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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Will Judge Amy J. St. Eve Do the Right Thing and contact authorities in the Heritage Union Life Insurance Case in her court? There is clear fraud, forgery, insurance fraud and even possible murder.

Why did Judge Amy J. St. Eve let Tescher & Spallina out of the Jackson National Life Insurance scandal?

Why is Judge Amy J. St. Eve not notifying the authorities, when there is clear and obvious insurance fraud, forgery, fraud on the court, document fraud and possible murder?

Judge Amy J. St. Eve surely see's possible insurance fraud, fraud on the courts, forged and fraudulent documents, and she is experienced in fraud cases as per her position at Whitewater Independent Counsel's Office, Little Rock, Arkansas successfully prosecuting fraud.

What will Judge Amy J. St. Eve do about the Simon Bernstein Estate Case and the clear and convincing evidence of Fraud, Forgery, and the role of Law Firm Tescher & Spallina which seems to have simply been let off the proverbial hook there in Illinois?

Why is Judge Amy J. St. Eve seemingly so hard on Pro Se litigant Eliot Bernstein, when clearly he is pointing out and proving, convincingly, fraud on the courts, forgery, sheriff's reports where Ted Bernstein alleges murder, documents of fact and well clearly there is all manner of fraud, corruption and illegal documentation here, not to mention possible murder. So why is Judge Amy J. St. Eve not seeming to take all this serious?

Is insurance fraud legal in Illinois? Is it ok to have NO Policy, kill a guy, then say hey I am the trustee of his estate so pay me... ya I know there is no policy but please. Then Jackson National says ok and forks over millions, REALLY? WOW !!!

No Policy, No Contract. The Plaintiff does not actually exist, what will Judge Amy J. St. Eve do?

Ted Bernstein is the alleged Trustee of a Trust that does NOT EXIST, what Judge Amy J. St. Eve rule on all this? Is  Judge Amy J. St. Eve conflicted? What is really going on behind the scenes of this case.

No executed copy of the TRUST, money in the bank from Jackson National, and WHY? No policy, no insured, no contract.. What???

Why is Jackson National not leading the fight on all this? Why is Tescher & Spallina let out of the case, when they sure seemed to have caused the whole multi-million dollar, fraudulent, murderous scandal?

I think all you reading this should throw your name into the proverbial hat as a successor to the trust, or a policy holder. See Jackson National Insurance Company does not care if you prove it, just say you are the rightful owner, stomp your feet, and they will say oh ok you are right there was a policy and contract though we can't find it, so here ya go. Oh wait, sorry we are giving the money on the imaginary policy to the court cuz we can't find the contract, then the court can give it to you or your sibling or whom ever. We don't care what the policy owner actually wanted or if there was a policy?

Pay close attention to what Judge Amy J. St. Eve Does in the Jackson National Insurance Company / Heritage Union Life Insurance case involving the Simon Bernstein Estate.

Why was Judge Amy J. St. Eve seemed so eager to let Donald Tescher & Robert Spallina out of the Heritage Union Life Insurance case regarding the Simon Bernstein Estate?

I wondered what conflicts of interest, if any led to this, what seemed to be behind her motivation if anything. One can only speculate I suppose and hope she obeys the law, removes herself if she has conflicts, and is on the right side of Justice and the moral compass.

Has Judge Amy J. St. Eve or Jackson National Insurance Company seen the report that Simon Bernstein's Death was called in as a murder? Or have they spoke with his doctor from the night before he died? Is it really ok for a death such as this to have a policy pay off, no questions asked?

Policy Holder was murdered for an inheritance? Original Police Report.

Is Judge Amy J. St. Eve being a Senior counsel for Abbott Laboratories some conflict in this case?

Is Judge Amy J. St. Eve being recommended by U.S. Sen. Peter Fitzgerald, some sort of conflict in this case in any way?

