Saturday, April 4, 2015

Florida Lis Pendens; 7020 Lions Head Lane; Judge Martin Colin and what looks to be FRAUD on the Real Estate Consumer

It is the Law to Disclose anything that could possibly, adversly affect a real estate buyer. It is the ethical duty, more obligation and the LAW to disclose ANY material factors in a real estate transaction that could potential harm a buyer.

Yet JUDGE Martin Colin seems to have forbid the legal, lawful, dutiful filing of a Lis Pendens on 7020 Lions Head Lane, Boca Raton Florida.

Judge Martin Colin, and attorney Alan Rose, along with Florida Real Estate Broker John Poletto of Nestler Poletto Realty Inc. and Distinctive Florida Estates Inc. have DUPED litigants into thinking that Judge Martin Colin has jurisdiction and some VETO power over the filing of a Lis Pendens in the Palm County courts, which is the LAW to file, in order to prevent Real Estate Fraud and Mortgage Fraud.

If 7020 Lions Head Lane Boca Raton Florida sells and Judge Martin Colin, Ted Bernstein, Attorney Alan Rose and Broker John Poletto KNOW and deliberately FAIL to disclose. This could easily be MORTGAGE Fraud. As the buyer can't pay off a loan if if the property is rescinded by the proper heirs or is tied up in a lawsuit and a Florida Judge ORDERS that the law be BROKE and the buyer not be told.

It is NOT Lawful to Forbid the Filing of a Lis Pendens. It is REQUIRED as a matter of law. Judge Martin Colin is ordering the law to be broke, and it is my opinion that buyers can go after his bond, as well as sue Ted Bernstein personally, Alan Rose personally and professionally, John Poletto personally and professionally and Greg Geffen if his title insurance charade closes the deal like he did the Shirley Bernstein condo, in my opinion, as a real estate profession, FRAUD.

They all know and deliberately, willfully, knowingly REFUSE to disclose and FORBID litigant Eliot Bernstein to disclose as the way I read the court documents.

Here is the Transcript of the Judges unlawful RANTS

Here is the Lis Pendens that Judge Martin Colin has BLOCKED from being legally filed.

Florida Law Regarding the Requirement as a matter of law to file a Lis Pendens, yet clearly you see a Probate Judge, attorney Alan Rose, PR Ted Bernstein and Broker John Poletto BREAKING the law and refusing to disclose AND Judge Martin COLIN blocked litigant Eliot Bernstein from obeying the law and protecting the real estate consumer by filing a lawful Lis Pendens.

Colin Blocks the Lis Pendens, then Mortgage Companies and Buyers don't KNOW

Judge Martin Colin let a dead guy close an estate. There are many lawsuits in which dispute the title of the property at 7020 lions head lane and the Shirley Bernstein Condo of which was already fraudulently SOLD.  A Lis Pendens is prudent and is the LAW.

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