Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hearing on Alan Rose NOT working for the Best Interest of the Estate but Instead crying foul over over. This a motion to hold Eliot Bernstien ( an estate heir) in contempt.

So Funny Alan Rose thinks he is so above the Law, he read an order into the court record, gave Eliot another document to sign and held up his kids school tuition to do so. Then claimed falsely to the court that Eliot refused to comply with the document just has he read it to the court, but the record seems to show that Alan read into the court a document that was worded differently.

Here is the Hearing on the Motion to find Eliot in contempt by Mr. Alan Rose, to waste time, estate money and violate the wishes of the deceased. With no logical, ethical or legal reason. He LOST yet AGAIN but continues to keep spending estate money on this nonsense, click below to read transcript of this hearing.


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