Judge Amy J. St. Eve was seemingly made famous by the Conrad Moffat Black, Baron Black of Crossharbour case, is this a conflict in any way?

Judge Amy J. St. Eve was an Associate independent counsel, Whitewater Independent Counsel's Office, Little Rock, Arkansas from 1994 to 1996, where she successfully prosecuted former Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker and Whitewater partners Jim and Susan McDougal for fraud. So surely Judge Amy J. St. Eve knows fraud when she sees it, especially all the documented proof in this case, so what will Judge Amy J. St. Eve do about it?

Davis Polk & Wardwell in New York City is sure on my blogs alot. Judge Amy J. St. Eve used to work at Davis Polk & Wardwell in New York, does this have any conflict of interest connected?

Here are a few Past Blog Posts by Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox regarding Davis Polk & Wardwell in New York City.

A bit on Leslie Anderson, Peter Sivere, JP Morgan, Christine Anderson and More..
Wow do we have a conflict of interest with the George Demos scandal? or how about the Christine Anderson case in New York? or perhaps iViewit or Proskauer Rose?
"Prior to joining the SEC, Mr. Gordon was a litigation associate at the law firms of Davis Polk & Wardwell and Proskauer Rose in New York."

my Peter Sivere Scandal, JP Morgan whistleblower blog is now at

One can only suspect, or Flat out State that Judge Amy J. St. Eve has some SERIOUS conflicts of interest. And I am going to go right out there on that limb and say that Judge Amy J. St. Eve is protecting Proskauer Rose, Tescher & Spallina, Polk & Wardwell and a whole bunch of others concerning the 13 Trillion Dollar iViewit Technology which is at the foundation of this case.

Well we shall see how it all plays out and if Judge Amy J. St. Eve does the right thing, and rules within the law and the constitution of the United States.

Full Docket Illinois

Does Jackson National Life Insurance ALLOW People to claim they have a Policy, produce No Policy or Contract, have an imaginary Trustee to the Non-Policy and turn over BIG BUCKS? Does Jackson National Life Insurance think it is ok, legal, ethical or is it a Jackson National Policy to murder someone then claim they had a life insurance Policy and WOW Jackson National turns over the money with NO POLICY, no investigation and seemingly no questions asked???

So who is it at Jackson National Life Insurance Company that is behind the Simon Bernstein Estate Case, LaSalle National Trust, Robert Spallina, Ted Bernstein Insurance Scandal?

Who is it at Jackson National Life Insurance Company that is protecting Ted Bernstein, Robert Spallina, Donald Tescher and other mystery players?

Why would Jackson National Life Insurance fund a life insurance policy that they cannot prove exists? I guess this means any one of you out there reading this can claim you have a policy at  Jackson National Life Insurance and they will simply put the money into a fund for you, Right?

Does Ted Bernstein, Insurance Guy, have something on Jackson National Life Insurance or one of their muckity mucks? Why would they turn their heads while Ted Bernstein, Robert Spallina and Donald Tescher pull a big ol' whammy on them?

Why did Judge Amy J. St. Eve let Tescher & Spallina out of the Jackson National Life Insurance scandal? Why did Jackson National simply fund the imaginary policy instead of make a stand for what is right, for the law and possibly SUE Tescher & Spallina for millions on top of millions for Fraud on the Court, fraudulent documents and insurance fraud.

I mean there sure seems to be plenty of evidence and surely Jackson National has the money and legal team to sue Tescher & Spallina and win, so why cut a check and run? What is the REAL ulterior motive or conflict of interest behind the scenes?

The only reason that makes sense to me is Jackson National knows they are liable for a whole lot more then the amount they paid and possibly even they themselves or Heritage Union was involved in the fraud itself or even the alleged murder.

Does Jackson National Care if their Policy Holder was murdered for an inheritance?

Surely Jackson National Life Insurance does not want you to get life insurance on your parents, spouse or others you know and then simply murder them to get the pay off.

