Monday, March 30, 2015

I wonder if Alan Rose is getting a bit nervous yet? I mean come on missing assets, murder allegations, insurance fraud, possible poisoning, attorneys dying of mysterious deaths, and clear and blatant obstruction of Justice and Fraud on the Courts.

Alan Rose or someone else at his law firm, sure does love the blog post below

Are you ready to tell the TRUTH and Obey the LAW yet Alan Rose?

Clearly you know that the GIG is up. Ted is clearly breaking the law and you are clearly, willfully, wanton and with full knowledge of the law BREAKING THE LAW.

So Take a Good Look at the police report, the police statements by all involved, the coroners report, the insurance fraud, the admitted forgery; then sit back assess your life and figure out your priorities.  Do you want to protect Ted and Donald Tescher for their crimes and risk going to prison yourself? Or do you want to come clean now and save your own ass and maybe even keep your law license? Hmmm inny minny miney moe..

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a Sunday, WOW Alan Rose is Sweating this Out.

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