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Saturday, June 14, 2014

So Alan Rose and John Pankauski are named Respondents and then they file a Notice of Appearance? WOW? Why has Judge Colin not arrested these guys?

June 4th Respondents added, then June 13th Alan Rose and John Pankauski decide to FINALLY file a notice of appearance when clearly they were in the case for a VERY long time, WHAT?

Alan Rose Tough talkin' Gibberish. Hey Alan TIME to Notify your Liability Carrier DUDE.

"Attached are draft orders regarding the hearings of today before Judge Colin. Please let me have your comments at your earliest convenience.

                Best wishes.



"Alan, your notice of appearance attached herein comes at a strange time, as you can see from the attached receipt, the Court had officially docketed you and your firm and John Pankauski and his firm and others officially as Respondents/Defendants in these matters prior, as was requested of the court on June 04, 2014 when I filed my motion to deal with you as added new Respondents, the monies to add you and others have been deposited as you can see in the courts register early this morning prior to your latest improper filings.

From this point forward please govern yourself as a named Respondent under all applicable rules of attorney conduct and laws.

As such, I will anticipate your voluntarily removal and disqualification of yourself as counsel shortly and voluntary withdrawal ALL of your prior pleadings that were filed without having filed a notice of appearance and while you were aware of your adverse interests and your being a fact and material witness in the events involving the frauds in and upon the Court, Beneficiaries, Creditors and Interested Parties with prior removed counsel and fiduciaries who engaged you.

We will be seeking to schedule your deposition shortly and demand that you promptly turn over all of your records to the Court or the Palm Beach County Sheriff and send copies to anyone else you are obligated to regarding your involvement in any way with any parties who have committed the civil torts alleged and the criminal acts already proven and admitted.

Thank you for your prompt attention to these matters.  Please, now that you and your firm are Respondents in these matters please report this to your liability carrier or else insurance fraud laws may also apply against you for failure to disclose litigation as required.

I have given you and your firm and its partners and of counsel  and associates ample notice, since June 04, 2014 of your conflicted and legally abusive continued representations but you, like your client Ted fail to heed good advice with the best of intentions and therefore have left no alternative recourse.

My motion to hear the information on you being added as a Respondent and what to do next and how to handle you forward is pending scheduling on the July 14th 21014 that you continue to refuse to cooperate in scheduling that hearing can be dealt with once I get that set but I do not think you will be able to represent further in any capacity other than Respondent/Defendand henceforth.

Best ~ Eliot


"I object to these orders, as Ted is not the successor trustee of the alleged Trusts as far as I know legally and he cannot now serve in any capacities for a myriad of reasons.  

This is why you Alan should not be acting further either, especially where there is a motion to add you as a Respondent/Defendant and to remove your client for a host of reasons, including your direct past involvement with Tescher and Spallina to advance their frauds and again this continued action by you just appears more fraud, waste and abuse but I will take that up with Judge Colin if necessary.

Have you notified your liability carrier of your situation in these matters and that you have been noticed of your involvement in the litigation as a Respondent/Defendant yet.

Can you please send over your carrier information so that I may notice them as well in the event that you are not?

 Thanks ~ Eliot"


"If that is your only objection, we will send in the orders with that noted to judge.

Alan B. Rose"


" Alan, I also object for other reasons, including but far from limited to that there is a pending motion to add you as a Respondent for your adverse interests created from your involvement with Tescher and Spallina and others in the already proven and admitted criminal acts that have taken place by prior Attorneys at Law and Fiduciaries in these matters that without question now make you both a material and fact witnesses regarding the criminal acts and your factual involvement with the perpetrators during the time of the criminal acts.  This alone should force your voluntary Disqualification from these matters.

Your continued actions, despite your requirements under attorney conduct codes and law to disqualify voluntarily from matters when you have adverse interests and conflicted, will be imparted as further aiding and abetting the prior crimes and continuing new one, including but not limited to, obstruction of justice through an intentional attempt to deny due process through such continued improper actions as an Officer of the Court while knowing of your and your clients adverse interests and conflicts that preclude further involvement.

