Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Is Florida Attorney Alan Rose Extorting, Strong Arming Eliot Bernstein at the direct HARM of his Children? Alan Rose, Florida Attorney with Mrachek, Fitzgerald, Rose, Konopka, Thomas and Weiss Law Firm in Florida.

Alan Rose Gets THIS motion for an EMERGENCY request for Money for Minor children. Money that is theirs from their grandparents and has NOTHING to do with Alan Rose. Yet he seems to want Litigants to do things he tells them to for him to work with them and get food, shelter and school money to children.

Alan Rose is a greedy ASSHOLE, who deliberately and maliciously breaks the law, claims there is no TRUTH in the COURTROOM and holds up money while people suffer needlessly to get his way.

Here is the motion to view and download


Are ANY of these issues related to the LAW that these children inherited MONEY that God Alan Rose is controlling through his client Ted Bernstein?

Oh and ALAN "believes" that filing a court document violates a court order. WRONG ASSHOLE. Court Documents are protected. Brush up on your Rules of Evidence, Absolute Immunity Laws, and well the law and constitution in general. And YES if anyone at your firm is aiding and abetting YOUR ACTIONS on this connected to a possible murder, a forgery and insurance fraud case, real estate fraud and more. Well YES they too will be INDICTED; I guarantee it.

Big BABY Alan Rose says don't make me call daddy. I mean the JUDGE and get a court order to SUPPRESS your RIGHTS.

Alan Rose is trying to starve Eliot's family out. Alan Rose is a rogue, lawless, evil man. Read this ENTIRE Blog and make your own mind as to the truth. (At the bottom of each page it says older posts, the blog is quite large, if you want any documents email me at ReverendCrystalCox@yahoo.com

From: Alan Rose [mailto:ARose@mrachek-law.com]
Sent: Monday, August 4, 2014 3:25 PM
To: Eliot Ivan Bernstein

A few things, please respond to each numbered point:

1.            Will you agree to stop sending things to every employee of my law firm.  Under the Rules, we designate who is to be copied on service emails.  I ask that you send regular communication only to me and e-service only to those designated by us.  Please advise and if needed we will seek a court order.

2.            As to your Proof, you have never provided to us the emails which you claim you sent out on the evening of May 22, 2014; the only things you have sent are emails the following afternoon and again in July.  We request that you provide copies of all emails, particularly any emails you actually sent from 10:52 pm on May 22 through the start of the hearing on May 23rd.

3.            Again, as to the Proof, I do not believe you have complied with the Court’s ruling, even as to the ones you sent, because you did not request that these people return or delete the privileged email.  That was what you were required to do.

4.            I believe you have violated the Court’s order by your filing in the Oppenheimer case.  In your filing, you refer to the privileged email and advise people where to find the privileged email, which is a violation of the July 18th Order.  To the extent that you can correct that violation, we ask you to do so, and further demand that you cease further violating the Order.

5.            You claim to have documents relating to an investigation into Simon’s assets (does this include Shirley’s as well?), yet you refuse to provide these documents and refuse to appear for deposition.  We need documents and testimony as to:

                A.            Iviewit – although everyone thinks and is pretty sure is worthless, we have asked for documents relating to any shares Simon may have owned.  Again, even though we know the shares are worthless, we still are entitled to discovery.

                B.            Any other assets:  we have the right to discovery as to anything you actually know or discovered as to Simon’s and Shirley’s assets.

                C.            We also have the right to ask you about your knowledge of facts.  For example, as to estate planning issues, we have the right to ask you about your actual knowledge of the estate plan and the estate planning documents; the authenticity of signatures and any knowledge or claims you have as to any and all documents; knowledge of alleged fraud the role of various alleged participants; the damages, if any, caused; etc.  We need to schedule your deposition asap, as it was ordered to be taken a long time ago.

Thanks, and I look forward to your reply.
    Alan B. Rose, Esq.


    505 South Flagler Drive
    Suite 600
    West Palm BeachFlorida 33401
    561.655.2250 Phone"

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HEY Alan have you heard of the Barbara Streisand Effect. GOOGLE IT YA BIG IDIOT. The more you wine they more you draw attention to what you don't want known. Jackass.. < she shakes her head >

And on this BLOG

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