Why would Jackson National Life Insurance fund the policy when perhaps if it was murder then they would not have to pay right? Unless the mystery MISSING policy specifically says, hey if ya murder your Dad, or the imaginary policy holder, we are still happy to PAY. Accidental Death or Murder, don't matter to US, we simply cut you a check.

What does Jackson National Life Insurance Company CEO and President Michael Andrew Wells, think of all this? What does CFO Andrew Boutwell Hopping think?

What in the world is James P. Binder, Chief Risk Officer Thinking?

How about COO James Ronald Sopha or board members Howard John Davies of Phoenix Group Holdings Plc or Paul Victor Falzon Sant Manduca of Prudential PLC or David L. Porteous of McCurdy Wotila & Porteous?

How did Heritage Union Life Insurance or Jackson National Life Insurance lose the contract, the policy or whatever paperwork was needed to PROVE that a policy actually existed and who the beneficiary was and to what amount.

I think all you reading this should throw your name into the proverbial hat as a successor to the trust, or a policy holder. See Jackson National Insurance Company does not care if you prove it, just say you are the rightful owner, stomp your feet, and they will say oh ok you are right there was a policy and contract though we can't find it, so here ya go. Oh wait, sorry we are giving the money on the imaginary policy to the court cuz we can't find the contract, then the court can give it to you or your sibling or whom ever. We don't care what the policy owner actually wanted or if there was a policy?

Jackson National Life Insurance brags "Go Paperless" that must be why they go Policy-Less

Eliot Bernstein Disclosure; Heritage Union Life Insurance; Jackson National Life Insurance

Why is Heritage Union Life Insurance Company / Jackson National really funding an invisible policy with so much PROVEN fraud and forgery?  Makes me want to call up Heritage Union Life Insurance Company and say hey I had a policy too.

I bet Jackson National Life Insurance Company ends up paying 10 times the amount they cut a check and ran from.

More Research

Sheriff Report, Spallina

Palm Beach County Sheriff Office Supplemental Report

Heritage Claim Form, Spallina Fraud

Fraud on the Courts, Tescher Spallina and Ted Bernstein

Full Docket Illinois

"Jackson National Life Insurance Company (often referred to as simply Jackson) is a U.S. company that offers annuities for retail investors and fixed income products for institutional investors. Jackson subsidiaries and affiliates provide specialized asset management and retail brokerage services. Jackson is a subsidiary of the British insurer, Prudential plc, which acquired the company for $608 million in 1986. Prudential plc is not affiliated in any manner with Prudential Financial, Inc., a company whose principal place of business is in the United States of America.

Founded in 1961, Jackson is headquartered in Lansing, Michigan. The company and its affiliates also have offices in Denver, Colorado; Nashville, Tennessee; Santa Monica, California; Chicago, Illinois; Tampa, Florida; Appleton, Wisconsin; Purchase, New York; and Bismarck, North Dakota.

Jackson markets its products in 49 states and the District of Columbia through independent and regional broker-dealers, wirehouses, financial institutions and independent insurance agents. A subsidiary of Jackson, Jackson National Life Insurance Company of New York, markets products similarly within the state of New York."


Why can't Ted Bernstein just accept that his parents disowned him because he is EVIL and cut him out of the WILL?

Ted Bernstein is all butt hurt that Daddy don't like him anymore and won't support his evil ways, so he seems to have made a mad, corrupt, scheming, fraud on the court, down right EVIL dash to kill off his own father and perpetrate a magic show with his butt hurt buddy Robert Spallina to commit fraud on the court, forge documents and sign Daddy's name after he died, conspire to get millions in life insurance for a trust that Spallina oversees but don't seem to exist and WOW it's like a magic show that see's Ted Bernstein rich and in nurse nan's botox for the rest of his days. 