A note to the attorneys at law involved in these matters who are receiving this email, I believe you are duty bound to report attorneys at law who have adverse interests and conflicts and refuse to disqualify when these are apparent and yet further advance improper legal arguments through the violation of their attorney conduct codes and law in proceedings you are involved with them in and certainly Alan and Ted’s involvement with the former Attorneys at Law and parties involved in the already proven and admitted crimes, is irrefutably reason that they will be material and fact witnesses and have adverse interests and should disgorge themselves of any fiduciary and/or legal capacities they are acting in and cease and desist all contact in such capacities with any other attorneys at law involved.  

If you are aware that Ted and Alan will be material and fact witnesses in these matters and cannot continue to act impartially and continue to correspond with them, settle with them or make any other communications with them in these improper capacities, this could be construed as aiding and abetting and obstruction and more.  Just something to consider.

Alan, I and hopefully all the lawyers in this communiqué, will be objecting to any orders you put forth while conflicted and with adverse interests as further FRAUD ON THE COURT and the Beneficiaries and Interested parties, in order to cover up the already proven and admitted crimes and further aid and abet those attorneys and fiduciaries who brought you into these matters and whom you acted with in perpetrating their frauds.  

I also will be filing additional criminal charges for the obstruction et al. against you and your firm and all partners, associates, of counsel and employees that participate in any way in these matters forward.  I believe the Attorneys at Laws involved and copied herein may also due what they are legally and ethically required to do and report you and Ted and file with the proper authorities instantly regarding your continued misconduct and more.  Please, do the right thing under law and your ethical cannons and voluntarily cease your misconduct and cease further FRAUD, WASTE and ABUSE of Estates assets and time.

Best ~ Eliot

Thanks ~ Eliot"

oK now it is settled. WRITTEN in STONE. Now you can Sue Rip Off Report, who claims to never remove anything even under court order, ya know to PROTECT FREE SPEECH

Wa Wa I HATE Transparency, Truth and Obeying the Law says Cry Baby Alan Rose.

EMAIL Alan Rose, Respondent, WANTS TO HIDE:

"Alan - I want Eliot's deposition scheduled as soon as you can notice him.  We can discuss the strategy once he is served. I want to go through each claim with you and/or John to determine the legal necessity to respond.  If any reply is necessary, the record must be straight with respect to each.

This is a rambling, filled with contradictions that need to be exposed for what they are.  If John does not want to tangle with Eliot, remove John immediately. I am sorry to be this blunt, but I do not want to address the John issue again.

If he is not 100% in support of me as trustee, including how I have protected myself with trust assets and will continue doing so as necessary, and being aggressive and forceful, if need be, with eliot, remove him as counsel.

I do not want to spend another unnecessary dollar with counsel that is not going to zealously defend me as trustee and protect trust assets.

I cannot be more decisive re this and I say this with no animosity - simply for efficiency sake and my best interest.

Eliot is in default of production.  Let's serve notice on him that he is in default.

I want Eliot to produce everything he has with respect to these cases, including:

Documents he refers to having that provide trusts for him and/or his children.

Agreements he has signed with my father and mother, together or separately.

All correspondence between him and my parents, together or separately concerning anything he has referenced in his ramblings through this one.

Anything and everything pertaining to iviewit, including his harassment of Jerry Lewin, Al Gortz of Proskauer and their firms.

I want court proceedings, lawsuits, all correspondence to him and from him including paper and electronic, including video tapes and electronic interviews.

History of incidents at st. Andrews school.

All correspondence with bill Stansbury. Everything related to Feaman / Stansbury

All bank accounts, credit cards, sources of income, loans and gifts.

All correspondence with anyone he has shared estate details.

All correspondence of every type with: walker, puzzio, SAHM, Diana banks, Scott banks, NACLERIO, Dietz, Gefen and every person on his email distribution list. If he doesn't comply, I want all of them deposed.

Everything in which he has mentioned my name including emails, phone calls, letters, complaints to whatever agencies he has made complaints including police, federal, state, regulatory.

