Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hey unethical Scumbag attorney Alan Rose; FUCK YOU. The First Amendment TRUMPS this ORDER, Trumps Judge Colin and Certainly Trumps your Dumb Ass.

I Will NOT Obey Eliot Bernstein nor the Florida State Court in which you are Trying to use to Violate the First Amendment. Also Rip Off Report, where I posted your scams, unethical actions and party to the deceased signing papers for your client to get millions .. WOW, and here you are still thinking you are above the law, anyway RipOFF Report don't remove reports either, you will have to take that up with them. Who also publicly state they will not obey courts who violate their First Amendment Rights.

Your EGO is so out of control, instead of doing the right thing, obeying the law and actually being an upstanding citizen, ya know, LIKE ME, well you spend the estates money, your clients money, on trying to STOP Niagara Falls from flowing. There is NO way on this planet to stop that email from being online. It is in the permanent records of the INTERNET.

And, Dumbass, it is in the court documents now, so therefore it is protected under the Laws of Absolute Privilege, so why are you wasting time and money on this matter. The TRUTH is out so you trying to get Eliot "grounded" when your client cried MURDER and documents are forged to the tune of millions, well it's childish at best and it's ILLEGAL, Immoral, Unconstitutional and Unlawful.

Due to my Plethora of court cases I am very familiar with "Absolute Privilege", the laws that allow attorneys to DEFAME and Harass People. Well this law is also for transparency, and you cannot cry privilege nor defamation or anything else NOW as the email is already in the court record.

YOUR ORDER breaks the law and violates the Constitution and if Judge Colin Signs it well then So does He..

The First Amendment TRUMPS all this Yammer, and I with that and Absolute Privilege I will post the email on a thousand blogs a day just to get your panties in a wad over it and watch smoke come out your ears and your eyes bug out; Just Sayin'.

Oh and again Mr. Rose; FUCK YOU. Even if you KILL Me, you don't Silence ME. I stand for victims of corruption as you and your client dishes out, and I will NEVER STOP.

Now because of your big dumb ass, you have harmed your client more then helped, because now the email is "of record" in the court and anyone in the world can post it as much as they want, not only under the First Amendment but under Absolute Privilege Laws, Qualified Privilege, and reporting on this chaos, I mean case of a dead guy signing documents to give your client MONEY.

Looks to me like malicious prosecution and an overblown EGO wasting money seeking revenge and abusing court process to do it.

Proposed Order Below: (I propose you Learn the Laws and Study the Constitution Dickhead)

To Download Click Here,

Alan ROSE, sure looks to me to being going to prison when all this is said and done. He is aiding and abetting what is clearly CROOKED, unethical, wrong, corrupt, harassing and certainly unconstitutional.

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