OOPS, there is a monkey wrench in his plan, that is called the TRUTH and those willing to give everything, no matter how long it takes to tell this truth, to stand up for what is right, do the right thing, obey the law, and stand FIRMLY on the right side of the moral compass.

That will, one day see Robert Spallina and Ted Bernstein in PRISON, and darn not in the same cell as they may have wished.

So Ted gets wind he is cut out of the will, and then he goes to the alley with Spallina and they cook up a scheme, bring in nurse nan and some drugs, lose the will that cut's Ted out and gets rid of the evidence, otherwise known as Dad. Hmmm.. 

Sorry.. just a Novel I am working on, certainly not TRUE.. Right? 

I mean what kind of evil, would be involved in a drug overdose of their father, perhaps a murder to then call the police, allege murder, then conspire with Daddy's attorneys, maybe even offer them a cut, and make the WILL that cuts him out disappear?

.. and at the expense of his own children? a VERY sick, dark and Evil man indeed.

Sure is FISHY that magically there is a Trust that includes the Evil Doer, Ted Bernstein, but the will / the trust that cuts him out, seems to have run off like the dish with the spoon.

Rumor has it, and if you read this entire blog, sure seems true to ME.. anyway rumor is that ol' Teddy boy found out that his Evil ways caught up to him and he was cut out of the will so a Plan he made INDEED. And guess what, the LIGHT WINS.

The Lasalle National Trust and C/O Robert Spallina Mystery

"Bates #JCK001262, is a letter regarding the filing of a claim dated October 09,
2012, sent from HERITAGE to SPALLINA with SPALLINA addressed as
RATON FL 33431" and the Letter starts "Dear Trustee."

"LaSalle National Trust, N.A." seems to basically be a national holding company, via big title companies and banks and simply a way to convey property, assets, holdings and real estate. Thing is what instrument gave Spallina the right to be the Trustee in the Simon Bernstein estate in this regard?

What was Robert Spallina really up to, using this huge company name and having documents sent to him directly? Or wanting to collect on the Heritage Union Life Insurance Company / Jackson National Life Insurance Company Policy, or lack of policy?

Seems to me that "LaSalle National Trust, N.A.", the real one, has a major claim against Tescher and Spallina unless Robert Spallina was acting with their authority???

"SPALLINA acting as both the TRUSTEE of"LaSalle National Trust, N.A." and as
Trustee of the Lost or Suppressed Trust, HERITAGE would have to legally pay him as either
the Primary or the Contingent Beneficiary in his fraudulent Legal and Fiduciary roles. "
Page 13
To document search the above page, click on Control F, then type in Lasalle, to read all the places it is mentioned int he above document.

Eliot Bernstein Disclosure; Heritage Union Life Insurance; Jackson National Life Insurance

Chicago Title Land Trust Company is successor trustee to the listed bank land trustees, as seen here,!successorships-h-l/ctsk
If Robert Spallina claimed to speak for LaSalle National Trust then is this connect to Chicago Title Company, and perhaps real estate shady dealings involving Greg Geffen in Florida? Hmmm....

Chicago Title is a pretty big deal in Title Insurance. I have owned my own real estate company for 14 years, and well um.. how is Spallina trying to pull off that he is successor trustee or whatever mumbo jumbo he was trying to pull off?

Did Robert Spallina real say he was speaking for Lasalle? really? Employee fund, real estate, SEC, how in the world is Spallina speaking for Lasalle? call me Confused.

More Research

Sheriff Report, Spallina

Palm Beach County Sheriff Office Supplemental Report

Heritage Claim Form, Spallina Fraud

Fraud on the Courts, Tescher Spallina and Ted Bernstein

Full Docket Illinois

What's up with the Ethics Of Benjamin P. Brown of Matwiczyk & Brown LLP? Who Does Ben Brown really want to get the "MONEY"? and who is he protecting?

