a piece of real estate all known facts about that property, as a general rule. Specific laws, in fact, have been passed to make sure that buyers are informed of especially important information.  See Florida Statute 689.261.

Florida Disclosure Law

689.261 Sale of residential property; disclosure of ad valorem taxes to prospective purchaser.
(1) A prospective purchaser of residential property must be presented a disclosure summary at or before execution of the contract for sale. Unless a substantially similar disclosure summary is included in the contract for sale, a separate disclosure summary must be attached to the contract for sale. 

More Florida Real Estate LAW Links

Your BROKER Knows, the Seller Knows, the Court KNOW; YOU have a Legal Right to Know

It may be construtive FRAUD or Mortgage Fraud for a Buyer to get a real estate loan such as the Illinois Residential Real Estate Loan that the Canadian buyer of the Shirley Bernstein condo got or a new buyer may get on 7020 Lions Head Lane Florida. As if a JUDGE, Court Documents, Hearing Transcripts, Attorneys,Brokers and SELLERS, as with this case are found to have known that the buyer would be harmed, be in litigation and may lose the property or their time and material put into the property or mortgage cost, this may be deliberate, willful, wanton MORTGAGE FRAUD.

When a buyer is not told about a material issue related to residential property in Florida, the buyer may have the right to rescind the deal and/or sue for money damages resulting from the failure to disclose. This is true whether or not the failure to disclose was intentional or a mistake.

Especially if it is proven that a Florida JUDGE Knew and hid the information, a florida law firm and lawyer (Alan Rose) and a SELLER ( Ted Bernstein speaking for and illegally signing listing agreements on behalf both Estates)

In fact, Florida real estate lawyers see many “Errors & Omissions” claims on Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Broker’s insurance policies for being complicit in failing to disclose a defect or condition that is adjudged to be a material item.

A multi-million dollar litigatin is a "Material Factor" Period, as a matter of LAW.

It is well known that failures to disclose known issues to residential real estate buyers in Florida often leads to lawsuits being filed. There are several statutory laws (both federal and state) that come into play here, along with Florida court cases.

Judge Martin Colin appears to be acting in collusion to ORDER the law to be broken.

If a JUDGE orders you to break the law, would you??? NOT ME, I would contact the Department of Justice, FBI and Attorney General.

According to the Florida Bar: A buyer of residential real estate can maintain a cause of action for nondisclosure of latent defects and is not required to prove a false statement by the seller in order to recover. The seller now has an affirmative obligation to disclose known material defects. Since a buyer has no duty to find a latent defect, but only one that is “readily observable,” a non-disclosing seller may not defend on the basis that a ‘reasonably diligent’ inspection would have disclosed the material defect.

For example, defects in the materials used to build the home must be disclosed by Florida commercial and residential real estate sellers. This is particularly important in older homes where dangerous materials like lead paint or asbestos were included in ceilings or walls.

Non-Apparent Defects

In addition to apparent defects in the home, the state of Florida requires that non-apparent defects are disclosed. Non-apparent defects are Florida disclosures must list serious material defects voluntarily.

KNOWN Litigation is a Material Defect, is a non-apparent defect, PERIOD.

Look at the Transcript Below and Tell me if you don't see attorneys and a JUDGE conspiring with a Real Estate Broker to NOT disclose known litigation on a property that WILL or even may affect a potential buyer.

Folks if a JUDGE orders you to Rob a Bank are you going to DO IT?

How does this Judge get away with ORDERING people to break the law?

Judges are NOT above the LAW.

Meaning if the Judge orders the Broker, the Seller, and others to remain SILENT about known issues, isn't this deliberate, willful, wanton violation of law?

If this happens the buyer can sue them all and can rescind the sale, as far as I read Florida Real Estate Law.

DO your Homework. Buyer Be AWARE
Do your Due Diligence.

The TRUTH is easy to find and this Judge, Broker John Poletto and attorney Alan Rose are doing all they can to hide the TRUTH from you.

Written by
Investigative Blogger
Real Estate Broker and Whistleblower
Real Estate Advocate
Crystal L. Cox

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