Everything and anything he is doing that we are not yet aware of such as online web site attacks.

Everything connected to crystal cox concerning me and anyone else he is extorting and harassing together with her.

Manceri filed production requests. If it is possible to hand eliot a subpoena for his deposition at tomorrows hearing, that would be great.

I also want feamans deposition taken in connection with this case and what he is doing with Eliot.

If mediation is scheduled and you feel this is better done after the mediation, I am okay with that. If it is not, let's take his depo.

How much is in Feaman trust account that has been stolen from us?

I want an accounting.

Has any money been used for Stansbury defense thus far?

If we are scheduled for mediation, will this be revealed? If we are not, I want to know ASAP what is in account, I want all statements and any expenditures.

I'm sure I will think of more.

Ted Bernstein"

Hey is this the Condo Buyer? You do know you will have to give the Condo Back? What is the Condo buyers connection to all this anyway?

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Dude The Ship already Sank.. the Rats are on the Run.. What are You doing?

DUDE, what we NEED here is A Gag Order with some TEETH 
and the DOG to Wag it's own tail.   

Alan Rose is a bit SHOCKING. Now he is making up some smoke screened gibberish, to cover up his clear conflicts of interest and violation of law. Well it seems to me anyway, and this big baby has now resorted to name calling and neener neener. WOW, and this is a court of law where the TRUTH cannot be found?

Alan Rose is the TAIL that is for sure and he is surely destroying the dog, as his motion accuses Eliot Bernstein of. SHOCKING, Alan Rose's client, Ted Bernstein starves children, seems to steal estate assets, calls in a murder, seems to tell a big ol' story to investigators, seems to be involved in massive insurance fraud, and WOW Alan Rose is accusing Eliot Bernstein of harming estate assets. This is sick, cruel, twisted and WRONG.

Can you belief Asshole Alan Rose here yammering of what's left in the estate? He is eating up estate money defending a criminal. The estate has been raided for millions by his client and now he is targeting Eliot, the only one
who has not broke the law in this fiasco.

YES Alan, calm down now and come back from the LEDGE Drama QUEEN.

I know you don't believe the TRUTH belongs in COURT Mr. Alan, but in this court it WILL not only EXIST BUT THRIVE. So I suggest you STOP blathering BULL and tell the Truth before you go to jail with TED and PAM, Tescher, Spallina and the Gang.

So Asshole Alan thinks that there is "unimaginable chaos"? Now is that a Legal Term? Cuz um, sure seems to me that there is "UNIMAGINABLE", massive Fraud, Forgery, Attorney's abusing the courts, murder, starving children, lies, abuse, insurance fraud, and well unimaginable ILLEGAL action that Alan Rose is trying to defend when his client has no legal business even involved in the case, AS A MATTER OF LAW.

Poor Baby feels intimidated, well if ya can't bark with the big dogs go home ASSHOLE.

Of "PRIME IMPORTANCE" here REALLY is Fraud, Possible Murder, Ted Seizing money and starving children, TED stealing condos and jewelry, documents signed by the deceased.. WOW Alan is sure mixed up. But no worries it is just a show. Get him in private and he SPILLS. See Alan claims he don't like secrets but his court stammering ASS lives by them.

Oh and Alan EXPOSING what really goes on in COURTS is called REAL Reporting with a bit of my own personal SASS, I am not extorting you asshole. You are the one extorting. ME, I am dedicated to giving voice to victims. And because I can READ, well I can easily see who the VICTIM is in all this and it is NOT Botox, Liar Liar pants on fire Teddy Boy.

I stand up for victims of asshole attorneys like you who affect their quality of life. If you want to use slanderous lies in the NY Times, hearsay, unadjudicated facts, and blather as your evidence to get a GAG order with TEETH to shut me up, well hey you are the one who looks like an idiot, who don't know the law or the constitution. So go right ahead.

Oh and twist up the story nice and good now and submit to the court house where you think there is no TRUTH. WoW can't wait til your LIES and Yammer trips ya up and your GAME is exposed.