How would you like it if your Parents seemingly hired and puppeteered an attorney to allegedly act on your behalf, file motions allegedly in your best interest to GIVE your Parents your inheritance, left to you LEGALLY by your Grandparents, and you have never even spoke with your attorney, yet you are allegedly his client?

Oh and YOU are an Adult? WTF, Really?

In court Ben Brown of Matwiczyk & Brown claims he has never spoke with his clients.

So why is he filing motions on their behalf and giving away their inheritance?

Just how much conflict of interest does Benny Boy have in all this? 

I sure hope Benjamin P. Brown of Matwiczyk & Brown LLP is not breaking any laws or ethical violations, would sure hate to see him lose his law license and go to prison for protecting the clear and OBVIOUS lies unethical, and illegal actions of Ted Bernstein.

How about Do the RIGHT Thing, Obey the LAW and STOP protecting the Criminal.. just a thought, in my personal opinion.

Hey Kids, in my Opinion, because I can read the LAW, you have a Malpractice lawsuit against Benjamin P. Brown of Matwiczyk & Brown LLP. He is not legally, nor ethically allowed to file motions regarding YOU, acting as your attorney on deals of which you know NOTHING about, and he has not eve Spoke with you. There is another 2 Million or more for you guys right there in a Malpractice Lawsuit. Looks good from where I sit.

I say SUE Benjamin P. Brown of Matwiczyk & Brown LLP, personally and professionally for Malpractice. Seems to me, that he has NO legal right to file court motions, stand in court and speak at hearings on behalf and allegedly in the best interest of his client, under an attorney client relationship, yet admits to have never spoken to his clients? Then how does he know what the client wants?

Who does Benjamin P. Brown of Matwiczyk & Brown LLP work for? If its Teddy Boy and all his fraud on the courts, then why is the client, Adult Children of Ted, that Benny has never spoke to? WOW talk about fraud on the courts, lack of ethics, malpractice, judicial duping, and well I say a GREAT case for a malpractice lawsuit.

So Benjamin P. Brown of Matwiczyk & Brown LLP has just been appointed Administrator Ad Litem of the Simon Bernstein Estate to assert, defend the interest of the Estate in Illinois courts where there is massive fraud on the court due to Tescher and Spallina, a fraudulent or non-existent Plaintiff, a bogus insurance claim it seems, a Judge who may be protecting Tescher and Spallina, and millions of dollars at stake in an insurance scandal; No Trust, No Insurance Policy, yet MONEY in waiting for the rightful owner, why? and who is the rightful owner? where is the will and why is Benjamin P. Brown of Matwiczyk & Brown LLP protecting Robert Spallina and Ted Bernstein? Or is He?

WOW, what a Legal Mess. No worries though it will ALL come out. I guarantee it. And Benjamin P. Brown of Matwiczyk & Brown LLP may just go to prison with TED and Spallina, we shall see.

Order appointing Benjamin P. Brown of Matwiczyk & Brown LLP Administrator Ad Litem

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Will someone, somewhere, please STOP the Reign of Truth in which Crystal Cox is RAINING down on our fraud on the courts and forgery, parade. Poor Babies Alan Rose of of Mrachek, Fitzgerald & Rose AND John Pankauski ~ John J. Pankauski - Pankauski Law Firm just can't seem to CHILL Speech, Violate Free Speech Rights and CONTROL the Flow of information in this MASSIVE Florida Estate Fraud, Forgery and Possible Murder Case.

"From: Alan Rose [] 
Sent: Sunday, February 23, 2014 9:23 AM
Cc:; David Simon; Maryanne Koskey;;
Subject: Curator issues & Need for Blogging to Stop

This is primarily for Eliot, but I am copying everyone because it affects everyone.

John Pankauski and I have had some pushback from potential curators, who are concerned about the potential for Eliot blogging information about them.  This is a relatively serious issue, because the Court indicated a desire to contain the costs, and it is a leap for someone to take on the potential for vicious personal attacks for a small amount of money.  In reality, there should be no vicious attacks on anybody, regardless of how much or little they are being paid.

