Saturday, July 12, 2014

Insurance for Entrepreneurs w Ted Bernstein & Jim Cathcart Is Back!: Are you Kidding?? What is Ted Teaching how to Scam an Insurance Company and Break the Law? Just Asking. Read this Whole Blog and ALL documents then take this guys class?? WTF??

"Ted Bernstein - CEO at Life Insurance Concepts - Highlight Here

You don’t usually think about insurance and entrepreneurship. You need to. Ted Bernstein is with us to inform us about best practice, and absolute requirements, for entrepreneurial insurance. He has been a consistent innovator in industry, introducing “no-load” policies in the mid-1980s. Ted is one of the few agents ever to address the Society of Actuaries (we don’t know what that means either, but it sounds impressive!) and he was Muhammad Ali’s life insurance agent! Today, he shares a new type of policy designed to overcome the biggest flaw in insurance. Guess how long the average policy lasts the recipients. It will scare you!"

Source of Ted Bernstein's "Full of SHIT" in my "OPINION"

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