Can you SAY "hearsay" "unadjudicated evidence" "unauthenticated evidence" "circumstantial evidence" YEP that's what ya got to say about this ol' gal and her extortion racket??

Hey how about an FBI Investigation, call the COPS, report me, STOP my Extortion if ya got some proof there WINGNUT.

Attorney ALAN ROSE
So Eliot is a "malicious reputation ruiner" because his TRUE story is being told, with posted proof of fraud, forgery, and more as documented by courts in Illinois and Florida, by sheriff's departments and more? NOPE wrong again Alan. Reporting this story, providing transparency and accountability is NOT being a "malicious reputation ruiner" , oh and ya knucklehead, Eliot Does NOT control me. Doing the RIGHT THING and obeying the Law controls me. My own conscience controls me. And DUDE..

.. Seriously, you are on the WRONG side of the Moral Compass on all this and you KNOW IT.

IMAGINE.. Your Life is IN Danger, Your car is bombed, your kids are starving, you are being forced from your home by your own brother, your friends are threatened, your father was possibly murdered, no end in site and your EVIL brothers attorney (Alan Rose) wants a Gag Order to make sure you don't tell anyone when he threatens ya. OMFG Really?

Wa Wa, Poor Alan Rose hates transparency and accountability.

See Yer, Honur, what we need here is a good ol' fashion GAG order with TEETH to say screw you to the First Amendment and Transparency in the courts.

Oh and nice job quoting your buddy Marc Randazza, ya missed a whole lot of FACT though and Judicial Ruling on that Extortion allegation but keep at it dipshit.

Surely you are up for a defamation suit. On second thought why don't you grow a set and SUE ME Dipshit ??? oh I know you would rather claim that Eliot Bernstein CONTROLS ME. That's a Good ONE. NO ONE CONTROLS ME.. but I will entertain a lawsuit if you want to roll around a bit with me.

..or would you like another Cordial Invitation so you can put it on the court transcripts so ya look like a big baby.. Wa Wa..

What Ted has done to this family and Alan Rose has enabled is simply SINFUL.

Why has Alan Rose not Disqualified Himself? All these hearings, blathering, threats, motions, emails, free speech suppressing and he was not even legally in the CASE? WOW, well there goes attorney privilege BULL right. Now ROSEY is Liable, and not just for his defamatory, first amendment attack on the Messenger, ME.

WOW, talk about Liability.

SO hmm.. Alan Rose is just now entering the CASE, WOW, how convenient, right after he is a named Respondent and has not seemingly notified his liability insurance carriers.

Gerald Lewin, Ted Bernstein, Proskauer Rose Law Firm ~ How many years can you keep this up. Just Tell the TRUTH, do the RIGHT thing and stop hiding.

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13 Jun08:19:22

Thursday, June 12, 2014

ya Metlife, read this ENTIRE Blog. Ted is up to no GOOD, and Looks to me to be going to PRISON.

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Dear Rogue Lawless BULLY, Free Speech hatin' attorney Alan Rose. I would suggest you SIMPLY pull up your big girl panties and Deal with It.


OBEY the LAW!!

Get your Lawless Ass on the right side of the moral compass and STOP creating victims and making things up as you go along.

Are you really willing to go to Prison for Ted Bernstein? WHY?

Hey Yonkers, long time no see. You worried Raymond Joao? Yes Isn't it COOL. The Simon Bernstein Estate case is TUMBLING all ya'll's house of FRAUD.

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12 Jun06:25:30

It Seems Ol' Alan Rose is a tad bit BUTTHURT due to that darn blogger Crystal Cox cursing and NOT keeping his DIRTY little SECRETS.

Remember the Movie "Ghost" with Patrick Swayze? Well Ted Bernstein and Gerry Lewin are that guy CARL. ..

So REALLY Proskauer Rose, 5 hours? Seriously?

Where is the MONEY Assholes?

Where are the Patents?

Who else needs to have a mysterious heart attack to cover up your CRIMES?

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