Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Alan Rose of Mrachek Fitzgerald Rose Konopka Thomas & Weiss DEFENDS Ted Bernstein on Estate Money, it seems, and Directly against the wishes of the Deceased, and in the face of Post Mortem signatures, fraud and forgery, that he is well aware of and with NO original documents. Why is Alan Rose not in JAIL? hmmm

"7.            That in Eliot’s deposition on September 22, 2014, it was learned that TED and his counsel Alan B. Rose, Esq. do not have possession of the original signed Simon Trusts and Shirley trusts that TED is operating under. (See YouTube video of Eliot’s September 22, 2014 deposition @ http://youtu.be/NawfOrynRVY  at timeline time of 2:49:00 – 2:52:30, and the entire video is hereby incorporated by reference in entirety herein.)

8.            That TESCHER and SPALLINA were ordered to turn over all their records and properties in their possession to the Curator, Benjamin Brown, Esq. and whereby no original Wills or Trusts for Simon and Shirley were turned over and where it now appears that TED does not possess them either and this may evidence even further document tampering, destruction and/or suppression.

9.            That at this time it appears that no originals exist of the Wills and Trusts and beneficiaries have been denied seeing them for over two years."

Alan Rose Boca Raton Florida 
Mrachek Fitzgerald Rose Konopka Thomas & Weiss