In our view, all of this blogging is interfering with the efficient administration of these estates, and is an unnecessary distraction.  The case is going to be resolved in court, and this cyber-attacking is only going to drive up the costs for everyone, and the vast majority of these costs ultimately will be borne, directly and indirectly, by Simon’s grandchildren.  In addition, there are issues and claims to be dealt with involving Tescher & Spallina.  We would like to deal with those issues in court, and not in cyberspace.  The blogging and harassment of them interferes with the ability of professionals to deal with these issues. 

We request, on behalf of Ted and I would imagine all of the beneficiaries, that Eliot (i) immediately cease all postings on the internet and/or communication with Crystal Cox about any issue with this case, including postings about the court, the fiduciaries (past,  present, and future) and the proceedings in court; (ii) remove all postings to date and instruct Crystal Cox to do so as well; and (iii) agree to not post any information, nor communicate with Crystal Cox or anyone else who will post information, about these matters in the future.

I would also invite Peter Feaman, Stansbury’s counsel, with whom Eliot feels aligned, to discuss this matter with Eliot in the hope of obtaining his agreement on these issues.

Thanks for your consideration of these matters."

oH, now I remember, John Pankauski does turn on clients, or potential clients and he does seem to betray confidential information, lot's of it. Yet Jerk Johnny boy and Mr. Asshole Alan Rose want Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox to KEEP Secrets, and NOT Expose their LIES and, what sure looks to be FRAUD on the Courts, Corruption, and well. .. plain ol' BETRAYAL of the sacred, lawful, constitutional rights of the deceased and their TRUE and CORRECT wishes being carried out.

Found this in my archives today, now I remember 
that Jackass Johnny is a bad bad boy..

"From: Eliot Ivan Bernstein []
Sent: Monday, February 10, 2014 5:52 PM
To: ''

Subject: FW: Bernstein Family Realty LLC

Mr. Pankauski, nice to speak with you again, as you will recall we spoke back in September 2013 and I sent you over PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL HIGHLY SENSITIVE information regarding the Estates of my mother and father for your review and we had several correspondences on the phone and through a series of emails with you and several members of your offices in efforts to retain your firm in these same matters.  

I anticipate that you will be withdrawing as counsel to any other parties in these matters and will explain this in your withdrawal papers to the Court with a complete removal of any papers filed in conflict.  

I am uncertain how you could forget our meetings after being given so much information in this case already just a short time ago.  You even told me and Candice once you reviewed the volumes of material sent to you and knew of the forgery and fraud that occurred with Tescher & Spalllina PA, where Judge Colin warned the attorneys Tescher, Spallina and Manceri and my brother Theodore in a hearing that he had enough to read them their Miranda’s, you claimed you were shocked that Judge Colin did not throw them out and seize the records, etc.  

You also proposed a retainer of $200,000.00 to handle the matters for me and my children in both estates and I informed you I would be working on raising those monies to retain you and have been working on getting that done, I had no idea you were meeting with the other side.  

Did you run a conflicts check prior to your engagement of my brother?  

Did you not know it was my brother and my family’s estate matters after your promise of confidentiality of our information?  

After I get your response back to this email I will review your attached letter and respond if you plan on remaining counsel to my brother or any other parties in these matters.  I will expect that any charges to the estate be removed as well and copies of all letters and correspondences you have had with the other side be forwarded for my review.

Thank you,


a Bit More 

the Florida Estate Case discussed on this blog, has clear FORGERY, Fraud on the Courts, Blatant violation of the Law and the rights of the Deceased, and yet the seeming PERPS are still not in JAIL? Why? Will John Pankauski turn on his client and TELL the TRUTH, Obey the Law? Or is Marc Randazza the only lawyer who turns on his ex-clients? Oh and what is Alan Rose REALLY covering UP. Stay TUNED !!!

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