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Friday, February 28, 2014

Is Google Really the Best Way to Conduct a Fraud, Murder and Forgery Investigation Palm County?

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Welcome Back, How is that Murder Investigation Going, or Sorry I mean medical records check?

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Order for Discharge and Withdrawal of Counsel Tescher Spallina

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Morgan Stanley Group New York and Tescher & Spallina

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Judge Martin Colin seems to be Doing the Right Thing.

Could Judge Martin Colin Be the Hero in all this. Well at any rate, the Law seems to be actually being applied to all this now. Nice to see a Judge Do the Right Thing.

Judge Martin Colin may just end up being the Judicial Hero bringing down the wall of corruption surrounding iViewit.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Why is Ted Bernstein NOT connected to this Story? Didn't he get botox from this woman? Did she rent from Ted or have any affiliation with Ted Bernstein? How could she afford that location? Wonder if Sheri Goldman wants to RAT out Ted Bernstein

Video at this Link

 "Goldman’s Beauty & Balance

Police in Boca Raton had undercover cameras rolling while investigating a med spa called Beauty & Balance in Boca Raton.

Owner Sheri Goldman had her story down.

“We’re reputable,” Goldman says to an undercover officer on the video.  “We do all kinds of wellness here.”

In the recording, Goldman made claims about her experience.

"I'm an OR (Operating Room) nurse,” she says in the video. “I’ve been working for plastic surgeons for 15-16 years."

Both were lies, but multiple arrest documents show Goldman’s lack of medical experience never kept her from performing Botox injections and other procedures on her clients.

Goldman is now serving an 18 month sentence in state prison for practicing health care without a license.

She’s one of more than 2100 people statewide disciplined by the state’s Department of Health since 2008 for practicing without a license.  Those disciplinary records include people not working at med spas but in other health care fields.

The state believes there are more doing the same thing at med spas who haven’t been caught. An investigation begins only if a complaint is filed.

"We want the consumers to be aware that there are people who probably or may not be qualified to work in these facilities," said Tim O’Connor with the Palm Beach County Health Department."


More on this Story

Motion to Halt Hat Trick. Can You Believe this is how a Judge wants to Deal with the Case of "Willful Wanton Reckless Negligence"? ..Forgery, Possible Murder, Fraud.. Hey I know let's draw names out of a hat and let the criminals pick some names. WOW

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Hmmm.. Friend or Foe?

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